Allanean War

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Allanean War can refer to an entire class of wars, thanks to Allanea's tendency to become involved in wars relatively frequently.


Used as a singular phrase, "the Allanean War" often refers to a war resulting after Allanea attacked the (extremely threatening) navy of Pure Evil, which was convieniently performing "exercises" right out of Allanean territorial waters during a period of strong diplomatic tension over Allanea's use of nuclear devices against Isla de Penguinata. There was no small controversy over whether or not the Pure Evil fleet was intending to assault Allanea anyway (particularly with the inclusion of armed and ready troops in landing craft within the Pure Evil fleet), but Tahar Joblis, which also had a fleet "on exercises" nearby under the command of Admiral Stromsveldt, swiftly came to the aid of their ally, crying foul.

This war was deleted in one of the numerous rounds of forum purges, but involved the combined Pure Evil and Tahar Joblis forces gaining quick air and naval control over the waters and a substantial portion of the land territory of Allanea before his allies in the region of Maine (NCA) reacted. A small force of Tahar Joblissan Marines, under the command of Major Jessica Silvus and using light tanks and powered battle armor, landed along with a vast army of Pure Evil. The powered battle armor appeared to have been a surprise to Allanea both ICly and OOCly, underscoring the importance of good OOC communication in war roleplays.


The fighting was brutal, and the massed armor columns of both Pure Evil and Allanea nothing short of staggering in size. Allanean citizens, nearly all well armed and nearly all acting as militia, worked hard to try and repulse the merciless invaders from their land. In turn, the invaders became less and less merciful as every Allanean put up a stiff armed resistance, surrendering only to try and stab their captors in the back. The carnage and sheer destruction was nothing short of astonishing, and the invaders pressed forward as the rest of Allanea and the NCA began working to try throw the invaders out.

Results and effects

This war demonstrated several things very well, including the sheer economic and military strength of Pure Evil, the deadly competence of the TJAF and Tahar Joblissan Marines, and the strong spirit, great resolve, and large supply of firearms native to Allanea.

It ended with the nuclear destruction of both the occupied sections of Allanean territory and some of the Pure Evil fleet (by Allanea), the withdrawal of Tahar Joblissan and Pure Evil ground forces, and destructive ortillery strikes, missile strikes, and florine gas strikes over much of Allanea by Tahar Joblis. An attempted nuclear strike by an NCA member against Tahar Joblis and Pure Evil was largely unsuccessful.

This marked a strong increase in Allanean hostility towards socialist countries in general and Tahar Joblis in particular, and the beginning of a largely cold war of propaganda between Tahar Joblis and Allanea. The "Allanean War," as all Tahar Joblissan history books would refer to it, remained controversial in Tahar Joblis for decades to come, and was the focus of many edgy films and works of literature. Allanea was left briefly devastated, but prepared for future invasions of Allanean soil.

Other Allanean Wars include: the Allanean War of Independence, the First Edolian War, the Second Edolian War, the Third Edolian War, the Fourth Edolian War, and the One Day War.