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The Apollopolian Language is the official language spoken and written in Apollopoli. It derived from a proto-greek dialect.

Letter Name
Α, α Halpa    Η, η Et    Ν, ν Ni    Τ, τ Tai
Β, β Betta    Θ, θ Thet    Ξ, ξ Xi    Υ, υ Hipsil
Γ, γ Agma    Ι, ι Iot    Ο, ο Omicro    Φ, φ Fee
Δ, δ Thalta    Κ, κ Kapa    Π, π Pi    Χ, χ Hei
Ε, Ε Hepsil    Λ, λ Lamtha    Ρ, ρ Rhee    Ψ, ψ Psei
Ζ, ζ Zata    Μ, μ Mi    Σ, σ Igmas    Ω, ω Omeg