Alute Sereri

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Alute Sereri

tartarystan.jpg Princess Regent of Tartarystan
In office
July 20th, 1995 to Present
Political party Social Democratic Party of Tartarystan
Preceded by Position Established
Succeeded by -

April 20, 1974 (age 33)
Tataria Magna, Most Holy and Serene Tartar Empire of the Two Nations
Children -
Profession Soldier (Generalissimo)
Languages Spoken Tungusic, Turkic, Mongolic, English
Resides Tataria Magna, Most Serene and Holy Altaic Empire of Tartarystan

Alute Sereri (born April 1st, 1974), is Generalissimus and acting Head of State of the Most Serene and Holy Altaic Empire of Tartarystan. Alute Sereri has been acting Head of State since the conclusion of the Tartar Civil War on July 20th, 1995. Though Alute Sereri enjoys great prestige as a strong leader who pacified, stabilized, and modernized Tartarystan, some individuals view her as a harsh, authoritarian, illegitimate, and unconstitutional military dictator.


Alute Sereri is both cousin and older half-sister(their family line is somewhat incestuous) to the Emperor of Tartarystan, Sibeoci Sereri IX. Succession in Tartarystan is matrilineal, so both being the oldest and female, Alute Sereri would have succeeded without incident to the throne if she were not an illegitimate child. Despite that, she still had an excellent claim to the throne. However, when push became to shove, claiming she wanted to avoid further civil war, she decided not to press her claims. This caused her popularity in Tartarystan to skyrocket and eventually to her nomination as Princess Regent.

Preceded by:
Position Established
Most Serene and Holy Altaic Princess Regent of Tartarystan Succeeded by: