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Nation: Sicinia Salis
Function: River trade
Population: 12,986
Leader: Comte Nathan du Alphonse

A town of some 12,000 citizens, Alphonse sits atop a small rise less than half a mile from the River Salis. Built as a companion settlement to the adjacent keep Chateau d'Perceval, the twon has long since outgrown its walls. However, it's center retains the original shape of the fortifications, and the town itself keeps the name of its founder, Comte Alphonse d'Perceval. d'Perceval constructed the keep in the 1190s C.E. as part of his consolidation of the frontier along the old border of Akaeia.

For it's relatively small size, Alphonse has a busyness that some would find the surprising. The source of this is its present Comte, Nathan, who has reasserted Alphonse and its surrounding lands as an important trade point. County Alphonse holds the last bridge across the Salis before Saint Michele, and so makes it an important point on cross-country travel. Alphonse is also unique in that it boasts a large population of ethnic Akaeians, from the time when Alphonse was a border town. It has evened gained the nickname Little Tyndaris after the population of North Akaeian silkworkers who now form the core of a flourishing garment trade.

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