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The Queendom of Aliquantus
nation1flagpo9.jpg AliquantusCO2small.png
National flag Coat Of Arms
Motto 'Valde Connubialis Populus'
  - Aliquantus Formation
  - Kingdom Act
  - Parliament of X Initiation

  - Official
  - Unofficial

Aliquancian English
  Head of State
Imperial Monarchy
Empress Artifacta
Saskia, Anaya, Eithica
Capital City Godiva
  % water

460.3 km²
  Total (March 2007)

120 million
National animal
  - English name
Felis Siselynx
Aliquancian Caracal
National flower
  - English name
National Sport
 National Pastime

Seaplane Racing, Death Contests
Swimming, Off-Roading, Off-Road Racing
 GBP to 1 Lux
 Lux to 1 GBP
Lux (L)
Time Zone +0200 / +0300
National charter of rights Foundation Magna Carta 1902
Region Mediterranica
International abbreviations
  - Sport
  - Government

Internet TLD .ali
Calling code +47
PDAS rating C

Officially The Queendom of Aliquantus is an imperial monarchy posessing several overseas colonies. Mainland Aliquantus is a large island housing the capital and around 47% of the population of Aliquantus. The nation is very developed, governed by a seven member council that includes the monarch who holds overall power. The Aliquancian people live free of corrupt governance although the government is absolute and elections are none existent. Aliquantus is an anti-green nation, carbon emissions are uncapped and pollution is unchallenged although pollution is low. Religion is seen an outdated concept and is illegal to practice. Mainland Aliquantus is possably the world's most densely populated island. Aliquantus also boasts more millionaires per capita than any other country and is one of the most isolated nations in the world; foreign influences and tourism are regulated by the government to preserve its traditional deportment of sexuality and sexual culture. Aliquantus possesses several colonies and is a member of the Mediterranica region.


Aliquantus was originally an ainchent settlement similar to the mythical island of Atlantis, the island was flooded by an underwater volcaino witch boiled the water as it submerged the island, the population either burned or drowned. It was then discovered by Godiva, captain of the ship 'Rapier' who was a female British buccaneer. After beaching, she built a settlement and her crew named it Godiva, after her. After selling the location of the Island to British charters traders began using the island as shelter and to replenish meat and water stores wile trading in the process. In 1625 French and Spanish settlers arrived to the north of the island after initially planning to settle elsewhere. The French and Spanish settlers were attacked in 1629 by the Royal Navy, the French retreated and the Spanish where forced from the island. The British where successful and captured the northern settlements on the island, expelling the French and Spanish civilians. The British renamed the settlement Essex and also named the island Aliquantus. The French then returned to take the fort but retreated after resistance by the British who had expanded on the fortifications. A year after the British had landed, travlers from Essex found Godiva's settlement and after negotiations, the British gained sovereignty of the whole island with Godiva as the Governor. From 1630 onward, the island of Aliquantus was divided into free trade areas and British colonies allowing buccaneers to use the island more frequently as their main base of operations. In the same year, the Spanish returned to trade with the British and to keep the peace the British pirates were ordered to leave, but the order was blocked by Godiva. She was to be removed from governing if she did not comply, only for the Spanish to leave again allowing the pirates to stay. In 1633, the Spanish again returned to take the island but failed after heavy losses, this enraged the Spanish who returned with a far larger force backed by the French. Facing three thousand Spanish and French soldiers was the British garrison of only two hunderd men. As the attcking forces ammassed outside Essex, Godiva rode along the battle line naked in order to pospone the attack until the next day at the request of the Spanish general. This was so the British ship HMS Saracen could unload weapons and ammunition for the civilians to fight the attackers with. The battle ended with a decisive victory for the defenders and for its actions, a town was named after HMS Saracen, the town was then the garrison for British troops.

By 1640, the British left and buccaneers claimed power of Aliquantus under Godiva as their Queen. The pirate population was mostly made up of British citizens. In 1645 Godiva was killed by a gunshot during a battle against a Spanish warship, her daughter Eva became queen at the age of seventeen. Due to her death most of the citizens began to revolt and in an attempt to bring harmony and control over the island, the Queen Eva imported roughly 3,000 prostitutes from nabouring islands, hoping to regularize the unruly pirates' lives. By the year 1670, as the buccaneer era was in decline, many of the pirates, seeking a new source of trade, turned to work as lumberjacks, metalsmith's and traders from the island. At this time, however, a British pirate named James Gaffa partnered with the Queen and started to advertise Aliquantus and invite the pirates on the island of Aliquantus to set sail under their leadership. They created a striking force that allowed pirates to have a much stronger hold on the region. Consequently the first Aliquancian navy was built. In 1675, the governors office was demolished and the first Royal Palace was built. After the import of prostitutes the female population had oversteped the male population considerably, fornication was wildly out of control and added to the growth of the island. The island was fully under control of Queen Tidal of the House of Scythe in 1737. She braught order to Aliquantus with her soldiers and in 1745 after eight years building the country she ordered the building of the first Crown Jewels. It was built from the large collection of loot that had been dormant since the navy was formed.


See, Geography and Territory of Aliquantus.


As Aliquantus is a Heptarchy the political body of Aliquantus is a seven member group called Her Majesty’s Heptarchy Parliament or just The Heptarchy Parliament. The supreme leader of Aliquantus is the head of state, Empress Artifacta who holds the premier seat within the parliament. Executive power is exercised by the Heptarchy Parliament. Legislative power is vested in both the government and the Halls of Parliament; the Halls of Parliament are the legislature of Aliquantus, it has strength of 75 attendees and supervises the decisions that are not priority to the Heptarchy Parliament. The Judicial power is vested in all the courts of Aliquantus. The Chief Barrister is the administrative head of the Judiciary.

Heptarchy Parliament Members

  • Premier - Empress Artifacta, Empress and Head of State.
  • Advisor Member - Princess Anaya, Princess and Sovereign’s Viceroy.
  • Advisor Member - Lady Oniteia, Social and Cultural representative
  • Advisor Member - Marchioness Andromia, Hall of Parliament representative
  • Advisor Member - Baroness Ahathen, Justice System representative
  • Advisor Member - Doctor Miika, Military representative
  • Advisor Member - Lady Nemia, Economy Advisor


  • Defence Minister - Doctor Elleeise
  • First Soldier - Constable-General Coventina (Military, none civilian citizen)
  • Treasury Minister - Lady Claudia
  • Trade and Economy Minister - Lady Hippadameia
  • Law and Justice Minister - Baroness Alaisiagae
  • Education Minister - Lady Latis
  • Transport Minister - Lady Verbeia
  • Social and Cultural Minister - Lady Atlinatia
  • Regulation Minister - Lord Sparrius

The Peerage

  • The Peerage is the system of nobility in Aliquantus, all peers are chosen by the Sovereign Family.
  • Keeper of the Privy Seal - A deed supervisor and is charged with protecting civilians from overpricing.
  • Erilaz of the Domain - Marquess (Male) or Marchioness (Female) is a person granted with a seat in the upper house of the Halls of Parliament.
  • Balance Peer of Justice - Baron (Male) or Baroness (Female) is a title granted to members of the High Court of Justice, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of Aliquantus or the Supervisory Courts of Justice.
  • Viceroy - Viceroy or Vicereine is the representative of Aliquantus or territory under the immediate political control of Aliquantus.


There are five bases of citizenship in Aliquantus:

  • Working class: rewarded with government handouts generated from tax, tax paid health service and free education.
  • Financially able: free from increased pressure or exploitation of their surplus money, encouraged to invest in larger housing, encouraged to invest in financial supporting schemes (Help them remain more financially able).
  • Military: Aliquancian soldiers are unable to enter civilian areas (See Aliquancian Military).
  • Immigrants: live as second class citizens and have to accept all standards of living in Aliquantus. Preaching methods other than the Aliquancian way of livening is illegal and immigrants who break this law are imprisoned and if found guilty may face death. Temporary citizens are welcomed but face many of the same harsh immigration laws. Business travellers are restrained less. Immigration is extremely gruelling. Upon entry immigrants must write, speak and toughly understand the English language. Immigrants also must abide by native traditions and become a member of society, not live as an outsider and to be eligible for health/tax/housing/education benefits they must have approval from community leaders. They must also give up religion. Immigrants must sign documents accepting these standards; penalty of not abiding by this document is classed as treason. Treason is punished by death by hanging.
  • Criminals / Unwanted people: are stripped of all possessions and money, death penalty imposed on murderers, paedophiles and traitors. Illegal immigrants and criminals who have been executed suffer public banishment (dumped far out into the ocean by the military to save Aliquancian citizens taxes and burial grounds).

Adepta Purplia

Adepta Purplia is the name of the soldier force charged with guarding the official Sovereign residences in Aliquantus and are the Sovereign Family’s body guard. Adepta Purplia is separate from the Aliquancian military although each soldier is chosen from the military.

Culture & Social

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">Alilesbians.jpg
Aliquancian women.
</div>Sexually orientated adult behaviour is traditional; nudity is legal above the age of eighteen although purposely nude in front of children is a legal offence. Nudity in practice is rare (see Public Clothing and Appearance). Sexually orientated tradition has recently become more popular; the all female royal family are indescribably beautiful and base life around this tradition and have become the benchmark of what the public accept.

Obesity is offensive to natives; obesity that invites certain medical problems is illegal. Smoking tobacco, snorting cocaine (gak) and smoking cannabis are social luxuries, for example, cocaine is used to stimulate oneself in a social area and all are legal substances. However, if any invite certain medical problems the payment of the treatment is used as punishment. Most other drugs are highly illegal, increased tax and in some cases, public banishment (dumped, by military aircraft, far out in the ocean) are the main punishments. Incest, necrophilia, rape and other sexual attacks are illegal; to the natives they are sickening and are among the most morally incorrect actions and the punishment is death. Age limits are largely liberal: movies, pornography and alcohol are under the 12A limit, requiring the participant to be the age of twelve and over to be able to use/view, the A is an advisory rule: A=Requiring an advisory certificate digitally signed by a parent (In case the parent disallows the viewing/use these items).

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">Rockofali.jpg
The Rock of Aliquantus.
</div>Sexual activities, driving and the ability to leave and/or be independent of a guardian freely are obtained at the age of sixteen. Ownership of a weapon (Registered), a private home and large vehicles (Trucks, industrial vehicles) are legal after the age of eighteen.

A compulsory survey in early 2007 showed that 68% of females and only 1% of males are Bisexual, 11% of females and 80% of males were heterosexual, 10% of females and 9% of males are homosexual and the rest were of undecided orientation. Celebrities live amongst the average public. Actors, politicians and other celebrity figures buy larger condos in the centre of Aliquantus city. Permanent housing is restricted by law to be large, the minimum size a modern house can be is laid out is based around a large four bedroom family house template set by the Government. This was once a problem, space needed for so many large houses, single houses were largely replaced by condo style housing, each sharing a large social area with a swimming pool, the stacked housing and social area would replace the obsolete single house and single garden (yard). This type of housing enabled large housing and also enabled several families to share and live around a single area, each complex and attaching gardens is known as ‘ite domum’, pronounced ‘Iti-domm’ Linking each citizen together keeps crime down, it is not rare for an ‘ite domum’ to host barbecues, parties and other social gatherings for friends, neighbours and family. Homosexuality is accepted, outsiders would see Aliquantus's females as bisexual, homosexuality in men is extremely rare however, mainly due to the outweighing number of females. The people of Aliquantus are known as Aliquancians.

Religion & Marriage

Religion and Marriage are both abolished concepts and are illegal to practice. Commitment is rare. Due to the abolishment of religion second names are rare, only used in certain cases.

Life expectancy

Life expectancy is down to around the age of fifty to sixty years, scientists believe that due to the sexually rich culture, after sexual activity stops the body expires without a purpose, citizens are acceptant of this, the inevitability of death does not fear the population. Despite the country’s scientific advances, no attempt has been made to 'cure' this trend of somewhat early death as Aliquancians view old age and dependability as a worse fate than death.

People, Public Clothing and Appearance

Due to the many generations of appearance determined genocide the public is largely of what was classed as beauty, although this act is illegal now it is because of this that the natives are extremely beautiful/handsome, the beauty of the people has influenced a great sexual culture, that of witch the Princesses are a benchmark of. The population are golden tanned due to the climate and sun exposure. Clothing is a large industry because it is tailored for the hot weather and style that the natives desire. Loose, thin, one piece clothing with loose necklaces is the most fashionable style for women while men stray little from baggy, loose shirts and tight jeans. Generally lightly coloured clothes are the norm. Signet rings are an expensive ring, given at birth at expense of the government, these rings are a symbol of your family, they are used to sign (with wax) important documents along with a personal signature, the personalisation of such rings is encouraged, it is also fashionable to attach signet rings on a necklace. Signet rings and signatures are also accompanied by a digital signature in some cases. Aliquancians also rarely have second names.


Education in Aliquantus is controlled by the Ministry of Public Education, headed by the Education Minister, Lady Latis. Pass levels are high; the level of financial support it receives is on the rise. Being that the sexually orientated culture can inflict sexually transmitted diseases, sex education is practised more in Aliquantus than in any other known nation. Language and Literature is of high quality, schooling of language keeps Latin and English on a parallel setting and both are used for convocation. Strangely enough, the nation produces citizens with a higher IQ and common sense ability than most nations although maths education such as algebra is sacrificed; maths is a practised form of education however and Roman Numerals replace standard numbers. Education starts at the age of three, mainly influenced by the British schooling system. Nursery school introduces children to education at the age of three; Primary school lasts from four to ten years and then Secondary school from ten years to sixteen years of age. Collage is not compulsory; passing secondary school education is comparable to a collage degree in other nations. Further education in collage is expense paid by the government although university is a private investment. Education is based around teaching practical lessons, schooling that will be used in a work related or social environment is preferred than trying to teach a teenager brain surgery.


The five largest industries are Science, Uranium mining, Future Technology, Defence contracting and native influenced clothing and jewellery. The chemical and pharmaceutical industry is also strong in Aliquantus. Aliquantus is a leading nation in the so called ‘Smart blood’ and Magnetorheological fluid technology and is investing in Nanotechnology. There are a large number of science and future technology research companies. The larger companies in the science related industry include Bastelleim, CitaDEL, SIRR and Telemarx. The new technology and science industry accounts for 8% of the economy. The motor industry is a significant part of the countries economy. Aliquantus is also home to Naphtha Battletech Yards, a large defence contractor. Civil aircraft production is led by a large aerospace firm, Aircoach. There is also a large Jet Engine manufacturer; Regal and East, witch produces the engines for the larger NBY Company’s military aircraft and the engines for Aircoach’s civil aircraft. Aliquantus has large coal, natural gas and oil reserves. Primary energy production accounts for about 10% of Gross domestic product (GDP), one of the highest shares of any industrial state although nuclear power stations have replaced oil and gas power stations and two hydroelectric dams have been planned. The sex trade is a legal and socially accepted enterprise; Aliquantus’s sex trade generates a lot of wealth from prostitution, pornography and bawdyhouses, several company operating brothels and sex stores include Peppermint Simum, Glassdom and The Pink. The country is a benchmark in scientific advances towards curing sexually transmitted infections. The largest media corporations are Aliquantus Broadcasting witch is a large television and internet media company, The Chapter National Newspaper and the internet service provider and television giant IV Network. Banking is also a major industry. The currency used in Aliquantus is the Lex, its symbol is L. The currency and economy is handled by The Royal Bank who have kept inflation to the target level and the GDP rising, recently The Royal Bank has introduced punitive tariffs to protect local industry.
As the entire island of mainland Aliquantus is covered with the city any underground resources are unobtainable; however, Aliquancian territorial waters are home to underwater reserves of crude oil and natural gas. Natural resources include: graphite, diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, opal, aquamarine, tanzanite, alexandrite, petroleum and natural gas. Gemstones are a natural mystery on Avarice islands, they were discovered when the islands rainforest was being explored, the release of methane from the melting of alpine permafrost peat bogs drew attention to the mountain and when the mountain was climbed the gemstone reserves were found. Aliquantus imports most resources and most jobs are in the manufacturing, banking, business, media, entertainment and the social industry (public house, bar, sex trade, night clubs, ect).
Products available for export
Grand tourer luxury automobiles, limestone, marble, jewellery, biomedicine, science applied data, nanotechnology, defence systems, advanced research data, gemstones, condoms, mobile technology, computer related technology, crude oil and natural gas.
Major Imports
Specific: Metals, humans, rubber, polyurethane, uranium, plutonium, rock (particularly metamorphic rock & sedimentary rock), construction materials, construction vehicles and tools and food and aliment products. Generalisation: Modern technology, manufactured goods.


Transport in Aliquantus is proficient, the Ministry of Civil and Commercial Transport has invested money in building a clean and fast road network, railways complete with mainly straight line routes and tilting track on the corners to help speed up rail traffic, fast and efficient port control and a carefully thought out and modern air transport link-up.


Due to only encouragement, not pressure by the government to invest in economical vehicles, personal transport is preferred, cars are strictly monitored, and only certain types are allowed, all must be of acceptable standards in maintenance. Ugly appearing cars are penalised with higher taxes, some are even illegal. The road network in Aliquantus is extensive and is the most popular method of transportation. A high-speed road system has ensured less congestion. There is no maximum speed limit, the motorways have four or five lanes to travel in depending on how fast you wish to travel and this increases the unlikelihood of congestion. Bus lanes were on the agenda of the Ministry of Civil and Commercial Transport but the plans were scrapped as Bus lanes caused congestion and busses are an unpopular choice transport.


There is an underground rail system that runs throughout the city, except in the areas submerged

Air Transport

Air transport is immense; Lions gate international airport is one of the busiest in existence. The largest airline in Aliquantus is Excelsior Airways, who operate long-distance flights from Aliquantus to destinations all over the globe. There are only two other airline companies based in Aliquantus, Air Aliquantus and Veni, vidi, vadi. International Airports include: Lions gate International Airport, Aliquantus City (AXLZ-LGA)


Sea travel is the main route for importing and exporting goods, approximately 95% of freight enters Aliquantus by sea (75% by value). A major port handles the freight traffic, Queen’s Free Trade Port. There are other ports and harbours around Aliquantus. Many citizens own a private motor boat; swimming is classed as a national addiction, although it is only thought of as a sport when international games are held. In the south-east of Aliquantus the water is so clean and clear that people swim instead of walk to travel short distances. Clean electric motor and rowing boats replace cars.


<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">alibarracks.jpg
Female soldiers account for 90% of the Aliquancian Military personnel.
</div> Aliquantus has a small standing military, the nations military is based around its medium sized navy. The Aliquancian military trains and deploys females mainly because of Aliquantus’s gender imbalance making it hard to obtain male recruits, females have proven to be better in certain roles. Aliquantus trains soldiers through a lethal program of trial and adaption and only accepts the most acceptable recruits. The force works along side the Secret Operations Executive to protect the nation’s interests and sovereignty. The military is direct property of the Empress.

Individuals: Sovereign Family | Coventina
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