Angel Fire

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Angel Fire
Flag of Angel Fire
Motto: Until death do its part
Region Aberdeen
Capital Angel City
Official Language(s) English
Leader Forgottenlord (President), Tristan "Angel Fire" Angel (Prime Minister)
Population About 1.5 billion
Currency Angel 
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The land that was

Like her parent nation of Forgottenlands, the Armed Republic of Angel Fire was built on a territory that once had a different name. Like Forgottenlands, no one knows what that name was. Unlike Forgottenlands, everyone knows why: compared to her previous life, Angel Fire is a haven.

The previous master of Angel Fire was a brutal dictator. He had elections where everyone had to vote (lest they have all their fingers broken), and had to vote for him (lest they suffered from torture via electricity until they not only were screaming their loyalty, they truly meant it), and every hour on the hour everyone had to bow down and pray for the mighty leader (lest they suffer their legs being broken so that they can pray for him the rest of the day before they were allowed to seek treatment). Somehow, he was able to keep it decently productive and push it to an early-modern technological state.

The revolution

To say it was annexed would be masking the truth - somewhat. Forgottenlord was growing frustrated to what he considered to be the most evil man alive. However, its army was too great for him to do anything about it. When his sister joined him, he sent her after the brutal dictator.

Being one of the most deadly women in the world, Tristan Angel was able to defeat the dictator's bodyguards and kill him without much difficulty. She then threatened the Military commanders with their own death unless they served her.

She got her wish and became the new Dictator ("President") of Angel Fire.

However, she disliked politics - especially the part that involved debating it. Thus she deferred the position to her brother, requesting that he craft a nation in her image since she probably would be unable to. He accepted her request and began making a much different nation. Using benevolence, he got the loyalty of the nation. He abolished the entire concept of elections, leaving a belief in the citizens forever that elections always meant such insufferable horrors (thereby making it so that any movement to get a democracy going in the nation was opposed by the citizenship even before the government could react - which in turn made them even more loyal to the government when it also indicated its opposition). He created the first press core, but didn't give it any freedoms - making sure it spread the propoganda to support all actions of the siblings. He improved the army, subjugated the poor, and did nothing to help nor hinder the already powerful rich.

Overall, the quality of life improved for just about every individual, but poverty still existed and people would still die in the streets, with the child they gave birth to at that spot just moments before following shortly behind.


When asked to join Aberdeen, Forgottenlord accepted for both of his nations. However, he grew concerned with Angel Fire. Aberdeen valued peace, freedom and democracy - none of which was held by his sister and therefore not to be held by the nation she wanted crafted. He chose to merely hide it.

The Angel Fire was, hereself, also a practically hidden identity. Her nation thrived and those within Forgottenlord's two - later three - territories knew about her and who the true master of Angel Fire was. However, beyond the borders, she was almost never spoken of. The best assassins almost never heard of her - just her work.

Forgottenlord, being the President of three nations, found he could hide Angel Fire fairly easily, by speaking from his role of Forgottenlands. In effect, the three nations had one voice, and only one true name.

However, two close calls proved that Tristan was no longer up to her once unmatched ability. In one incident, she had nearly escaped from her captivity. The situation had wounded her more deeply than any of her many scars. No longer could she throw her life on the line like she once had. No longer could she stand the risks that she had known were always there. She was finally vulnerable and it had scared her into not returning. Even the Night Sisters returning and being able to go with her into her assignments didn't give her the courage to return. Frustrated with herself, and still holding a lust for blood, she went to the realm that had always been left open but she never wanted - politics.

The coming leader

Forgottenlord chose to ease her into the position of National leader. He gave her Vice-Presidency and had her keep a low profile. When she finally came out of her shell and asked to attend the Eramian Peace Summit, Forgottenlord knew she was ready. He made her Prime Minister, and reorganized his three nations so there existed a unified government to which he was President. This meant that elections had to return to Angel Fire, and Tristan made sure the fear of the old election style remained with the new, continuing the belief that elections always came with that treatment. However, while rumors were spread about the odd person that it happened to - especially through the Angel Fire news agencies, the voting process was secret ballot, and none of the people on the news had actually been tortured for voting falsely - rather they were picked randomly for the purpose of satisfying the Angel Fire's, and were merely given a dual purpose by torturing them first. Those that admitted to voting against Forgottenlord were treated as they expected and rumor that you could vote against Forgottenlord didn't spread. So, elections continued to be associated with pain, suffering and death.

Agnel Fire had been unleashed upon the world. Her army, having been reformed due to Aberdeen's Army Size Cap Law changed the balance of power and made her entire internal workings dependant upon a balance of power with varying forces. The Angel Fire Inteligence community competed against the Angel Fire Army competed against Elizabeth Paul and her Zerg army competed against the Night Sisters. The four factions, each with clear purposes in the realm they commanded, watched each other almost as intently as they watched their opponents. They are kept together through fear of the others and loyalty to the siblings who oversee the nation - though the loyalty is given for different reasons. Yet the result of the 4 forces being kept powerful is Angel Fire has the largest and most dangerous army, the most feared army, the most successful intelligence network, and the most deadly assassins in all of Aberdeen. The concern of whether the

Her economy is powerful, amongst the mightiest in Aberdeen. As such, she has surged, technologically, so that she's almost equal to that of Forgottenlands - though she is not expected to surpass her parent nation - if for no other reason than she'll more likely use her economic advantage to make sure both her parent nation and sister nation, Forgottenlands UN match her in economic growth. She has always been plagued by a trade deficit yet somehow remains economically afloat.

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