Aphyr Conflict

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The Aphyr Conflict (also known as the Plague) - September 1141AS - December 1141AS - the civil war that opposed Grand Duke Mikhail II Shakhovskoy to his sister Archduchess Anastasya Shakhovskaya in their fight for the throne of the Grand Duchy of Tarasovka. The details of maybe the bloodiest and shortest conflict in Taraskovyan history, that cost the lives to around 500 million people and left a portion of the territory in ruins, have been classified. The war cost their lives to Honour Grand Duke Mikhail I, Honour Granduchess Ekaterina and Archduchess Anastasya, Grand Duke Mikhail II has been declared dead by the Order of Seven Deities. As result of the political vacuum, a Military junta came to power, forcing the only known survivor of the Ruling Family, Archduchess Vethara Shakhovskaya, into exile.

The military junta, known as the Ruling Council, and their Federation was eventually replaced after the Grand Duke Mikhail II sudenly returned, alive, to reclaim his throne. The transition was quite peaceful, even if there are rumours that the Grand Duke simply blackmailed the Ruling Council into submission.