Ancient History of Central Prudentia

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Unlike the neighbouring region of Grays Harbor, the area of Aerigia is home to a multitude of ethnic and cultural groups, which is very intriguing to anthopologists, geographers, historicans and other scholars alike. At the dawn of history and the end of the New Age era of civilization, the region that is Aerigia consisted of 28 seperate entities, and 4 major cultural groups. Each groups is to come from different settlement region of the old world, thus making Aerigia a colorful, yet somewhat instable area of struggles and skirmishes in the early and middle ages of civilization.

The first settlers to Aerigia was East Asian Fishermen whom landed in the area near Dundas at around 200 BC, their settlement eventually stretched from Maryville to Huang's Gate. The fishermen were amazed by the large variety of fish and shellfish off the shores of Prudentia and sought to build their new home here, away from the skirmishes, oppression and poverty of their native Imperial court.

Germanic people migrating from northern Prudentia to New Danzig passed through the area that is currently the region of Sachsen-Dresden around 300AD, and some made their home in the lush rolling plains of the Prudentian interior.

Similarly, some Western Slavic settlers moving to Austrivum in the midest of the great famine in 600BC (to the current New Krakow in Austrivum) settled in the Joaoian states east of the Mount Parker and the mountainous Silverado region. The Regent Duke Antek, ruled his primarily Czech and Polish Duchy from Rengent Valley, which spread from the western mountain ranges of Mount Tamarach to the shores of the Mauvidian Sea.

Anglo-Saxons pioneers from the Harberian states also moved north into areas of Aerigia, as Harberian power expanded. Hailing from the Royal courts of Malkier, the group brought their dominant culture and influence into Aerigia, and accelerated the absorption into the empire. Other than Malkier, others also hailed from High Aberdeen, as well as other Imperial Provinces. However, most migrants into Aerigian lands from West Olympia and Grays Harbor were at the time, Malkeri.

For the next 300 years, these groups lived in relative peace, if not isolation. There was trade between the Slavic settlers and the East Asians, but the German group remains more closely attached to their cousins across the Mauvidian Sea in New Danzig. This is continual, except for the domination of the Aberdeen Fidelis Trading Company in 1425, which dwarfed all trade across the Mauvidian Sea until the breakup of the empire.

As 800AD nears, Malkier gained more influence due to the more refined industry, and trade with the burgeoning Prudentian Empire increased. As more Royal subjects entered and settled in the once wild Aerigian lands, influence and governace began to grow. It was soon after in 830AD that the Duke of Hoquiam married the Princess of The Yin Empire, which ruled the Aerigian Western Seaboard. By 850AD, The Yin Empire became a close ally of Prudentian Empire. Although controlling its own internal affairs, the Yin Empire naval and land forces were loyal to the Royal Seat in Aberdeen and were used against pirates operating out of Arafel.