American Continent

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All nations are welcome to join this region where one can wallow in rp'ing and/or discussions.

Compatible with the Middle East, Asian Continent and European Continent, encouraging possible interregional happenings in a real life setting, a novelty in NationStates.

Map of the American Continent


A. Panama Canal is owned by oZ Corp. Enterprises

B. Tropico/Denojivan Guyana DMZ

  1. Henraeld
  2. Neo Paradise
  3. The Seceded South
  4. Atlantis Primary
  5. Hispania Ulterior
  6. Chepachet
  7. New Nag Ehgoeg
  8. Kasnyian Bolivia
  9. Goreprime Enterprises(USA)
  10. The Bear Flag Republic
  11. Durick Veta
  12. The Union Americana (The Union)
  13. Nuevo Hispaniola
  14. Kasnyian Pacifica
  15. The Amazonia Free states
  16. The Maya Territories
  17. Traurig
  18. Native American Nations
  19. Texarado
  20. Tropico
  21. El Dejarbo
  22. New France
  23. Eleytheria-Duo
  24. French Brazil
  25. North Flordia
  26. Denojivan Guyana
  27. Bogota
  28. Caroncilia
  29. French Conferation Colony
  30. Gilead3
  31. Aztec Triple Alliance
  32. Catholic Honduras
  33. New Spain
  34. Andulusia

The American Continent Compared to the World