Ali’Staan Accord

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The Ali'Staan Accord was a mutual-defense treaty organization created by Allanea in the wake of the Fourth Edolian War. When Allanea became a province of Sentient Peoples it ceased being a member. It has returned to the Accord after Sentient Peoples transferred authority to Greater Prussia.

The Ali'Staan Accord

1. Non-Aggression

  • No members of the Accord will commit aggression against a member of the Accord.

2. Free Trade

  • All Members of the Accord will remove tariffs on goods produced by the Accord.

3. Military Equipment Trade

  • a) All Members of the Accord will agree to have a 10% discount on sale of military products to Accord Members.
  • b)Members of the Accord agree to share military technology, I.E., every Accord nation may manufacture (but not sell) weapons made by other Accord nations.

4. Rapid Deployment Force

  • The Accord will maintain a common fund, to which each nation will contribute the equivalent of one billion dollars per year.
  • This money will be used to create a common Rapid Deployment Force for the protection of the members of the Accord.
  • Every nation will also contribute 10,000 troops to the RDF.

5. Figures of Power

  • The Accord will appoint a President, a Foreign Affairs Advisor, and a Military Affair Advisor.

6. Creation of a Propaganda Board

  • The Accord will have a propaganda board, designed to promote the viewpoint of the Accord on current affairs

7. Powers of the President

  • a)The President of the Accord will have the power to authorize deployment of the RDF
  • b)The President of the Accord will have the power to authorize alliances with other international groups.
  • c)The President of the Accord will have the power to command the RDF. However, in case he is not available, the Military Affairs Advisor shall command the RDF
  • d)The President of the Accord will have the power to appoint the Advisors.

8. Voting

  • a)The President will be voted for every 4 years.

9.Powers of the Military Advisor

  • a)The Military Advisor of the Accord will have the power to command the RDF in situations were the President is inavailable.
  • b)The Military Advisor will make a common standard for military technology.

10. Powers of the Foreign Advisor

  • a)The Foreign Advisor will set the tariff rate against foreign products on a per-nation basis. If the tariff on a nation's goods is undecided by him, individual Accord members may decide it.
  • b)The Foreign Advisor will be in charge of the Accord's economic warfare operations
  • c)The Foreign Advisor will warn the Accord and it's President of possible threats to Accord Security.

11. Powers of the Intelligence Advisor

  • a)The Intelligence Advisor will be in charge of Allanea's intelligence operations. He will report to the President of the Accord.

12. Mutual Aid

  • All nations of the Accord will aid each other in case it becomes a victim of aggression or in case of natural disaster.

13.Flag of the Accord

  • A flag of the Accord, to be used on all RDF vessels and units will be agreed upon.

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