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Princess Anna
13 October 1985
The Most Pious, Porphyrogenita, Princess of Langeais, Dame Commander of the Pantocratorian Empire
Marital Status
Married to Prince Joseph of Excalbia

Her Imperial Highness the Most Pious Princess Anna (full name Anna Theodora Marie Capet) is the eldest daughter and third child of the Pantocratorian Emperor Andreus I and Empress Theodora. She is married to Crown Prince Joseph of Excalbia, the heir apparent to the Excalbian throne, and is co-sovereign of the Principality of Langeais, along with her husband. Their marriage represents the dynastic union of the House of Bourbon-Comnenus-Palaeologus and the House of Alsgood. She is the sister of Princes Andreus Capet and Constantine Capet, and of Princesses Theodora Capet and Zoë Capet, and the niece of Prince Basil Capet and Princess Irene Capet.

Princess Anna was a pampered child, even by the standards of the Imperial Family. She is far and away the favourite of her father, Emperor Andreus I Capet, probably as a result of the combination of her keen intellect, her bright expression, and her politely retiring manner (all of which were traits attributed to her mother, the late Empress Theodora Pelopenies). She is a beautiful young woman, who speaks (more or less fluently) French, Greek, Latin, and English, plays chess and tennis, and has a melodic singing voice (which is said to be the only redeeming feature of the otherwise torturous production of Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado starring members of the Imperial Family which preceded her wedding).

Princess Anna has a keen interest in politics, and she is both a fervent defender of the perogative of monarchs and of democratic processes which involve the representatives of the people with the governing of the people. Even before her eighteenth birthday, she had written several insightful essays on the role of the Pantocratorian Imperial Parliament in the government of Pantocratoria, which seem to have slowly influenced her father's opinion of the institution. Throughout his lifetime, Emperor Andreus I Capet has moved from outright hostility towards his Parliament, to ruling through the Parliament via the United Christian Front, to eventual democraticising reform of and intent to rule with the house. Anna's attitudes in turn are believed to be heavily influenced by Prince Constantine Capet in court circles, but this may be a result of the dismissive attitudes towards women in politics held by some of the more traditional members of the Imperial Court of Christ Pantocrator. In any case, even if the ideas are Constantine's, it is unlikely that they would have had the impact on the position of the Emperor that they have had if it wasn't for the fact that the Emperor's favourite child adopted them.

As part of his policies to bring Pantocratoria back to the fore of the world stage, the Emperor Andreus I Capet pursued alliances with a number of nations, notably the Holy Empire of Excalbia. The hand of an Imperial princess is an important card to play in the deck of international diplomacy when dealing with other monarchies. Nevertheless, the Emperor was careful in his selection of a husband for his favourite child, and the match between Anna and Prince Joseph of Excalbia was generally held to be the best both from a personal and political perspective. The marriage was celebrated in the Basilica of the Blessed Virgin of New Jerusalem on the twenty third of March, 2004. As a wedding gift, Emperor David IV of Excalbia gave the couple the Principality of Langeais to rule between them.

In September 2005, Anna gave birth to her first child, Princess Elizabeth, who was named for her grandmothers, Empress Elizabeth of Excalbia (from whom she gets her first name) and Empress Theodora of Pantocratoria (from whom she gets her second name).

During the crisis which ensued in Excalbia following David IV falling into a coma, Anna was a vocal proponent of her husband's rights when the Imperial Senate passed over him in favour of Princess Christiana when it appointed her regent. Relations between Anna and Christiana have been somewhat strained since.