Andreus Capet

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Prince Andreus
28 April 1978
Despot of New Constantinople, The Most Pious, Dauphin of Viennois, Porphyrogenitus, Grand Cross of the Royal and Military Order of Saint Louis
Marital Status
Married to Empress Aurora von Sachshausen of Lavenrunz

His Imperial Highness the Most Pious Prince Andreus Capet (full name: Andreus Isaac Louis Constantine Capet) was born in 1978, the son of Emperor Andreus I Capet and Empress Theodora. He has one brother, Prince Constantine Capet, and three sisters, Princess Anna Capet, Princess Theodora Capet and Princess Zoë Capet. He has one child, an illegitimate daughter conceived prior to his marriage, Marie-Jeanne d'André. The child's mother is Henriette de Montmanuel, the wife of the Duke of Montmanuel.

Prince Andreus was made Despot of New Constantinople at the age of 21 in 1999, and is Pantocratoria's heir apparent (although his succession is theoretically not assured). As the Despot, he maintains his own court in New Constantinople independent of the Imperial court. Prince Andreus' court is renowned for its decadence, and he is often referred to as "the Playboy Prince". Prior to his marriage he had a string of beautiful young noblewomen as his favourites. His life in the lap of luxury was kept mostly out of the public gaze, but it was nevertheless a topic of gossip in the circles of the Imperial court (and with good reason - see Chains of Decadence).

In 2005, he married Empress Aurora of Lavenrunz, cementing an alliance between the two nations (see A New Beginning). He is almost eleven years older than his young wife, and now spends most of his time in Hofburg in his wife's court rather than in the Despotate of New Constantinople. In late 2005, his first child, Marie-Jeanne d'André, was born by a former mistress, Madame de Montmanuel. Although Marie-Jeanne was conceived before their marriage, her birth was a humiliation to Empress Aurora.