Allanean Arms

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Allanean Arms Incorporated
Headquarters: Port-Allanea, Allanea
Nationality: Allanean
Specialty: Arms, industrial goods, construction.
Storefront: none

Allanean Arms, Inc. is a corporation as old as Allanea itself. It produces everything from handguns to SUV's to battleships. The corporation, with its value estimated at nearly five trillion dollars, has produced arms for the governments of Allanea, Ancient and Holy Terra, Antikristuseke, California and Alaska, Calpe, Fantasan, Fluffywuffy, Hilversum Grandeur, Iron Blood, Lictoria, Menelmacar, Midlonia, New-Kiev, Rolen, Seck Sapeel, Seljuk-Ottoma, Sharina, Tarasovka, The Silver Turtle, and many others.

Allanean Arms is the official supplier of handguns for the Central Facehuggerian Teachers Union and the Midlonian civil population.