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Flag of Ale-Yarok
Motto: In Knootoss we trust
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Region Israel
Capital Knootcap (capital of the Knootian Federation)
Official Language(s) Hebrew (official), Dutch (official), Arabic
Leader Governor-General Jonathan De Girard de Mielet van Coehoorn
Population approaching 3 billion
Currency Euro 
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The Knootian Protectorate of Ale-Yarok is a Knootian protectorate in the Israel region. As a dependency, it is currently part of the Knootian Federation.


The main powers behind the formation of the state were members of the 'Ale-Yarok' political movement, which is dedicated to the legalisation of drugs.Ale-Yarok means "green leaf", which is a reference to a marijuana leaf.

Ale-Yarok became a protectorate when its former (native Israeli) government led by the Ale-Yarok movement fell into chaos. One of the administrations last acts was requesting Knootian intervention, as the DDR was most alike to their founding ideals in terms of policies.

Internal Affairs

The executive branch is headed by a Knootian governor-general. The tiny, pro-business government led by the governor-general and his staff (but with mostly local civil servants) juggles the competing demands of Education, Commerce, and Social Equality. Limited legislative powers are in the hands of an elected body called the 'Volksraad'. The legislative branch consists of independent judges (both locals and Knootians) that have to uphold local law. In addition, the Surpreme Court has to uphold the statutes of the Knootian Federation.

The citizens of the protectorate enjoy a high level of personal, economic and political freedoms and the nation is a haven of stability in an otherwise unruly region patched with small states which have split off from any former 'unified' state which may have existed.

Knootoss has been critisised of 'colonialism' by its opponents both inside of Ale-Yarok and on the international scene because it has no comprehensive plan for Knootian withdrawal and the full restoration of popular sovereignty in the protectorate. These charges have usually been ignored by the Knootians, even if they have made some efforts by giving the legislative branch more powers in combination with reforms to make the executive and legislative branches more 'localised'.


The Knootian Defence Force maintains an active presence in the region, and the protectorate has been used to store both Mid-range and long-range strategic nuclear weapons and strategic bombers. A local army is being trained to work in cooperation with KDF officers. Several local divisions have been integrated into the KDF army structure.