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Population: 6 nations
Delegate: SeOCC
Founder: SeOCC
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

(Note: Greater Aperin exists as both a region and a continent containing nations that do not reside in the region of Aperin)

After years of instability following the collapse of the Federal Republic of Aperin, the region has simmered down to a small fraction of the chaos of the past thirty years.

While large areas of the continent remain hotspots, the western seaboard, dominated by Svea Riga, SeOCC and Galdago, provides a stable base for the region at large.

Map of Aperin


Nations of Aperin

All of the map spaces named ACR or ACSR (Aperin Continental Region and Aperin Subcontinental Region, respectively) are not currently OOC claimed, though they are considered to be IC occupied. Any nation that wants to be located in Aperin should see the map creation thread - Aperin: The Map - in the Celdonian Diplomatic Quarter. Be aware that there are some historical restrictions on claiming a space on the map; Aperin has a fairly well developed history that would be complicated to change at this point, so new nations have to fit themselves into the already existing historical framework.

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