Allied States of EuroIslanders

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Allied States of EuroIslanders
Forum: EuroIslanders Forum
Population: 102 nations
Delegate: Equality-Liberty
Founder: EuroSoviets
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The Allied States of EuroIslanders (ASE) is a region of about 100 members. It is one of the largest socialist regions in NationStates. At its height, the ASE reached 352 nations, and for a long time the region was the single largest socialist region in NationStates.

The Assembly of Allied States and her Executive Officers

The government of the ASE is modeled on the Athenian direct democracy, representation in its purest form. Each nation, therefore, receives one vote in the Assembly to vote on issues such as wars, alliance alert status, resolutions on policy, and government officials.

The ASE is now run by a set of five committees--General Administration, Defense Coordination, Diplomatic Supervision, Euthynai Direction, and Information Distribution. There is no limit to the number of committee members, save those members of the Euthynai Direction Committee, of which there may only be five.

(Under the old system, the Strategia [the board of Generals] had three specialist positions: the Strategos Proxenos, the Strategos Nemonos and the Strategos Apragmon. The first was the foreign minister of the ASE, held by EuroSoviets from the creation of the office. The second was the military commander and figurehead leader of the ASE, held first by EuroSoviets, then by Drake Farm and later by Xha'dam. In fact, the ASE currently has Xha'dam as its Strategos Nemonos because war may be imminent. The third office is the equivalent to a popularly elected juridical officer - the Convenor of the court or Euthynai as the ASE called it. It was held first by Hartert and then by Dalimbar.)

The Assembly of the ASE, made up of every member of the Allied States (except where members had been deprived of voting rights by Euthynai proceedings), elects the committees by yes/no votes for the candidates. The Assembly is the supreme power in the region, determining the united foreign policy of the region. The Assembly has the power to ratify treaties, declare war, change military states of readiness, open and close embassies, and basically everything else required in the democratic management of a region and its policies.

The Allied States of EuroIslanders Roll of Honour

Members past and present who have served their region with pride, distinction and without equivocation.

  • Ananke - Deputy Commander of the Red Liberty Armed Forces
  • Aquilaria - Former Red Guardian
  • Bamada - Red Guardian.
  • BloodandVinegar - (aka Chessalavakia), Former Red Guardian, Former RLA Intelligence.
  • Bostasp - Former ASE Ambassador.
  • Dalimbar - Very active ASE Ambassador, author of several treaties, has brought credit through the region through fine diplomatic skills.
  • Danitoria - Current UN Delegate, former Strategos, former Minister of Recruitment, former Minister of Media and Journalism, former ASE PeaceKeeper, Founder and Former Delegate of Oceania. Former ADN Senator, Former ADN House Representative. Former Red Guardian. Former Abassador to USSR, Former Ambassador to The Proletariat Coalition. Former Commander of the Allied States of EuroIslanders Liberation Forces.
  • Deadman - Former Strategos and former ASE PeaceKeeper. Former Red Guardian. Former Director of the ASE Trade and Commerce Committee.
  • Dog Food - Former UN Delegate.
  • Drake Farm - Former Strategos Nemonos. Red Guardian. Former ADN House Representative.
  • Dublin Commune - Red Guardian.
  • Equality-Liberty - Former strategos. Former ADN House Representative. Most Active ASE Ambassador. Founder of the RLA Diplomatic Wing.
  • Europa Brittania - Former ASE PeaceKeeper.
  • EuroSoviets - Founder of the ASE, Strategos Proxenos, RLA Councillor, Red Guardian, Commander of the Red Liberty Armed Forces. Former ADN Senator, Former ADN House Representative, Former ADN Secretary of Defence, former ADN PeaceKeeper, former ADN lead negotiator of the Treaty with Ireland, former Co-Director of the ADNNS, former ASE PeaceKeeper, Former ASE UN Delegate, Former Marxism Delegate, Former Greece Delegate, former Leichtenstein delegate, former Director of ASE Intelligence. Former Sub-Director of the Sardaukar Confederacy Defence Trust. Former Strategos Nemonos. Former journalist for the NS Times. Ambassador to USSR, England and The Proletariat Coalition.
  • Greater Canadiana- Former ADN House Representative, Former Red Guardian.
  • Hartert - Former Strategos Apragmon. Former ADN House Representative. Red Guardian.
  • His Holyness The Banks - Former leading Ambassador and former Red Guardian.
  • Hobonater - Strategos. Red Guardian.]
  • Ineedsleep - Red Guardian.
  • Jennivier - Red Guardian. Former Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • Jixieland - Former Red Guardian, Former RLA Intelligence.
  • Kanadesaga - Former Strategos. Former Director of ASE Intelligence.
  • K a r p a t h o s - Red Guardian.
  • Krinon - Former Strategos.
  • Milantos - Former ASE PeaceKeeper.
  • Miternacht - Former ADN House Representative.
  • Novendius - Former Red Guardian.
  • Paapst - Former Red Guardian, Former ADN House Representative.
  • Parvolex - Former Strategos, Red Guardian.
  • Quercustan - Former ASE PeaceKeeper.
  • Retepland - Red Guardian.
  • Takeshistan - Former Head of ASE Media Services, Former Strategos.
  • The Eastern Commune - Former Strategos, Former Red Guardian.
  • The Weir Provinces - ASE Website Designer
  • Tobieski - Former UN Delegate, Former Strategos.
  • Trotskiya - Former ASE Peacekeeper.
  • United Soviet Ireland - Former UN Delegate.
  • Xha'dam - Strategos Nemonos, former Strategos, Red Guardian, former Deputy Director of ASE Intelligence. Former ADN House Representative.

Alliance Defense Network Relations

The Alliance Defense Network and the ASE have had rocky relations. Many ADN members disliked ASE members, and vice versa. In September 2004, after almost a year as members, the Allied States of EuroIslanders left the ADN but continued defending through their membership in the Red Liberty Alliance.

The events that led to ASE withdrawal from the ADN are summarised by EuroSoviets lead representative, R.C. McDonagh:

"The Prosecutor General of the ADN was making threatening noises on behalf of nebulous, undisclosed third parties who objected to the alliance between the ASE and New Sparrow, following the support of New Sparrow for Great Bight, the tyrant-delegate and usurper of the North Pacific. His attitude was hardly a surprise since the ASE had long been in contention with Westwind and what was in my opinion, a conservative, legalistic approach to important matters within the ADN. This was the first sign of real open tension between the ASE and ADN.

Though members sought to encourage me to run for Vice President, after the revelations of Democratic Donkeys, I nominated Blackbird and took a backseat role in the campaign, preferring to cover it as a media supervisor at the ADN. My ASE colleague, Xha'dam was leading the reforms to the ADN Constitution and was making great headway; Pope Hope complimented him and mentioned her compliment to me in a private message.

Then one morning EuroSoviet representatives awoke to find the pseudo-democracy that had previously existed at the ADN gone and a dictatorship was now in place; a dictatorship that had in fact been held to ransom by the enemies of the ASE within the ADN, including members of the Freedom Fighters and other organisations, Westwind among them. The ASE Assembly, after much discussion vetoed membership in the new organisation after so many ASE representatives had been disabused. Xha'dam, Equality-Liberty and Danitoria among others dispaired that anything except an increased level of heirarchy-led patronage could emerge from this dictatorship. Thus the ASE membership in the ADN came to a close, after other regions had already left."

The Allied States in War, Peace and Friendship

The ASE is currently allied by treaty to the following regions: The West Pacific, Equilism, England, Europa, The Proletariat Coalition, Urbanites, World Socialist Alliance, Coalition of Socialist States, Democratic Underground, Cuba, China, Greece, Gay and Anticapitalist Alliance.

The ASE has been allied with and would consider friendly Alliance of Socialist States, Marxism and Anarchy.

The ASE has been involved in quite a few wars during its history. The war with the Atlantic Alliance was not a specific war between the ASE and the AA, rather between the MASS Alliance and ADN versus the Atlantic Alliance. The brilliant intelligence coup of EuroSoviets in this war turned it into something a little more personal however. EuroSoviets, using the nation Socialist Switzerland infiltrated and took over the delegacy of the region Leichtenstein. Using Leichtenstein, since it was the home of invader armies which had conquered Minnesota and Cheese among other regions, EuroSoviets joined the Atlantic Alliance and was made privvy to some important information which was quickly passed along to other defenders.

At the very beginning of the ASE, a war was fought with the Communist Alliance XIII, long defunct now. The CA XIII during the course of it's existence created five regions and many alliances, each torn apart by the ASE following the attacks that the Redavic Union had tried to make against the Allied States. This was the first officially sanctioned war of the ASE and it was a victory, leading to the creation of the ASE PeaceKeepers; eight nations which were meant to act as the ASE armed forces in times of war.

The ASE was peripherally involved in struggles with Ireland, Imperial Germany, the tyrant-delegate Great Bight of The North Pacific and other regions. Historically the ASE was somewhat hostile to the USSR but this period has long since passed.

The ASE hosts Embassies from and has Embassies in The West Pacific, Equilism, New Sparrow, Canada, The East Coast, Scroll Islands, The Proletariat Coalition, The Pacific, England, Ireland, Greece, Realms of Knowledge/RKKA and the USSR. Embassies have also visited The South Pacific, The North Pacific, Gay, The Meritocracy, Europa and Renegade Islands Alliance and Lazarus.

A New Chapter in the Allied States of EuroIslanders

Exciting changes had been taking place in the ASE, the most important of which has been the creation of the Delian League. This innovative plan merged the ASE and Greece to form one cohesive government. Although many of the new organization's policies were still in the discussion stage, it had been agreed that any alliance over which both parties are split would remain an alliance with an individual party. For example, if Greece's non-agression pact with the North Pacific Directorate had not been ratified by the ASE members, that pact would have pertained solely to Greece, and only Greece would have had a say in that agreement.

Back to Normal

The Delian League turned out to be a complete debacle. The Allied States of EuroIslanders is now operating under the system described in the first section of this article. All merger plans have been abandoned, with most agreeing that the Delian League was detrimental to the well-being of members of both the ASE and Greece. We are, however, seeking conventional alliances.