Antonello Marcocca

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Antonello Marcocca
August 07, 1970
Colonella di Brutii, Plano Verta, Brutland
Member of Diplomatic Corps
The South Pacific
February 2007

Antonello Marcocca is a member of the Nord-Brutlandese diplomatic corps.


Marcocca was born in the city of Colonella di Brutii, grant of Plano Verta, province of Brutland, to Carlo and Georgina Marcocca. He is the second of five children.

Antonello was educated in the Nord-Brutlandese public school systems and took a double major in Organic Chemistry and International Relations in the Royal University of Brutland and Norden. He first took a teaching job in Sentinelli High School in the city of Tandro d'Untrassiamo, where he met his wife, fellow teacher Petrina DeSantis. They have three children, identical twins Kail and Adam, 11, and Carlotta, 8.

Marcocca took the test for diplomats and passed. Not really intending to go abroad, he persuaded the Nord-Brutlandese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Finisterretto d’Alfare Ellena, FAE) to assign him at the home office. He was head of the visa division of the FAE.


The South Pacific

The FAE persuaded Marcocca to get a job overseas for training, and after some coaxing, he accepted a job in the Nord-Brutlandese Mission to the South Pacific under Kyle Irvine Lambourne. He is presently in charge of the mission's job in the Ministry of the Region.


Nord-Brutlandese Foreign Affairs