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Forum: forums
Population: 10 ±5 nations
Delegate: The Nintendo Emerates
Founder: none
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

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After getting sick of the North Pacific, SSR (Stalins Soviet Russia) decided to create the region of Alberta. A few friends were invited, and it soon grew to a healthy 35 nation region, with its own forums and government. SSR was the delegate, with the nation of Jimbobistan in the vice-delegate position. After an extensive recruiting campaign, about 20 new nations joined Alberta. Among the most notable were IM, The Nintendo Emerates, Saige Dragon and Bauschardt.

During the summer of 2002, many nations died off. SSR tried to rekindle interest in the region by holding an election on the offsite forums. This brought many nations to the podium, and many new ideas were brought forth, along with some bad grudges. The votes were sent by telegram to the nation of Intel-Pentium, supposedly an impartial person (who later turned out to be a puppet of Stalins Soviet Russia). After accusations of vote tampering in favor of SSR in the delegate position, IM started a campaign to become delegate. Intel-Pentium left the region. When IM became dangerously close to becoming delegate, he was ejected from the region by SSR. This started a power struggle, resulting in IM being allowed back into Alberta. He used his strong speaking skills to provoke the nations of Alberta to make him delegate. He called in help from the nation Adacan, who invaded Alberta to put IM in power. Once delegate, IM ejected SSR, Jimbobistan, and many of the other anti-IM nations. They regrouped in the region of 'Alberta Refugees'(now ceased to exist), where they plotted against IM.

After the password to the region was discovered by an inside operative run by SSR, the Alberta Refugees returned to Alberta.

Many wars have plagued Alberta. Multiple penis invasions have been led by Adacan, a former ally of the Alberta people. The nation of Bweezystan tried to develop relations between Alberta and Canada, but these attempts were semi-fruitful, and ultimately unsuccessful, mostly due to mutual distrust.

After around 330 days as delegate, The Nintendo Emerates lost power when The Empire of Third Terra received two endorsements (The Nintendo Emerates only had one). This event marks the first undisputed change of power in Alberta history.

The Nintendo Emerates is back in power and has stemmed off a multitude of invasion. For a region of only 11 nations, Alberta is invaded extremely often, atleast once a month.