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Flag of Apollopoli
Motto: "To uphold the ideals of freedom, peace and compassion."
Region Anticapitalist Alliance
Capital Apollopoli
Official Language(s) Apollopolian
Leader President Aggelophoros Lotophagos
Population 7 billion
Currency Apollopolian 
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Apollopoli was a large nation, that at its peak had over 6 billion people. After a long and diverse history, it finally succumbed to the ravages of time and disappeared from the face of the Earth. There is a rumour that has spread among the Apollopolian expatriates that a new nation will arise to claim the former glory of Apollopoli and bring a new golden age to ethnic Apollopolians. A poem has spread with regard to this:

"When the world is lost, The earth is accost, A new lion will rise, To spell inequality's demise!"

Apollopoli was a founding member of the DNAC