Andrius Vyntra

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Andrius Vyntra
Place of Birth

A natural schemer with a lust for power, Andrius Vyntra was born to be a politician. He first rose to prominence during the military coup against President Jacobi when, as Secretary for Internal Affairs, he ordered the capitol’s police units not to engage the rebels. For this he gained the gratitude of Titus Drax,the soon to be Autokrator, and was appointed to the new government as Minister of the Interior. It was a position he occupied with much success. So much so that after a while Vyntra was rewarded again for his loyal service with a promotion to First Minister of the Autocracy.

The First Minister was attending a conference in Andossa Se Mitrin Vega when he heard of the Autokrator’s murder at the hands of Viannor Starblayde. He returned to Hypocrium confident of being named as the new leader of Hypocria but instead found other contenders for the throne. Vyntra showed his ruthless streak when he enlisted the help of his predecessor’s killer and the Starblaydi Inquisition to remove the other challengers and have himself appointed Autokrator unopposed. In return he realigned the nation with the Strategic Alliance of Autocratic States.