Alçaeran Union

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The Alçaeran Union
Headquarters rotate between member states
Members: 10
Type: Non-aggression, cooperation
Forum: (incorporated into the ACA forums)

The Alçaeran Union is an alliance of non-aggression and cooperation between various nations on the continent of Alçaera. The alliance has no fixed political or economical stance; however, leftist nations are a notable driving force in it.

The Charter of the Alçaeran Union

Powers and Voting

  1. The Union shall have no sovereign powers except for those granted in the Charter, and shall restrict itself affairs of international importance.
  2. Each ratified, non-suspended member of the Union shall have a single vote, and shall appoint a delegation to the Union with the responsibility of casting it.
  3. All votes shall be transparent.
  4. Alteration of the Charter requires a supermajority vote.
  5. Funding for Union activities shall by default be exacted proportionally to the GDP of member nations. Specific proposals may include alternative funding plans.
  6. The Union shall not legislate on matters of international trade or foreign investment.
  7. The host nation of the Union headquarters shall rotate between all non-suspended members on a triannual basis, in the order listed below.
    • Nations may voluntarily cede their turn if they request it five years in advance.

Recognition of Borders and Sovereignty

  1. No member nation shall engage in an act of war against another member nation.
    • If acts of war are shown to have taken place between two signatories, both shall be suspended from the Union immediately.
    • After an inquiry and a full hearing into the matter, a vote will be held to determine whether either or both should be expelled from the Union. A simple plurality will be required in each case. Should a plurality abstain, the suspension will be extended a further six months pending more thorough investigation.
  2. Member nations shall acknowledge the sovereignty, borders and legitimacy of government of other member nations.
  3. Member nations shall not subvert or support the subversion of the laws, policy or government of other members. Governments retain the right to lobby of offer incentives for legal, policy or government changes in other member nations.
  4. In the case of signatories that are governments-in-exile or other self-proclaimed governments with no effective powers or consensus over their claimed territories, clauses 2 and 3 shall not apply.

Territory Arbitration and National Rights of Passage

  1. The Union recognises coastal water territories to a distance of twenty-five nautical miles, through which innocent passage shall be granted.
  2. In cases where borders run along inland bodies of water, these bodies are considered the territory of both nations, unless mutually acceptable pacts determine otherwise. Exclusive sovereign territory begins at the normal low-water mark.
  3. The Union shall set up a scientific board to establish standards for water cleanliness to be met for bodies of water that cross or form national boundaries, and a scale of fines for non-compliance; to be updated and ratified by a Union majority on a five-year basis.
    • In conjunction with this, a board shall be set up to arbitrate on water resources and water usage on such bodies, with an aim to provide consensus on water consumption, ecological stability, navigation regulations, fisheries rights, and the construction of dams, bridges etc.
  4. Members shall grant first to fourth Freedoms of the Air to other members.
  5. Mineral rights of members shall extend no further than their own borders; pits or bores sunk at angles and extending under the borders of other Nations shall be allowed only by mutual consent.

Rights of Citizens

  1. At minimum, citizens of members without criminal records will have the right to be granted, by any member-state, a one-month travel visa for that state, renewable no later than annually.
  2. No member state shall hold any citizen of another member state without due process as recognised by the UN.
  3. Citizens of members convicted of a crime in a second member nation have the right to serve their sentences in their homeland if they so desire.
    • The second nation in this case has the responsibility to administer punishment in a manner legal in both nations.
  4. Citizens of members may not be returned from a member nation to their home nations against their will if they can demonstrate that they will face inhumane punishment there; or if they face punishment for offences not recognised as illegal by the first nation.
    • Nations retain the right to expel such citizens to a third, neutral nation.
  5. Member nations shall recognise normal diplomatic immunity with regard to the embassies and delegates of other members.

Admission of New Members

  1. Prospective members must be ratified by a super-majority of current member nations.
  2. Prospective members may not be in a state of war, or have active border disputes, with any current member.
  3. A nation expelled from the Union (e.g. for acts of war as outlined in 2i) may seek re-admittance no sooner than six years, or half this time if there has been a change of government in the interim.
  4. Members must be located on the continent of Alçaera or adjoining islands.
  5. New members have one year to reach full compliance with Union standards.
  6. Members found in breach of any Charter clause shall be suspended for one year, and if still in non-compliance at the end of this shall be expelled without vote. (Exception: clause 2.2). Suspended members enjoy all protections of the Charter but have no vote.

Development Projects

As the AU is to a large degree an organisation aimed for the collective development of the entire continent, there are various Union-wide development projects being worked on continuously.

Train Rapide Internationale

The Train Rapide Internationale is a project with the aim of linking together the large cities of the Union by a network of high-speed trains. See the TRI article for more information.

Tanking Sound Project

More to follow...