Ameria Wasterin

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Princess Ameria Wasterin
Full Name
Ameria Olaraiana Ashveil Wasterin
Royal Kinship
Sister of Prince Damoen Wasterin
Marital Status
Her Royal Highness Princess Ameria Wasterin of the Royal House of Wasterin.
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HRH's Coat of Arms

HRH Princess Ameria Wasterin is the daughter of the now deceased Prince Jadiern Wasterin, and sister of Crown Prince Damoen Wasterin. She is one of the few surviving members of the Royal House of Wasterin as niece of King Wasterin X, and the sister of Crown Prince Damoen Wasterin who is now heir to the throne.

Princess Ameria was largely confined to her father's country estate for several years in the southern provinces, largely for her own protection in the turbulent political atmosphere, as the Royal Family was confined if not imprisoned by various regimes in their estate until King Wasterin X established the Monarchy once again. Her mother, also deceased, was the daughter of an wealthy Aerionian businessman on the Board of Directors of Aerionian Motor Works.

Princess Ameria Wasterin is an emerging force in politics, as sister to Crown Prince Damoen Wasterin, and as one of the only surviving members of the Royal House she inherited an seat on the Crown Board, which is currently controlling the assets of the Crown including the 10% ownership it is entitled to in every Aerion megacorporation until her brother is crowned King. She also inherited part of the vast personal fortunes of her father in his personal stocks, and her mother.

The Princess is known as a shrewd operator, with classical elegance combined with an intense confident presence. She is contrasted to her brother, who is known to have a bit warmer presence. She is eye catching, alluring, and some say dangerous.

Recent Activity

The Princess was assigned as Lady High Chancellor by her brother. In this role she is the Grand Kingdom's chief diplomatic officer.

Public Perception on the Princess

In the public's eye, the Princess does not have the warmth of her brother's personality, and is seen as cold and conniving. There are various other terms used to describe her.

Though their views are not reflected in the megacorporate controlled media, which pitch her as an intelligent and talented Princess who is serving excellently in her role as Lady High Chancellor, chief diplomatic officer of the Grand Kingdom.

Perhaps one of the most outrageous claims against the Princess as of late, a rumor that is spreading mainly among Aerion's underclass is that the Princess belongs to the Cult of Gethsenes, an Aerionian cult and secret society that was powerful during the time of the fall of the Republic.

Styles of
Princess Ameria Wasterin
Reference style Her Royal Highness
Spoken style Your Royal Highness
Alternative style Her Highness