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The Eye of Ra
Founded: Circa 3000 years ago
Holy sites: The Spire of Ra, Mount Tanis, The Temple of the Gods,
Deities/figures: Amun Re, Osiris, Set, Anubis, Thoth, Hathor, Horus, Isis
Head of Religion: Pharaoh Thoth
Status: Widely Practiced, State Religion of Anubinia
Practiced in



Ra tleihfi

True Malice

The Religion of "Chrac'Anu Elohim", or known more commonly known outside the nation, as "Anubism" is the official religion of the Anubinian State. It is not known when exactly the religion came into it's present form, as it most likely forged by dozens of different religious sects and various tribes of the Western Spur.

When the modern Anubinian nationstate was created over 3000 years ago, the first ruler, Pharaoh Ra the Great made Anubism the official religion of the nation. It became manditory for all citizens of the Anubinian Empire to become followers, who devoted themselves and their lives to the servitude of the Pharaohs and the high priests. In the course of it's evolution, the leaders of the religion, the Pharaohs, the decendants of Ra and the Braki Dynasty became Gods themselves, ruling the nation as living deities.

For an outside visitor to Anubinia who does not know how to look below the surface might be pardoned for declaring that the Anubinians were a nation of men who were wholly given up to the selfless worship of their leaders and the pursuit of the afterlife. But in fact, the Anubinians act in a perfectly logical manner, for they truely believe that they are a divine nation and that they are ruled by kings who are themselves Gods incarnate. The religion is one based on total servitude to the living Gods. Followers live mostly in total poverty, and live a pius life dedicated to serving, working, and worshiping the Gods.

A major part of the Religion is the concept of eternal afterlife for those who follow it, and followers spend their natural lives trying to reach the next plain of existance. If the follower of Anubism lives a pius life and worships the ruling Gods, he will be granted a place in the domain of the God of the Dead, Anubis where they will live in peace forever as rewards for their dedicated servitude.

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