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The Apex League is Bettia's professional football competition, and has recently been typified by some overtly attacking football in keeping with the national team's Takilan leanings. With Bettia being a nation of five billion people, most of whom are sports lovers, Bettian football teams are generally very well supported, with even the smaller clubs in the lower divisions reguarly attracting attendances of over 10000 per match. Because of the obvious physical constraints regarding stadium size, many of the larger grounds have big screens permanently installed in the immediate vicinity to accomodate those who are unable to purchase tickets for the game itself.

Another feature of the Apex League is the recent ban on teams wearing red in their kits, which is mostly due to the Bettian people's inate hatred of that oh-so-evil colour. Many teams who previously wore red get around this by using maroon (a dark brownish-red) instead. The only exception to this rule are second-division Llanedalia, who were given special dispensation by the Football Association of Bettia to wear red shorts due to the fact that their strip is based on the flag of Nedalia.

Competition Structure

The Apex League is currently made up of four divisions of 18 professional teams along with a semi-professional conference division, also of 18 teams. Each team plays each other twice, home and away. Three points are awarded for a win, one for a draw and none for a defeat. The top three teams in the lower divisions are automatically promoted, with the next four teams contesting playoffs culmanating in a final played at Tiddles Park to decide the final promotion spot. The bottom three teams of the Apex League are automatically relegated.

As of Season Seven, the National Conference became a fully-professional 5th Division. The bottom six clubs from this division are relegated, to be replaced by the champions from each of the six provincial leagues which now act as 'feeder' leagues.

The FAB Cup was previously open to only the four profesional divisions plus the National Conference (now the 5th Division), with the 1st and 2nd Division teams entering at the Second Round stage. In future, the FAB are planning on holding qualfying rounds for non-league teams.

Roll of Honour

Season League Champions FAB Cup Winners
1 Akani Sands Not held
2 Akani Sands Akani Sands
3 Sukatra Tigers Akani Sands
4 Gabalfa Rovers Grappenhall City
5 Butetown Dragons Akani Sands
6 Butetown Dragons Fiilghud Town

Directory of Apex League teams

Divisional Colour Coding
Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5
Team Current
Home Stadium Home Colours
Akani Sands 1 Shubunkin Park, Akani Sands Blue & white quartered shirt, blue shorts
Alfalfa Kickers 4 Kickers Stadium, Alfalfa White shirt with green pinstripes, green shorts
Al Jabari 5 Darabh Sports Ground, Al Jabari Green shirt, white shorts
Al-Sheemal Tamrida 3 Sirocco Park, Tamrida White shirt with navy blue shoulders and sleeves, navy blue shorts
Arorair 4 Arorair Stadium, Gabalfa Golden yellow shirt, green shorts
BAF Chinterford 3 Farrell Park, Chinterford White shirt, white shorts
Banastra Forest 1 Elm Park, Grappenhall Pale green shirt, dark green shorts
Betws-y-Triw 2 Stadiwm Bro, Betws-y-Triw White shirt, black shorts
Budiwati City 2 Tasik Stadium, Budiwati Violet shirt with central white stripe, white shorts
Butetown Dragons 1 Alice Street, Butetown, Gabalfa Green shirt with central orange stripe and orange sleeves, orange shorts
Caeranyuna 4 Starlight Park, Caeranyuna Silver shirt, silver shorts
Ceffinton Town 1 Heol Angharad, Ceffinton White shirt with blue shoulders and sleeves, blue shorts
Ceffinton United 4 Holden Street, Ceffinton Yellow and black hooped shirt, yellow shorts
Chinterford Town 5 Farrell Park, Chinterford Green shirt with white sleeves, white shorts
Cockbill Green 4 Bairns Park, Cockbill Green White shirt, green shorts
CPD Porthbalfa 1 Parc Dociau, Porthbalfa Light blue shirt with single black hoop, black shorts
Deudregg Dderw 3 Parc Llys Cyfar, Deudregg Dderw Green and white hooped shirt, green shorts
Dhur Tihari 4 Altudi Park, Dhur Tihari White shirt with dark orange stripes, shoulders and sleeves, dark orange shorts
Downton 2 Andover Park, Downton Yellow shirt with brown stripes, shoulders and sleeves, brown shorts
Drutton United 2 Leggs Street, Drutton Grey shirt, black shorts
Dynamo Dini 1 Srijunilwati Stadium, Dini White shirt with yellow stripes, shoulders and sleeves, yellow shorts
Eastbeach Rovers 5 Maribel Park, Eastbeach Golden yellow shirt, golden yellow shorts
Emcorn 3 Gordonsbank Road, Emcorn Light blue shirt, light blue shorts
Fforest Hen 3 Parc Bedwen, Fforest Hen Green and white striped shirt, black shorts
Fiilghud Town 2 Chargers Stadium, Fiilghud Blue shirt, blue shorts
Fortuna Bettialis 1 Harewood Park, Fortuna Bettialis Dark orange shirt with central white stripe, white shorts
Fortuna South End 4 Touchstone Stadium, Fortuna Bettialis Blue shirt with single white hoop, blue shorts
FOYNLS 3 Foyles Park, Sukatra Dark orange shirt, dark orange shorts
Gabalfa Rovers 1 The Gasworks, Gabalfa Blue shirt with single yellow hoop, blue shorts
Gabalfa Saints 4 St Norbert's, Gabalfa Maroon and white striped shirt, maroon shorts
Gabalfa Steelworks 5 The Old Mill, Butetown, Gabalfa Black and white quartered shirt, black shorts
Gilang Chandra 4 Angel Park, Chandra Pale blue shirt, dark blue shorts
Gorseborough Town 3 Thorne Road. Gorseborough White shirt with green shoulders and sleeves, green shorts
Grappenhall City 1 Campus Ground, Grappenhall White shirt with maroon sash, black shorts
Grappenhall University 2 Harrison Halls, Grappenhall Silver shirt with dark blue chevron, dark blue shorts
Hurnford Harriers 5 Johnston Park, Hurnford, Grappenhall Maroon and white halved shirt, maroon shorts
Huwbridge Colliery 5 The Miners Club, Huwbridge Black shirt, black shorts
Huwbridge Town 3 Swifts Road, Huwbridge Navy blue and white striped shirts, white shorts
Hyppo Fernley 2 Scotts Park, Hyppo Fernley Light blue and dark blue quartered shirt, dark blue shorts
Kirkwood Town 1 Hulley Street, Kirkwood Dark green shirt with white chevron, white shorts
Lara Kencana 5 Lara Street, Lara Lilac shirt, blue shorts
Llanbedistan 4 Henderson Park, Llanbedistan Dark green and white halved shirt, white shorts
Llanedalia 2 Bren Memorial Stadium, Llanedalia Yellow shirt with green shoulders and sleeves, red shorts
Lorshill City 1 Ravenhill Park, Lorshill Navy blue shirt, light blue shorts
Lorshill Engineers 3 Recreation Ground, Lorshill Navy blue shirt, white shorts
Lorshill Park Rangers 4 Wentford Park, Lorshill Blue and white hooped shirt, blue shorts
Lorshill United 1 Stamping Ground, Lorshill Yellow shirt with amber stripes, shoulders and sleeves, orange shorts
Lorshill Victoria 5 Millers Field, Lorshill Purple and white striped shirt, purple shorts
Loudoun Rovers 5 Loudoun Square, Loudoun, Gabalfa White shirt, white shorts
Lower Sweeney 3 Falls Park, Lower Sweeney White shirt with central turquoise stripe, turquoise shorts
Maindy 2 Crown Stadium, Maindy, Gabalfa Black and white striped shirt, white shorts
Mare's Tail Village 4 Brushwood Drive, Mare's Tail White shirt with maroon chevron, maroon shorts
Marjaham Town 5 Oregano Park, Marjaham Pale yellow and green striped shirt, green shorts
Mihangel's Old Boys 4 Llanmihangel Sports Club, Llanmihangel, Gabalfa Blue shirt with white shoulders and sleeves, white shorts
Mirtaford Town 5 Tower Street, Mirtaford, Gabalfa White shirt with maroon shoulders and sleeves, maroon shorts
Old Akanians 5 Bristol Road, Akani Sands Orange shirt, blue shorts
Old Maxwellians 3 Ashford Avenue, Grappenhall Navy blue shirts with white pinstripes, white shorts
Pen-y-Bydd 2 Parc Pedwar Milltir, Pen-y-Bydd Black and white halved shirt, white shorts
Pen-yr-Heol 4 Bayside Park, Pen-yr-Heol Green and yellow hooped shirt, yellow shorts
Perumnasih 1 Royal Onok Gardens, Rumnasih Violet shirt with white chevron, white shorts
Persifera 2 Sriferiyati Stadium, Fera Dark blue shirt, white shorts
Persubarnas 1 Pajajaran Stadium, Subarnas White shirt with light blue stripes, shoulders and sleeves, light blue shorts
Persukaluma 5 Jalan Saif, Sukaluma Yellow and white striped shirt, yellow shorts
Pifton Rovers 4 The Ali & Doris Ground, Pifton, Gabalfa Beige shirt, brown shorts
Pontybalfa United 2 Bridge Street, Pontybalfa Blue and white striped shirt, blue shorts
Porthbalfa Navy 4 Naval Base, Porthbalfa Silver shirt, silver shorts
Porthbalfa Town 5 Predith Park, Porthbalfa Sky blue shirt, sky blue shorts
Racing Club Gabalfa 2 Princes Park, Gabalfa White shirt with dark orange stripes, shoulders and sleeves, dark orange shorts
Rainy Grove 5 Albion Street, Rainy Grove Pale blue shirt, pale blue shorts
Rendrew 3 North Street, Rendrew, Gabalfa French blue and white striped shirt, french blue shorts
Rhyngwladol Gabalfa 2 Delphi Road, Gabalfa Yellow shirt with blue shoulders and sleeves, blue shorts
Roath Albion 2 Penylan Park, Roath Amber shirt with black stripes, shoulder and sleeves, amber shorts
Ryoga Bay 1 Polperro Park, Ryoga Bay Dark orange shirt with black pinstripes, dark orange shorts
Sageham Town 3 Old Sageham Park, Sageham Sage green shirt, sage green shorts
Shabilah 4 Riyadh Street, Shabilah Pale blue shirt, grey shorts
Sonastra FC 2 Sonastra Park, Akani Sands Blue shirt, white shorts
Southward Ho! 2 Maritimo Park, Southward Ho! Sky blue shirt, sky blue shorts
Spiddaford Town 3 Rosslyn Street, Spiddaford Black shirt, white shorts
Sukatra Tigers 1 Al-Fath Stadium, Sukatra Amber shirt with black stripes, black shorts
Tamrida 1 Thamitra Gate, Tamrida White shirt with green stripes, shoulders and sleeves, green shorts
Thymeford Wanderers 5 Banastra Avenue, Thymeford Dark green shirt, white shorts
Tiddles Park 1 Tiddles Park, Gabalfa White shirt with thin maroon stripes, maroon shorts
Tinting Warren 3 The Promenade, Tinting Warren Pale orange shirt, orange shorts
Treebrook Wanderers 3 Oakland Street, Treebrook Light blue shirt with blue shoulders and sleeves, blue shorts
Tremorgan Town 5 Pugh Street, Tremorgan White shirt, green shorts
Tremwsa 2 Sonnet Park, Tremwsa Orange shirt, white shorts
UC Gabalfa 4 Sophia Gardens, Gabalfa Amber shirt with black pinstripes, amber shorts
Upper Sweeney 3 Fernley Park, Upper Sweeney Yellow and green halved shirt, green shorts
Waltham Dynamo 5 Gabalfa Road, Waltham, Gabalfa Pale yellow shirt with black sash, yellow shorts
Zenit Tecnasi 3 Medan Park, Subarnas Lilac and white striped shirt, lilac shorts


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