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'Nited States of America of Tomorrow
|\|!73|) s74t35 u|= |\/|3|2i(4 ta|\/|0|20\/\/
america_of_tomorrow.jpg sealmid1.jpg
Logo (Flag) Seal
Motto (Am. English): Hard work pays off later, but laziness pays off now
Anthem: To be composed
Capital Wasnothing, C.D.
Largest city Hollywoodvilletownburg
Official languages
 - Spoken
 - Nonspoken

American English, Spanish
 - President
 - Vice president
 - Guy off the street
Constitutional republic
 Geoge Shrub (R)
 Deck Chin Ye (R)
 Clay Pension (R)
 - Delcared
 - Recognized
 - Unrecognized

2135 or 2153
Bowler hat and dark coat
 - Total
 - Water

Real big (3rd or 9th)
More than Land but not as much as Total
 - 2007 Estimate

We'll count later
 - Total (USD)
 - Per capita (USD)
2007 estimate
A big number with a lot of commas
Almost $40,000
National animal
English name
Baldus eaglus
Bald Eagle
National flower
English name
National tree
English name
Currency Point™
Time Zone Everywhere
Internet TLD .at
Calling code 1-800-America
Stats: NS NSEconomy Sunset XML

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The 'Nited States of America of Tomorrow (nicknames include the 'Nited States, pronounced nahtid states in Am. English, America of Tomorrow, pronounced mur'cuh tumaarruh, A.T., and mistakenly Murica, M.T. or N.S.A.T.) is the laziest, greediest, and richest nation in all of the future of nations, aside from today's Murica - er, America. Located on Earth's moon, the large nation is an expansion of the United States of America and is continuing to grow and develop as more residents from Earth move in and more structures and features are created.

The 'Nited States is the third or ninth largest nation by total area and the 20th or so largest by total population. With a gross domestic product (GDP) of over 130 trillion Point™s (which estimates to about infinity (∞) U.S. dollars), the 'Nited States has one of the largest national economies in the galaxy. A.T. is also one of the Milky Way Galaxy's most ethnically diverse nations.

The nation was founded by the United States Government declaring its independence from the United States of America sometime mid-2100ish. It adapted the current constitution shortly thereafter. The nation greatly expanded in territory throughout the mid-twenty-first century acquiring further territory (in no particular order) from Greater Britain, as well as lands from Aussieland and Canada 2: The Sequal, and soon became the world's sole remaining superpower. The 'Nited States continues to maintain dominant economic, political, cultural, and military influence throughout the galaxy.

Geography & Climate

America of Tomorrow is located somewhere in the general direction of Earth's moon.

There are no seasons as of yet, although someday A.T. will be constructing artificial climates for personal homes and some industrial areas.


The national colors of America of Tomorrow are red, white and blue.

The Logo (Flag)

The logo (known today as "flag") of America of Tomorrow is that of an old compact disk (which is the current main method of the U.S.A. to record information, store and share documents and files using a digitally encoded format readable by laser beams), and is proudly sponsored by PepsiCo: Where the pets go. It was designed and programmed to be displayed so that it is always presented and viewed with the white-on-blue stars on the left and the red-and-white stripes on the right. A.T. uses holograms to display the logo in public, although its encoding can only accessed via the highly-secure Government computer system on the Internet.


After decades of people exploring and building on the Moon, America of Tomorrow was finally founded by the Government of America in 2135, although scholars claim that it was actually founded in the year 2153.

Pre-America of Tomorrow

Pre-A.T., more commonly referred to as the United States of America (before the founding of America of Tomorrow), has had much cultural and political impact on the 'Nited States of America of Tomorrow.

Important Pre-historical Dates

Sometime 2007: Nike, Inc. removed its famous slogan "Just do it" to instead display the Nike swoosh because tests indicated that American citizens could more easily remember the swoosh than remember and repeat the words.

Sometime 2006: KFC Restaurant changed its name from "Kentucky Fried Chicken" to just "KFC" after the noticeably extreme incline of illiteracy in America at the time.

Sometime 2005ish: Google went 1337.

Government & Politics

This section will be a whole lot more organized sometime.

The Constitution

The 'Nited States Constitution is the supreme legal document in the A.T. system, and serves as a social contract for the people of the 'Nited States, regulating their affairs through government chosen by and populated by the people. The Constitution is a living document as it can be amended by a variety of methods, all of which require the approval of an overwhelming majority of the states. The Constitution has been amended 13¼ times, the last time in 2662.

The Constitution contains a dedication to "preserve liberty" with a "Catalog of Rights" and other amendments, which "guarantee freedom of speech, religion, and the press, the right to a fair trial, the right to keep and bare arms, universal suffrage, and property rights, or your Point™s back. However, the extent to which these rights are protected and universal in practice is heavily debated, especially because the 'Nited States doesn't expand throughout the whole universe.


The 'Nited States has a fairly considerate justice system, with the death penalty banned (although there is an exception of some ethnic punishment practices) and the highest sentence for any crime being 20 years imprisonment. Prison quality is high; most home and garden television shows find the A.T. prisons an improvement over those in other nations.

The Big List, #1

These laws cannot and should NOT be changed, as they protect the nation and are the fundamental responsibilities of both the government and the people to protect, regulate and follow.

  • There may be NO "cruel and unusual punishment"
  • Slavery is NOT allowed
  • No monopolies
  • There must be a separation of church & state
  • Freedom of speech/press must be guaranteed to the people of A.T. with the #1 rule to always follow the policy of owner of the medium being used
  • The government always has the power to declare and make war, raise an army and navy, regulate commerce, borrow money and other goods, and admit new states
  • The use of interstate compacts is required before any extreme violence takes place
  • There may be NO vandalism, threats, flaming, urging of others to commit crimes

The Big List, #2

Just about everything that can be shared, taken, or borrowed in America of Tomorrow requires a fee/price to use or own, including rights. These are:

  • The right to protect privacy
  • The right to trial
  • The right to vote
  • The right to advertise
  • The right to education
  • The right to keep & bare arms

Foreign Relations

The 'Nited States has a vast economic, political and military influence on a galactic scale, which makes its foreign policy a subject of great interest and discussion around the galaxy. Many countries have virtual embassies in Wasnothing, CD, and consulates around the nation. America of Tomorrow is not a member of the United Nations.

A survey revealed by ABC World Service about .8 nanosecond ago shows that of one million people in 37 countries, a majority believe that the 'Nited States of America of Tomorrow has a mainly negative influence throughout the galaxy. Perhaps resulting from being a large market and culture, many believe 'Nited States citizens to be relatively uninterested in the culture or political developments of other nations, and the 'Nited States surveys sponsored by Discover Card continue to prove that this popular belief is in fact true.

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">halopcgamer3.jpg
Soldiers battle for the freedom of tomorrow


The military, its personnel, and its equipment are the pride of the 'Nited States. The A.T. military comprises almost 9 bajillion personnel on active duty, along with several hundred kazillion each in the Reserves and National Guard of Tomorrow. Service in the military is voluntary, although basic military training is required for all young or new citizens of America of Tomorrow. The 'Nited States is considered to have the most powerful military in the known areas of the universe, partly because of the size of its defense budget; A.T. defense expenditures were just recently (within the last .5 nanosecond) estimated to be greater than the next 5,000 largest national military budgets combined, even though the military budget is only about 6% of the country's gross domestic product.

The A.T. military maintains over two thousand bases and facilities all over Earth and on the Moon. It also has bases on every solid planet within our galaxy and its outskirts, with virtual bases in many space and gassy areas. The 'Nited States of America of Tomorrow currently uses the latest high-tech military hardware such as the well-known LZR-3000 spacecraft which is its main battleship and the EGL-XXIVIIX which is its primary multi-role fighter.




The economic system of the 'Nited States can be described as a capitalizt mixed economy, in which, although the A.T. government works uncomfortably closely with business and the media, the nation strongly promotes private ownership, individual initiative, equality of opportunity, free markets, a republican form of government, populism, pluralism, patriotism, and many other big words.

The average tax income rate is 0-5%. Worker enthusiasm is just above 85% and consumer confidence is currently at 88%.

America of Tomorrow is currently the primary center for space travel, communication and inter-galactic trading, as well as financial, automotive, publishing, broadcasting, fashion, and advertising industries. It also serves as a major center for technology.

Communications & Transportation

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">MATRIX_matrix_117_1.jpg
A man explores urban areas using a virtual reality system called the Matrix
</div>The major communication method is the Internet. Next comes cell phone/MP3 players, and then, rarely, corporate telephones. Instant Messaging systems built into the mind are still in the BETA stage and are expected to be released and safe to use within six years. If you are still reading this article, please let us know why (and how you haven't been bored out of your mind yet) by leaving a comment on the Talk page.

Generally, the citizens of America of Tomorrow use public transportation, such as monorails and taxis. Local and regional airports are currently under construction. For broader transportation, limited only to the high-class citizens of this awesome nation, America of Tomorrow offers a few space stations to space travelers and curious, rich tourists.

Top-secret development of teleportation devices is currently in the works. The main benefit of teleportation is for fast trading within businesses, and possibly transportation of people. There have also been rumors of "time travel" experiments taking place, but its developers have not confirmed this to the A.T. Government.

A.T. citizens rarely travel to other countries. This mainly results from the many virtual reality programs, which together simulate over 10 million environments, offered throughout the 'Nited States, taking away the need to travel outside the nation. For example, one can explore the vast, life-like deserts of Ancient Egypt, visit the digital version of the forgotten landscapes and cultures of France, or virtually ride the waves of the ancient Australian beaches. For more information, see Wikipedia's article on Virtual reality.


Based on an A.T. census of no more than .5 nanosecond ago, the 'Nited States' population stood at an estimated 2.6 billion. Due to the nation's size, any population estimate needs to be seen as a somewhat rough figure, according to the A.T. Department of Commerce of Tomorrow. About 93% of the population lives in urban areas. The 'Nited States has a somewhat highly diverse population, being home to 32 ethnic groups with more than one million members. Among racial demographics, Whites, also known as Americans, are closely tied with the three ethnic groups Mexican-American, African-American, and Asian-American.


American English and Spanish are both the official spoken national languages of the 'Nited States, with 1337/Haxx0r in the lead regarding the official written language. Way over two billion, or 95% of the population aged two years or older, speak both American English and Spanish well, and for 83% they are the only two languages spoken at home. American English and Spanish are the most common two languages for daily interaction among both native and non-native speakers. Knowledge of both languages, along with knowledge of the written language 1337/Haxx0r, is required of any person seeking citizenship in A.T. Nowadays, a wide range of foreign languages are used in daily life, although none are official, for example, British-American in Britland, Chinese-American in Chinaland, and Arabic-American in Dirkadirkastan.

Largest Cities

The largest cities of the 'Nited States figure mainly in the economy, culture, and heritage of A.T. Today, 524 incorporated areas in A.T. have populations greater than 300,000, nine cities have populations greater than one million, and three Alpha galactic cities have populations greater than 5.8 bazillion (New New Yawk, Hollywoodvilletownburg, and Chicastop). The 'Nited States has 153 metropolitan areas with populations greater than one million.


Using state-of-the-art technology, the A.T. Government is constantly keeping an official and accurate register of A.T. citizens' religious status, partly because they continue to forget, and these records provide a quick, detailed reminder, and partly because they have the power to do so. 38% of A.T. citizens are identified as Christian; about 49% of adults are members of various Protestant denominations. Roman Catholics, at 23%, are a rather populous individual denomination. The most popular other faiths include Judaism (3.3%), Islam (3.3%), and Buddhism (3.3%). About 29% of citizens have no apparent religion.

Religion has traditionally played a large role in the A.T. society; many of the original American founders came to America of Tomorrow for religious reasons, although today, the religious influence on A.T. politics and culture is gradually declining.


In the A.T. educational system, children are required to attend school starting at the age of two or three. Students typically graduate from school at age twelve, although many states allow students to drop out as early as age ten. The public education systems vary from one state to another but are generally organized as follows:

  • Ages 2-12 (grades 1-10) School.

This system combines the old-fashioned segments of pre-school, kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school into one. Although public schools are the most popular educational choice, as they offer the best combination of education and affordability, parents may also choose to educate their own children at home or send their kids to religious or private schools. After school, most graduates voluntarily continue their education with at least four years of community college, state college, private college or universities, each of which charge tuition (ranging from 1,000 Point™s to around 60,000 Point™s a year). Tuition at private universities is generally much higher than at public universities.

There are many competitive institutions of higher education in America of Tomorrow, both public and private. The nation has 29 universities in the galaxy's top 1,000, 28 of which are in the Moon's top 30.

The 'Nited States has a basic literacy rate at 95% to 99% (almost 15% according to the U.N. standards) of the population over age 11. As for educational attainment, 27.3% of the population aged 17 and above have earned a bachelor's degree or higher, and 64.9% have graduated school.

People & Culture

Most citizens are obese and much over 30, or well under 20, although currently A.T.'s best scientists are undergoing top-secret experiments and research related to the theories of age control, age reversal and more. Obesity no longer has any negative effect on citizens, as a majority of the population just finds it attractive.

It is entirely foolish not to attempt to ascribe common behavioral traits to all Americans of Tomorrow; despite their strong sense of individual identity, A.T. citizens tend to value their attempt to a cooperative place in the 'Nited States society. This is a very wealthy place, much like a large mansion, with maid service, a giant swimming pool in the backyard, and a bar in every room.

Nonetheless, it is common for A.T. citizens to value their publicity, and to be outspoken rather than discreet. There is a strong cultural emphasis on acting on impulse. The citizens of America of Tomorrow are generally considered ignorant, and they seem very content with their own ignorance. After all, a large part of the 'Nited States philosophy is to put off hard work, like studying things, until later, while focusing on the less complicated aspects of life first.

A majority of the A.T. culture is very self-minded, with a minority of workers for community service, and the view of capitalizt values such as the pursuit of individual profit is widely accepted. Studies show that common A.T. character traits include selfishness, laziness, rudeness, and weakness although the citizens generally remain faithful to their strong, foreign-country-helping, risk-taking, rapidly-developing nation. Kind of ironic, isn't it?


wundir wut dat werd mens


The 'Nited States, being one of the most advanced nations of the mid-2000s, and having virtually unlimited means, is very well-known for producing blockbusters and movies with high-quality special effects. A.T. movies tend to be "high budget" and focus more on the impressive special effects, handsome actors, and especially plotless storylines than anything considered thought-provoking or informative. Third-dimensional holographic movies are extremely popular throughout America of Tomorrow and other technology-savvy countries throughout the galaxy. Virtual reality movies, where the viewer(s) are put into the virtually interactive environment with a set theme, setting, plot line and characters, are also becoming increasingly popular.

Few movies from non-American or non-Spanish countries are translated for sale in the 'Nited States. Imported movies are generally less successful than domestic, unless they have been fully Americanized before introduced to the 'Nited States. Remakes of foreign shows are popular; in these cases, the show is rewritten and localized with A.T. actors cast in place of their foreign counterparts. Relatively few foreign movies and Interenet shows produced abroad are broadcast on non-ethnic Web sites without subtitles.

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