Alejo Cuevo

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Alejo Cuevo
Nationality 22pixStarblaydiFlag.jpg Starblaydi
Hometown Hersch
Position Defensive Midfielder
Caps 58
Goals 3
U21 Caps 17
U21 Goals 1
Clubs played for Hersch Albion, KI Lanthanate
Teams managed None
U21WC14 Winner, WC25 Winner

Alejo Cuevo made his name as the best Starblaydi holding midfielder of his generation, quite rightly installed in as a factor in the Golden Generation of Starblaydi Football. His strength was as a breaker of opposition play. with a combination of power and speed, as well as a ruthless determination to win the ball.

He relied mostly on other players to be the creative spark in the central midfield, which in teams containing players like Menecrates or Itechton Matranga could, perhaps, be the easiest job in the footballing World. Though never as famous (until lifting the Cup) as other Starblaydi players in his position such as Gbenga Ogunniya, Ki-Jana Carter or Jerome Montefalcon, Alejo's sheer acheivements with his nation place him firmly amongst the best.

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