Anastasiania at the Tyrellian Ylompics

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Anastasiania are sending a squad of 376 athletes to the Tyrellian Ylompic Games, despite the diminutive size of the nation. This is partly due to the high sport participation in the country and partly due to the desire to send "everyone with a chance of finishing in the top forty" as Olympic Committee Chairwoman Lisa Ormsby stated when she announced the squad. The flag bearer for the opening ceremony was cycling star Minna Hartskog.


   Gold       Silver       Bronze    Total
Anastasiania (ANA) 2 1 2 5

Individual events


  • Men's Team: Brian Whittingham/Rickard Eriksson/Jesper Daniels
  • Women's Team: Myra Eckstein/Moa Hagman/Amy Bone
  • Men's: Brian Whittingham, Rickard Eriksson, Jesper Daniels
  • Women's: Myra Eckstein, Moa Hagman, Amy Bone

Six archers are sent to Tyrellia, but neither of them are expected to challenge for medals.


  • Men's 100m: Craig Cleverley, Hermann Andren
  • Women's 100m: Cathrin Relander
  • Men's 200m: Craig Cleverley, Jon Harewood, Hermann Andren
  • Women's 200m: Anna Råberg
  • Men's 400m: Miikka Pasanen
  • Men's 800m: Miikka Pasanen
  • Men's 1500m: Jonas Svensson
  • Women's 1500m: Terrie Duncum, Kate Crowhurst
  • Women's 5000m: Sarah Tindall
  • Women's 10000m: Sarah Tindall
  • Men's 50km Walk: Tuomas Soininen
  • Women's 100m Hurdles: Ida Larsson
  • Men's 110m Hurdles: Adam Råberg
  • Men's 3000m Steeplechase: Richard Bowles
  • Men's 4x100m Relay: Craig Cleverley/Hermann Andren/Adam Råberg/Jon Harewood
  • Men's Long Jump: Ainsley Livermore
  • Women's Long Jump: Cathrin Relander
  • Men's High Jump: Alexander Sarfve, Jim Oldman
  • Women's Shot Put: Gwen Mainey
  • Men's Decathlon: Ken Beckford, Benjamin Downing
  • Women's Heptathlon: Hillary Saville

Alexander Sarfve won the Anastasianian championship by clearing 2.35 on the third attempt, and will be among the champion candidates in Tyrellia. So will Gwen Mainey, whose shot put personal best is a respectable 19.11 meters.


  • Men's Singles: Dominic Wilde, Adam Lindbäck
  • Women's Singles: Annett Linder, Helen Vanzan, Gina Dean
  • Men's Doubles: Dominic Wilde/Adam Lindbäck
  • Women's Doubles: Annett Linder/Gina Dean, Helen Vanzan/Cecilia Grahame
  • Mixed Doubles: Dominic Wilde/Helen Vanzan

Dominic Wilde will have a busy two weeks, with participation in three events. However, it is likely he will be eliminated early in the men's singles, and can thus concentrate on the doubles events.


  • Women's Single Slalom Kayak: Sandra Fennbäck, Tindra Lundström
  • Men's FC-1 1000m: David Lidholm
  • Women's FC-1 1000m: Nathalie Lidholm
  • Men's FC-2 1000m: Matt Elliot, David Lidholm
  • Men's FK-1 500m: Walter Hatch
  • Women's FK-1 500m: Tiina Lehtinen
  • Men's FK-1 1000m: Casper Pettersson
  • Women's FK-2 500m: Tiina Lehtinen/Ida Jönsson
  • Men's FK-4 1000m: George Stevens/Daniel Sjöberg/Dexter Wotton/Walter Hatch

The K-4 with Stevens, Sjöberg, Wotton and Hatch has put out some very good times in recent training sessions, but they are the only favourites and it will be the only race for these guys - bar Hatch, who is also turning out in the K-1 500 metres and is slated to be the sprinter of the side. He has been known to tire in the late stages of races.


  • Women's Road Race:
    • Sarah Rapid: 5th place
    • May Brown: 18th place
    • Minna Hartskog: 20th place
    • Pre-race favourite Hartskog went into pursuit on the second round, burning much of her energy. [1]. Sarah Rapid eased through the peloton near the end after small energy usage early on, but was never near the medals
  • Men's Road Race:
    • Kevin Harris: 7th place, nine minutes behind the winner
    • Ken Lunny: 20th place
  • Women's Time Trial:
    • Minna Hartskog: 14th place, 31:35.76
    • May Brown: 17th place, 32:10.85
    • Hartskog failed to back up expectations once again, and travelled home from the Games without a single medal.
  • Men's Time Trial:
    • Kevin Harris: 20th place, 55:03.01
    • Ken Lunny: 21st place, 55:06.43
    • Once results finally got through, Anastasianians were up in arms about the disappointing performance of the cyclists. The men's time trial summed it up; though Harris and Lunny were only about 40 seconds behind the winner, they lost all the way, and they graced the back pages of the news
  • Men's 1000m Time Trial: Maia Lehkosuo, Ricardo Olivares, Joan Moore
  • Women's 500m Time Trial: Warren Rushton, Erik Åhlland
  • Men's Keirin: Erik Åhlland
  • Men's Madison: Morten Irgren/Seamus Pearce
  • Men's Individual Pursuit: Noel Coe, Daniel Crutchley
  • Women's Individual Pursuit: Alexandra Nuttall, Zoe Harris
  • Men's Team Sprint: Rune Claesson/Erik Åhlland/Esa Niskanen
  • Women's Points Race: Jean Levy
  • Men's Points Race: Mark Kinsella, Philip Wainwright
  • Men's Sprint: Erik Åhlland, Esa Niskanen
  • Women's Sprint: Runa Trankvist
  • Men's Team Pursuit: Noel Coe/Daniel Crutchley/Jani Ryti/Steve Wambury
  • Women's Cross Country: Ella Järvensivu, Lina Gripenhall
  • Men's Cross Country: James Caiger, Danny Lagord

Hartskog was named as a favourite both in road race and time trial, while Lunny was thought to be in with a genuine chance in the time trial after finishing second in the final time trial of the Tour of Spruitland, behind Walter Kippel. Anastasianians are very keen on the cycling sport, and have seen a number of talents rise through the ranks in recent years.


  • Men's 3m Springboard: Karl Hemsley, Lars Malmqvist, Göte Leidholt
  • Women's 3m Springboard: Tuulikki Ahtisaari
  • Women's 10m Platform: Imogen McCabrey
  • Men's 3m Sync. Springboard: Karl Hemsley/Keith Standing
  • Women's Sync. 10m Platform: Emilie Jernstig/Imogen McCabrey

Nine divers will represent Anastasiania, with Tuulikki Ahtisaari the best on paper; however, her best international placing is a seventh place at a meet in Starblaydia.


  • Individual Jumping: Johanna Rosenqvist, horse: Vikegård

A symbolic participation of one athlete and her horse; however, Rosenqvist has made a name for herself in the world of equestrianism.


  • Women's Epee Individual: Gwen Taylor, Lucy Yorke, Dorothy Blewitt
  • Women's Epee Team: Angela Brook, Gwen Taylor, Dorothy Blewitt, Diane Nahal, Jane Pettersson, Lucy Yorke, Rhianna Taylor, Marlene Smedman, Emily Nicholl
  • Men's Foil Individual: Brian Hockenhull, James Pilgrim
  • Women's Foil Individual: Angra Churms, Rachel van der Merwe

The Anastasianian Olympic Committee refused to comment when they were asked where they found nine women who could wield an epee - or, indeed, what an epee was.


  • Men's Gymnastics Qualifying:
    • Aleksis Vartio
      • All-around: 57.708 points, 25th place (out of 47) - 0.003 points behind the last qualifier, Rejistanian Xianuve Ateok~hana
      • Floor Exercise: 9.982 points, 2nd place, qualified for final
      • High Bar: 9.992 points, 1st place, qualified for final
      • Parallel Bars: 9.193 points, 42nd place
      • Vault: 9.358 points, 44th place
      • Pommel Horse: 9.324 points, 37th place
      • Rings: 9.859, 8th place, qualified for final
    • Allen Huntly
      • All-around: 57.347 points, 36th place
      • Floor Exercise: 9.315 points, 38th place
      • High Bar: 9.871 points, 8th place, qualified for final
      • Parallel Bars: 9.877 points, 7th place
      • Vault: 9.197 points, 46th place
      • Pommel Horse: 9.199 points, 46th place
      • Rings: 9.888 points, 6th place, qualified for final
    • Mattias Stjärnbeck
      • All-around: 57.072 points, 40th place
      • Floor Exercise: 9.259 points, 44th place
      • High Bar: 9.793 points, 17th place
      • Parallel Bars: 9.136 points, 47th place
      • Vault: 9.728 points, 19th place
      • Pommel Horse: 9.258 points, 43rd place
      • Rings: 9.898 points, 5th place, qualified for final
  • Women's Gymnastics:
    • Susanna Silvererberg
      • All-around: 37.840 points, 48th place (out of 53)
      • Floor Exercise: 9.411 points, 43rd place
      • Uneven Bars: 9.337 points, 50th place
      • Vault: 9.617 points, 31st place
      • Balance Beam: 9.473 points, 32nd place
    • Aimee Portsmouth
      • All-around: 38.300 points, 31st place
      • Floor Exercise: 9.974 points, 1st place and qualified for final
      • Uneven Bars: 9.643 points, 23rd place
      • Vault: 9.414 points, 42nd place
      • Balance Beam: 9.269 points, 46th place
    • Tara Stockton
      • All-around: 38.680 points, 11th place and qualified for final
      • Floor Exercise: 9.715 points, 23rd place
      • Uneven Bars: 9.499 points, 36th place
      • Vault: 9.645 points, 29th place
      • Balance Beam: 9.819 points, 9th place and qualified for final
    • Johanna Hannula
      • All-around: 37.970, 44th place
      • Floor Exercise: 9.451 points, 37th place
      • Uneven Bars: 9.516 points, 33rd place
      • Vault: 9.581 points, 35th place
      • Balance Beam: 9.424, 36th place
  • Men's Trampoline: Rolf Jacobsson, Robert Varish
  • Women's Trampoline: Petria Sorely, Mary Pearce

A rather large gymnastics squad were, however, not believing in any chance of a medal. The performances showed this in the qualifying; though Aimee Portsmouth won the women's floor exercise and Aleksis Vartio finished in the top three both in high bar and the floor exercise, most did not qualify for the final. The men's rings events, however, looked promising for Anastasianian colours; all three men, Stjärnbeck, Vartio and Huntly, qualified in top eight positions.


  • Women's Middleweight: Carita Lilliewall, Faye Arben
  • Women's Heavyweight: Nora Nyman
  • Men's Lightweight:
    • Per-Olof Greisz: lost in the last eight to Rejistanian Initeraleli Venesesekasalala
  • Men's Middleweight: Peter Svahn


  • Men's: Ivan Rowlands, Matthew Bannister
  • Women's: Kari Eldershaw


  • Men's Single Sculls:
    • Sune Björmark
      • Heats: Qualified for the semi-finals with 6:36.10 (2nd place)
  • Men's Double Sculls:
    • Erkki Vanhanen/Pekka Tuomalainen
      • Heats: Qualified for the semi-finals with 6:07.90 (11th place)
  • Women's Double Sculls:
    • Wendy Milner/Rachel Adams
      • Heats: Qualified for the semi-finals with 6:42.52 (7th place)
  • Men's Quadruple Sculls: Sune Björmark/Erkki Vanhanen/Pekka Tuomalainen/Ian Richmond

Vanhanen and Tuomalainen are probably in with the best chance of a medal, but rowing is a low-profile sport in Anastasiania.


  • Men's Mistral: Pontus Karlsson
  • Laser: Kevin Swales
    • Race 1: 3rd, 7 seconds behind the winner.
    • Race 2: 3rd, 14 seconds behind the winner. Aggregate: 6 points, 1st.
    • Race 3: 7th, over two and a half minutes behind the winner.
    • Race 4: 7th, nearly two minutes behind the winner. Aggregate: 21 points, 4th.
    • Race 5: 9th, 59 seconds behind the winner.
    • Race 6: 8th, 33 seconds behind the winner. Aggregate: 39 points, 8th.
  • Men's 470: Simon Alvbåge/Peter Iwarsson
    • Race 1: 3rd, 24 seconds behind the winner
    • Race 2: 3rd, 66 seconds behind the winner. Aggregate: 6 points, 3rd.
    • Race 3: 7th, 33 seconds behind the winner.
    • Race 4: 1st, 17 seconds ahead of the runner-up. Aggregate: 14 points, 3rd.
    • Race 5: 6th, 26 seconds behind the winner.
    • Race 6: 5th, 17 seconds behind the winner. Aggregate: 25 points, 5th.
    • Race 7: 5th, 27 seconds behind the winner.
    • Race 8: 4th, 6 seconds behind the winner. Aggregate: 34 points, 4th.
  • Women's 470: Jane Towse/Eve Seddon
    • Race 1: 1st, 41 seconds ahead of the runner-up
    • Race 2: 1st, 10 seconds ahead of the runner-up. Aggregate: 2 points, 1st
    • Race 3: 1st, 9 seconds ahead of the runner-up.
    • Race 4: 7th, 32 seconds behind the winner. Aggregate: 11 points, 1st
    • Race 5: 8th, 37 seconds behind the winner.
    • Race 6: 7th, 27 seconds behind the winner. Aggregate: 25 points, 2nd
    • Race 7: 8th, 40 seconds behind the winner.
    • Race 8: 8th, 22 seconds behind the winner. Aggregate: 41 points, 6th
    • After three excellent races, the two lost all communication skills, and dropped far behind in the overall classification
  • Yngling: Lina Olsson/Ann-Cathrin Forsblom/Carolina Gouran

Alvbåge and Iwarsson have somehow managed to be cited as medal favourites before the Games, mainly owing to their row of five Anastasianian championships, the first to have managed this in sailing.


  • Men's 10m Air Rifle: Peter Nolan, Lee Wheat
  • Women's 20m Pistol: Chandra Hollis
  • Men's Skeet: Brian Butcher
  • Women's Skeet: Louisa Unsworth

Hardly any favourites among the five who turn up in shooting events, as gun shooting is a rather novel events to the Streetian part of the population and many among the Svenska and Suomen communities are opposed to guns due to history.


  • Men 50m Freestyle: Liam Benson, Seymour Conrad
  • Women 50m Freestyle: Edith Downey, Kelly Garner, Sandra Clarke
  • Men 100m Backstroke:
    • Ashley Byerley
      • Semi-final: Qualified for the final with 5th place, 58.04, a new Anastasianian record.
      • Final: 7th place, 55.36, a new Anastasianian record.
    • Seymour Conrad
      • Semi-final: Qualified with 58.11 (7th place) in the heat following Byerley, but failed to take back the Anastasianian record.
      • Final: 8th place, 55.39.
    • Andre Göransson: 17th place in the semi-final with 1:00.52
  • Men 100m Breaststroke:
    • Sven Ejeborg: 12th place in the semi-final with 1:00.09
    • Dexter McCammon: 15th place in the semi-final with 1:00.17
  • Men 100m Butterfly:
    • Paul Miller
      • Semi-final: Qualified for the final with 4th place, 50.57
      • Final: 8th place, 51.22
      • Miller qualified for his second final in three days, but failed to make an impression, though he was only half a second off the medal. The semi-final time of 50.57 would have given him silver.
    • Seymour Conrad: 14th place in the semi-final with 51.03
  • Men 100m Freestyle:
    • Seymour Conrad: 22nd place in the heats with 48.43
    • Liam Benson: 29th place in the heats with 48.65
    • Mitch Gadsby: 30th place in the heats with 48.74
    • Benson and Gadsby occupied the last two places on the results table.
  • Women 100m Backstroke:
    • Heather McDonnell
    • Jill Bolland
    • Sandra Clarke
    • The athletes all overslept and missed the bus to the Tyrellian Ylompic Centre, and did not participate
  • Women 100m Breaststroke:
    • Tamara Gower
      • Semi-final: Qualified for the final with 5th place, 1:08.15
      • Final: 5th place, 1:06.83, a new Anastasianian record
    • Barbara Wolf: 12th place in the semi-final with 1:09.36
    • Kay Evans: 16th place in the semi-final with 1:10.20
  • Women 100m Butterfly:
    • Anna Utterström
      • Semi-final: Qualified for the final with 6th place, 56.91
      • Final: 8th place, 57.66
    • Therese Karlsson: 14th place in the semi-final with 57.44
  • Women 100m Freestyle:
    • Maj Vikhaga
      • Heats: Qualified for the semi-final with 4th place, 53.70
      • Semi-final: Qualified for the final with 5th place, 53.73
      • Final: Bronze Bronze medal, 53.81. Vikhaga repaired her semi-final disappointment by clinching bronze at the finish; she was four hundredths of a second ahead of number five, Pheobe Buitendam of Uhuh-Topia.
    • Carole Neville
      • Heats: Qualified for the semi-final with 15th place, 54.05
      • Semi-final: 16th place, 54.41
    • Kelly Garner: 18th place in the heats with 54.22
  • Men 200m Backstroke:
    • Stuart Shea
      • Semi-final: Qualified for the final with 8th place
      • Final: 7th place, 1:56.41
    • Andre Göransson
      • Semi-final: Qualified for the final with 7th place
      • Final: 8th place, 1:56.52
    • Both Shea and Göransson swam for themselves; it was over one second to fifth-placed Enriko Miró of Bedistan
  • Men 200m Breaststroke:
    • Sven Ejeborg
      • Semi-final: Qualified for the final in 1st place
      • Final: Gold Gold medal with 2:09.46
      • Ejeborg finished in exactly the same time as Ila Kansu. Later reports put him milliseconds ahead, but the gold was jointly awarded [2]
    • Peter Bolan
      • Semi-final: Qualified for the final in 4th place
      • The passing times after 100 m were reported as official results in the semi-final.
  • Men 200m Butterfly:
    • Paul Miller
      • Semi-final: Qualified for the final with 2:11.05 and 5th place, over four seconds behind the winner
      • Final: 7th place, 2:09.54
    • Jens Jacobsson: 10th place in the semi-final with 2:11.73, 0.28 seconds outside the qualifying limit
  • Men 200m Freestyle:
    • Mitch Gadsby
      • Heat: Qualified for the semi-final with 1:49.57 and 15th place, 0.08 seconds inside the qualifying limit.
      • Semi-final: Qualified for the final with 1:45.02 and 2nd place, beating the Anastasianian record by over three seconds
      • Final: 4th place, 1:44.90, a new Anastasianian record but 0.26 seconds off the bronze medal
    • Billy Houghton: 27th place in the heats with 1:51.56
    • Stuart Shea: 29th place in the heats with 1:52.78
  • Women 200m Backstroke:
    • Andrea Carter
      • Semi-final: Qualified for the final in 5th place with 2:07.54.
      • Final: Silver Silver medal with 2:06.84
    • Jill Bolland
      • Semi-final: Qualified for the final in 1st place with 2:06.75.
      • Final: 8th place, 2:08.77
    • Nora Falk: 14th place in the semi-final with 2:08.54
    • Bolland was out of shape in the final, but Carter recovered for a silver medal that was somewhat outshone by Ejeborg's achievement earlier in the day.
  • Women 200m Breaststroke:
    • Eve Carn
      • Semi-final: Qualified for the final with 2:22.22 and 3rd place, a new Anastasian record
      • Final: 8th place, 2:24.17
    • Tamara Gower: 12th place in the semi-final with 2:23.81
  • Women 200m Butterfly:
    • Nora Falk
      • Semi-final: Qualified for the final with 2:06.36 and 6th place, a new Anastasianian record
      • Final: Gold Gold medal, with a time of 2:05.38, a new Anastasianian record
    • Anna Utterström
      • Semi-final: Qualified for the final with 2:06.52 and 7th place.
      • Final: Bronze Bronze medal, with a time of 2:05.72, a new Anastasianian record
    • On the fourth day, a very good day for Anastasiania in the pool, Falk and Utterström became the first Anastasianians to win medals; both were well ahead of the pack, but were split by Rejistanian Ltara Jen.
  • Women 200m Freestyle:
    • Maj Vikhaga
      • Heats: Qualified for the semi-final with 1:56.71 and 1st place in the very first heat
      • Semi-finals: 15th place with 1:58.68
      • Vikhaga missed the start and said afterwards "I used too much energy in the heats because I thought I needed a stronger time
    • Carole Neville
      • Heats: Qualified for the semi-final with 1:58.36 and 21st place
  • Men 400m Freestyle:
    • Billy Houghton
      • Heats: Qualified for the semi-final with 3:42.75 and 8th place
      • Semi-final: Qualified for the final with 3:42.60 and 8th place
  • Women 400m Freestyle:
    • Chandra Hawkes
      • Heats: Qualified for the semi-final with 4:06.38 and 15th place
      • Semi-finals: Qualified for the final with 4:04.88 and 3rd place, a new Anastasianian record at the time
    • Nancy Hatchard
      • Heats: Qualified for the semi-final with 4:05.85 and 13th place
      • Semi-finals: Qualified for the final with 4:04.41 and 1st place, beating Hawkes' Anastasianian record set in the previous race
  • Men 400m Ind. Medley:
    • Paul Miller: 10th place in the semi-final with 4:09.01
    • Stuart Shea: 12th place in the semi-final with 4:09.43
  • Women 400m Ind. Medley:
    • Nora Falk: 9th place in the semi-final with 4:37.89
    • Falk, the 200m butterfly gold medallist, was the only one who did not qualify from the semi-final. She was 0.07 seconds behind Karina Sedusvo from The Macabees in 8th.
  • Men 4x100m Freestyle: Seymour Conrad/Liam Benson/Mitch Gadsby/Kevin Ready
  • Women 4x100m Freestyle: Marja Rantanen/Carole Neville/Maj Vikhaga/Kelly Garner
  • Men 4x100m Medley: Ashley Byerley/Sven Ejeborg/Seymour Conrad/Liam Benson
  • Women 4x100m Medley: Heather McDonnell/Kay Evans/Therese Karlsson/Carole Neville
  • Women 800m Freestyle:
    • Philippa Jacobi:
      • Semi-finals: Qualified for the final with 4:06.25 and 8th place
  • Men 1500m Freestyle:
    • Steven Harvey: 14th and last place in the semi-final with 14:50.35
    • Harvey was nearly three seconds away from avoiding last place.

Anastasianian media believed that the best gold chances lie with Bolland in the women's 100m backstroke, Utterström in the women's 100m butterfly, Falk in the women's 200m butterfly and Shea in the men's 400m medley.

Synchronized Swimming

  • Women's Duet Sync. Swimming: Sue Symon/Dora Stanford


  • Women's Lightweight: Cecilia Westerberg
  • Women's Middleweight: Hanna Rincon
  • Men's Heavyweight: Leif Otterborg

Rincon is the only one of the combat athletes to have any serious chance of a medal; the four-time Anastasianian champion was also champion of FIFA last year, but has struggled with injuries before the tournament.

Table Tennis

  • Men's Singles: Geoff Mirfin, Jeff Frecklington
    • Olle Thorstensson
      • Last 32: bye
      • Last 16: defeated Lee Hodge (Casari) in 5 sets
    • Geoff Mirfin
      • Last 32: defeated Alfondo Partid (Casari) in 5 sets
      • Last 16: defeated Timothy Bleeck (Spruitland) in 7 sets
        • Mirfin's victory was tainted by a tape suggesting he smoked dope with his Spruitlander opponent after the sixth set [3]
    • Jeff Frecklington: knocked out in round of 32 by Woodrow Witherspoon (Bedistan) in 5 sets
  • Women's Singles:
    • Sara Schelin: bye to last 16, there knocked out by Doris Grosso (Liverpool England) in 7 sets
    • Victoria Naysmith: knocked out in round of 32 by Heather Burdette (Milchama) in 7 sets
  • Men's Doubles: Geoff Mirfin/Jeff Frecklington, Olle Thorstensson/Fran Staff
  • Women's Doubles: Sara Schelin/Victoria Naysmith

Mirfin is another title challenger; the 28-year-old has won three Anastasianian titles and two FIFA titles, but the question is whether he has the stamina to win all games at the gruelling Ylompic schedule.


  • Men's Singles: Gavin Crouch, Maurice McDonald, Warren Mayers
  • Women's Singles: Liina Malvalehto, Johanna Månsson, Emilie Sundgren
  • Men's Doubles: Gavin Crouch/Phil Fletcher
  • Women's Doubles: Liina Malvalehto/Emilie Sundgren

Liina Malvalehto is probably the most promising tennis talent Anastasiania will ever see; the 20-year-old has an almost complete array of shots and is a medal candidate both in singles and doubles (with Sundgren, who often puts out her best performances in doubles games).


  • Men's: Jacob Prutton, Billy Hyron, Marcus Ring
  • Women's: Matilda Nilsson

Matilda Nilsson has won her last eight triathlon races, including a win in a race held in Sike kali, Rejistania.

Team events


Pitchers (15):

  • 2 Scott Rumbold
  • 5 David Murgatroyd
  • 9 Mats Oskarsson
  • 12 Ben Eastwood
  • 15 Ottar Aske
  • 17 Andy Mellish
  • 23 Brett Johnston
  • 28 Harvey Gurnell
  • 30 Herman Stockton
  • 32 Burt Hunter
  • 33 Petteri Hirvilahti
  • 48 Joe Clarke
  • 56 Martin Prescott
  • 61 Esko Verhelä
  • 67 Tino Nilsson

Catchers (3):

  • 16 Clyde Jeffrey
  • 41 Allan Bell
  • 62 Craig Herscott

Infielders (10):

  • 3 Gustav Hansson
  • 4 Magnus Lannersjö
  • 6 Matthew Howe
  • 8 Konsta Komulainen
  • 14 Thomas Thydahl
  • 21 Jarkko Jokinen
  • 26 Robbie Luttrell
  • 27 Daniel Pike
  • 31 Jason Cruickshank
  • 46 Stefan Birgersson

Outfielders (8):

  • 7 Esa Salparanta
  • 10 Johan Forsander
  • 11 Chris Gale
  • 20 Juuso Salparanta
  • 22 Craig Nicholas
  • 38 Scott Harvey
  • 42 Jonathan Tressider
  • 54 Steven Day

Baseball is a new sport in the Street, imported mostly from forays into Atlantian Oceanian nations such as Casari and Bedistan. The Anastasianian side is not expected to do well, but Murgatroyd throws a mean curveball and Jokinen is a hard hitter in the local pesäpallo league, where he plays for Väänäkoski.


  • Day 1: Anastasiania 0–3 The Kazoo Peoples
    • Standout pitching from the Kazoos and Jokinen and Komulainen, the main hitters, getting caught out a grand total of six times ensured that Anastasiania were shut out.
  • Day 2: Anastasiania 2–3 Casari
    • Anastasiania were in the game until the eighth inning, when Casari's third smashed the ball into the stands for a home run and two runs.
  • Day 3: Anastasiania v Bedistan
  • Day 4: Anastasiania v Allanea




  • 3 Lina Gottander
  • 19 Tora Rahmbrant


  • 12 Outi Ihalainen
  • 16 Susan Molloy
  • 37 Britta Läfvensten
  • 43 Carol Moore
  • 50 Jayne Alston


  • 22 Andrea Strandin
  • 40 Tuulikki Ilola
  • 55 Minna Hannila

Basketball is just as new as baseball, but again, there are some talents. 19-year-old Minna Hannila is probably the best, and there are rumours she will play in Sarzonian leagues next season. However, the players are all amateurs, and they are not expected to do well.


  • Day 1: Anastasiania 70–79 Casari
    • Casari dominated from start to finish, and despite 27 points from Hannila, Casari won comfortably after putting their second team out in the fourth quarter.
  • Day 3: Anastasiania v Andossa Se Mitrin Vega
  • Day 4: Anastasiania v Milchama
  • Day 5: Anastasiania v Schiavonia


Men's Team

Keepers (3):

  • 1 Michael Leahy, 22, FC Allenby
  • 16 Jason Kimes, 20, Gardwick Albion
  • 25 Darren Lacey, 18, Nudsby Wanderers

Defenders (9):

  • 2 Kari Hokkanen, 19, Heino, left back/central defender
  • 3 Kalervo Kottila, 21, Ärvo, right back/winger
  • 4 Oliver Dyren, 20, FC Köksberg, central defender, captain
  • 5 Sam Brookfield, 18, Wickham, central defender
  • 13 Kevin Wells, 22, Ordwich, left back
  • 17 Mark Hudson, 19, Hittlesham AFC, right back
  • 18 Kuisma Olasmaa, 20, Riihikoski, right back
  • 22 Neil Davis, 18, Bambury United, central defender
  • 24 Jonny Larsson, 21, Björntorp, central defender

Midfielders (8):

  • 6 Maurice Mowat, 21, FC Köksberg, central midfielder
  • 8 Turkka Kivelä, 19, Liitojärvi, central midfielder/right winger
  • 9 Bengt Henriksson, 28, Sveaborg, right winger
  • 11 Michael Breen, 21, Bambury United, left winger
  • 15 Paul Briggs, 22, Gardwick Albion, attacking midfielder
  • 19 Jay Donoghue, 19, Tamton, central midfielder/left winger
  • 21 Esko Oksanen, 20, Väänäkoski, left winger
  • 22 Glenn Olsson, 21, SK Älgborg, central midfielder

Attackers (6):

  • 7 Phil Blain, 26, Ribbersback City, forward
  • 10 Richard Munday, 22, Maimsville Athletic, striker
  • 12 Luke Thomas, 21, IFK Fuglängen, forward
  • 14 Jens Strandin, 20, FK Jönsbro, striker
  • 20 Aarto Eskelinen, 22, Määtelinna, striker
  • 23 Thomas Faga, 22, Chadwick FC, striker

The Under-23 team from Anastasiania contains many future stars, with Aarto Eskelinen and Oliver Dyren having captaincy experience from their domestic sides. However, football in Anastasiania is underdeveloped compared to many other countries, and it will take time to come to the top.


  • Day 1: Anastasiania 1–2 Becquerelia
    • First-half goals from Phillip Gersh and Titian Malstrom sent Becquerelia into a comfortable lead, and despite a late header from substitute Richard Munday, Anastasiania lost their first match.
  • Day 2: Anastasiania 1–4 Liverpool England
    • Liverpool England roared through, scoring four goals on the inexperienced defence, and a late equaliser from Henriksson mattered little.
  • Day 3: Anastasiania v The Kazoo Peoples
  • Day 4: Anastasiania v Uhuh-Topia

Women's Team

Keepers (3):

  • 1 Marjo Harju, 27, Määtelinna
  • 13 Elaine Marsh, 30, Teybridge Athletic
  • 20 Kayla Hayward, 22, Tamton

Defenders (8):

  • 2 Sanna Kuitunen, 19, Lynnyvaara, left back
  • 4 Julia Henriksson, 26, SK Älgborg, central defender
  • 5 Olivia Hebert, 28, Shotterbury AFC, right back
  • 14 Clara Moss, 24, Chadwick FC, right back/central defender
  • 16 Rebecca Portsmouth, 27, Ufford United, central defender
  • 18 Tiffany Monk, 33, Wootton, full back, captain
  • 21 Sofia Viilo, 23, Vaaranta, central defender/left back
  • 24 Julia Blombom, 25, FK Jönsbro, left back

Midfielders (8):

  • 3 Liz Leach, 27, Riversbrook FC, defensive midfielder
  • 6 Alanna Gardner, 32, Hittlesham AFC, central midfielder
  • 7 Cathie Buchanan, 29, Bunbury City, attacking midfielder
  • 8 Andrea Rönnholt, 24, Uppfors, right winger
  • 11 Katri Anttila, 20, Väänäkoski, left winger
  • 17 Emmi Taivalsalo, 22, Ellissi, winger
  • 22 Mia Randall, 30, Igglesham, central midfielder/right winger
  • 25 Suzie Williams, 26, Ruscal FC, central midfielder

Attackers (7):

  • 9 Jayne Draper, 23, Ribbersback City, forward
  • 10 Sandra Webster, 26, Ufford United, striker
  • 12 Marie Bengtsson, 25, Andval, striker
  • 15 Siri Nordblad, 30, Rammskog FK, forward
  • 19 Hannah Keeney, 29, Obchurch United, striker
  • 23 Ilta Tuulari, 27, Tuunu, forward
  • 26 Helga Paulsson, 22, Vingbäcken, striker

Tiffany Monk captains the side, who are expected to do better than the men in their first outing in international football; Monk has also captained Wootton to three domestic titles. Other stars include Marie Bengtsson, who scored nine goals for Andval in the recent All-Nation League season, and Andrea Rönnholt of Uppfors.


  • Day 2: Anastasiania 4–5 Milchama
    • In a hugely entertaining contest, Milchama ran out winners after clinging on to a 3–0 win at half time. Ilta Tuulari came off the bench to score a hat-trick, but it still wasn't enough, and three wins from the last three games are required in order to qualify for the quarter-finals.
  • Day 3: Anastasiania v Spruitland
  • Day 4: Anastasiania v Bedistan
  • Day 5: Anastasiania v Becquerelia


Handball is somewhat of a national obsession in Anastasiania, and the teams are expected to fight it out with Rejistania and Kelse for the medals.

Men's Team

Mynttinen and Hanskki have been national heroes ever since Anastasiania eked out a 27–25 win over Rejistania in the last FIFA cup final, when Mynttinen made a brilliant pass to Hanskki who scored the deciding goal with but seconds to spare. Still, Rejistania have plenty of FIFA handball titles stored in their cupboard, and it will be a formidable challenge.

Goalkeepers (3):

  • 1 Hans Persson, 28, Köksberg
  • 12 Mattias Ångkvist, 22, Oxberga
  • 16 Einar Ångbratt, 24, Petersfors

Outfielders (13):

  • 2 Kari Mynttinen, 34, Ryykkökoski, left back
  • 3 Marko Ikäheimonen, 28, Siirivaara, left winger
  • 4 Sven Björking, 27, Jönsbro, playmaker
  • 5 Joel Wahlbom, 24, Oxberga, line player
  • 6 Åke Wahlkvist, 30, Hasstorn, right back
  • 7 Per Cronlind, 22, Linddalen, right winger
  • 8 Kari Pulkkinen, 26, Vaaranta, line player
  • 9 Stefan Sörensson, 27, Ringvallen, playmaker
  • 10 Pekka Lehkosuo, 28, Suukkonlinna, left back
  • 11 Aukusti Hanskki, 33, Nelmanen Pallo, left winger
  • 13 Anders Fogelbratt, 32, Vingbäcken, left back
  • 14 Roger Hellmar, 23, Storkalk, right back
  • 15 Mats Matsson, 18, Fuglängen, right winger


  • Day 1: Anastasiania 25–7 Schiavonia
    • Pekka Lehkosuo scored nine goals in the first half, then got taken off, and Anastasiania never figured out Schiavonia's attack. The defence was outstanding, however, with Hans Persson having over 70 % saves.
  • Day 3: Anastasiania 21–18 Rejistania
    • Lehkosuo netted six times and the defence kept going strong in the "grudge match" with the Rejistanians. With two wins after two games, a quarter-final place was assured.
  • Day 4: Anastasiania v Allanea
  • Day 5: Anastasiania v Milchama

Women's Team

The women's team are yet to beat Rejistania in international matches, though Ingrid Kvarnland has said that she will not retire until she's beaten the Rejistanians. Meanwhile, the team also includes some young Suomen talent in Koskela, Koivu and Anttalainen, but overall the women are ranked with slightly lower gold chances than the men. Nevertheless, most will be disappointed if the women don't reach the final.

Goalkeepers (3):

  • 1 Sara Sunding, 22, Olsö
  • 12 Anna Helena Birgersson, 26, Uddingsvall
  • 16 Jenni Nissilä, 32, Kauppi

Outfielders (13):

  • 2 Therese Persson, 28, Linddalen, left back
  • 3 Minna Koskela, 19, Launavaara, right back
  • 4 Selma Koivu, 22, Väänäkoski, right winger
  • 5 Andrine Ståhler, 26, Krakshamn, playmaker
  • 6 Ronja Klinthult, 29, Spårvik, line player
  • 7 Veena Marjakangas, 33, Typpy, left winger
  • 8 Tuija Klinga, 28, Rännmilli, right back
  • 9 Minna Jaakkola, 31, Uutivuora, left winger
  • 10 Ulla Håkansson, 28, Älgborg, line player
  • 11 Annemari Viilo, 30, Lukkovuora, playmaker
  • 13 Ingrid Kvarnland, 36, Farneborg, left back
  • 14 Jeanette Killwald, 32, Järvtuna, right winger
  • 15 Jenna Anttalainen, 18, Ellissi, right back


  • Day 1: Anastasiania v Milchama
  • Day 2: Anastasiania v Rejistania
  • Day 3: Anastasiania v Collonie


Men's Team

  • 1 Scott Muller (libero)
  • 3 Antero Hurme
  • 4 Torbjörn Kjelldahl
  • 5 Tapio Aapro
  • 6 Darren Milton
  • 7 Bruce Dara
  • 8 Dean Lennon
  • 9 Måns Kihlstrand
  • 10 Matti Pesonen
  • 11 Olle Andersson
  • 12 Manu Seppälä
  • 13 Alex Chambers

A mediocre team in world terms, with Bruce Dara and Dean Lennon as the stars.


  • Day 1: Anastasiania 1–3 Casari
  • Day 2: Anastasiania v Milchama
  • Day 3: Anastasiania v Bedistan

Women's Team

  • 1 Maria Karlsson (libero)
  • 3 Diana Longhurst
  • 4 Charlotte Armstrong
  • 5 Mary Rosen
  • 6 Ada Edwards
  • 7 Bea Åhngård
  • 8 Lotta Hartskog
  • 9 Moa Norrbo
  • 10 Michelle Hatchard
  • 11 Tara Dawson
  • 12 Lori Wallis
  • 13 Ingrid Åkesson

The women's team recently celebrated a famous five-set win over Starblaydia, but still lack in consistency, and behind the first line-up the talent is lacking. This showed in the first match of the tournament, where Anastasiania won 24 points to Kelse's 75.


  • Day 1: Anastasiania 0–3 Kelse
    • Kelse won comfortably, and Anastasiania struggled, as their service returns were awful and Lori Wallis failed to drive home the smashes.
  • Day 2: Anastasiania 3–0 Collonie
    • The women bounced back strongly, winning 25–17, 25–5, 25–13.
  • Day 3: Anastasiania 2–3 Bedistan
    • Anastasiania collapsed in the final set, with Bedistan serving home 14 straight points; the score had been 1–1 before the returns started to go awry. Anastasiania had taken the lead twice, but were now fourth, only ahead of Collonie.
  • Day 4: Anastasiania v Milchama

Women's Beach Volleyball

Jeanie Paterson and Beatrice Langman won a model competition, and got sent to the Ylompics as a bonus. However, the TV coverage is set to have men across Anastasiania drool. Results

  • Day 1: Anastasiania 0–2 Casari 2
  • Other teams: Spruitland, Ariddia, Algal States 1


  • Men's Lightweight: Jyrki Leppistö, Tony Innes
  • Men's Middleweight: Ryan Hunt
  • Women's Heavyweight: Eva Zachrisson


  • Men's GR Heavyweight: Steve Marriner
  • Women's FR Middleweight: Abigail Jervis, Danielle Foley
  • Men's FR Heavyweight: Carl Bradford

Demonstration events



A fourteen-man team with the best players from the Streetian leagues has been selected; talent varies wildly, however, with Fleetwood-Smythe securing 48 wickets at an average of 14.41 last season, while Jimmy Loye (739 runs @ 28.19 and 8 wickets @ 37.28) seems to have been selected on the grounds that "he's a part time bowler who doesn't throw".

  • Adam Schofield, Crantonshire, opening batsman
  • Robin Warwick, Tamtonshire, opening batsman/part time off spin
  • Martin Wilshire, Baytshire, specialist batsman
  • Liam Dodson, Gardshire, specialist batsman
  • Rob Feeney, Crantonshire, specialist batsman/part time medium pace
  • Sean Scholar, Tey, wicket-keeper
  • Jimmy Loye, Rontonshire, specialist batsman/part time off spin
  • Olly Gibb, Rontonshire, new ball fast bowler/capable batsman
  • Harold Smith, Achumshire, new ball fast bowler
  • Ben Wickersham, Baytshire, leg spinner
  • Roderick Fleetwood-Smythe, Tey, fast bowler


  • Sam Watson, Crantonshire, specialist batsman
  • Brad Meehan, Urwichshire, wicket-keeper
  • Nigel Cunningham, Derwickshire, left arm orthodox bowler


  • Day 2: Anastasiania (274/7) beat Schiavonia (254) by 20 runs
    • Sean Scholar and Rob Feeney added 126 for the fourth wicket, and Anastasiania set a tricky target before Olly Gibb and Harold Smith shared four wickets with the new ball. Wickersham took out the tail to end with figures of three for 28.
  • Day 3: Anastasiania (239/8) beat Starblaydia (221/9) by 18 runs
    • Wickersham's spell in the death overs read 5–1–18–3, pegging Starblaydia back after the top three Anastanianian partnerships had been taken out for 16 and Starblaydia needed 55 off the last ten overs.
  • Other teams: Starblaydia, Milchama, Krytenia, Collonie, Casari


The women's team has also got some well known stars, with all-rounder Ina Sutcliffe the greatest; however, Amy Woolthorp and Elizabeth Green have been criticised for lack of pace to be considered on the international stage. However, with only four nations having selected sides thus far, this may be one of the easier medals to come by at the Ylompics.

  • Charlotte Peters, Tey, opening batter
  • Julianne Hurst, Tey, specialist batter
  • Betty Thompson, Crantonshire, specialist batter/part time medium pace
  • Rachel Hawkes, Gardshire, specialist batter/part time left arm orthodox
  • Charlotte Towns, Baytshire, wicket-keeper
  • Ina Sutcliffe, Gardshire, new ball fast bowler
  • Marcia Bullock, Achumshire, part time off spin bowler
  • Amy Woolthorp, Baytshire, medium pace bowler
  • Elizabeth Green, Tey, medium pace bowler
  • Jane Anderson, Rontonshire, leg spinner
  • Lisa Green, Crantonshire, medium pace bowler


  • Joan Champion, Stredshire, wicket-keeper
  • Cathy Parker, Gardshire, all-rounder, off spin bowler
  • Christine Fredericks, Crantonshire, medium pace bowler


  • Day 1: Anastasiania (141/8) beat Andossa Si Mitrin Vega (139) by two wickets
    • After Jane Anderson took six wickets, the main reason why Andossa Si Mitrin Vega could only face 35 of their allotted 50 overs, Anastasiania's batters got plenty of practice opportunity but little time in the middle. Eventually, Anderson hit 14 not out and helped secure the win.
  • Day 2: Anastasiania (271/4) beat Milchama (201/9) by 90 runs
    • Charlotte Peters hit a hundred, while Anderson was not nearly as successful; her four overs went for 37. However, Ina Sutcliffe had taken three wickets by then, and Milchama never came back.
  • Day 3: Anastasiania v Schiavonia
  • Day 4: Anastasiania v Casari
  • Day 5: Anastasiania v Collonie

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