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Феод и Старшее Княжество Амалорское
Fiefdom and High Duchy of Amalor
Flag of the Fiefdom and High Duchy of Amalor
Official Languages Russian, Taraskath
Government Semi-Constitutional Duchy
High Duke Mikhail II Shakhovskoy
Prime Minister Namel’lar Kerkharen
Capital Amal
Population 300 million
Currency 1 Taraskovyan Frank = 100 Centimes
Calculators are evil.

The Fiefdom and High Duchy of Amalor is one of the oldest Taraskovyan territories and one with a rich history. Historical heartland of the now long defunct Kingdom of Amalor, the fiefdom is popular with tourists that come to see its particular mixture of Amalorian and Taraskath cultures. It is one of the 28 fiefdoms composing the Grand Duchy of Tarasovka and also one of the 25 fiefdoms that form the Taraskovyan Sisgardian metropoly.

The fiefdom sends two Senators to the Grand Ducal Senate and twenty four deputies to the Grand Ducal Duma.

Amalor has a semi-constitutional parliamentary monarchy, with the Grand Duke Mikhail II of all Taraskovya being the Head of the Fiefdom and High Duchy of Amalor, referred to as the High Duke of Amalor within the fiefdom. However, the High Duke leaves the day to day business of the fiefdom to the Government, appointed by the Parliament, but reserves the right to intervene into the decision making.

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