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Flag of Aquiliana
Motto: Unknown
No Map Available
Region Atlantian Oceania
Capital Nidola
Official Language(s) English
Leader Formerly Ductor Pardeus Terrecanus
Population Unknown
Currency Starblaydi Credit 
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The Allied States of Aquiliana was, in its original form, an island nation in Atlantian Oceania. Best well-known for its sport-loving public and affinity for Falcons, Aquiliana's government tragically ceased to exist. Subsequently law and order was brought to the main island of Aquiliana (and its three smaller neighbours) by the nation of Starblaydia, which lies just across the Nemyan Straights to the South-West.

History of Aquiliana

Revolt in the Empire of Pinconning: The lower classes of the country were upset with the dictator's policies. The government of the time allowed the people very little political freedom, and enforced a system of compulsory military service. Pinconning was perceived around the world as a warmongering dictatorship, whose powerful air force allowed them to impose their will upon smaller countries.

Riots spread throughout the capital and surrounding cities, quickly broken up by the extremely powerful police force. Over 4 million people were jailed during those riots. In protest, left-wing rebels snuck onto ships in the night, sailing off to a new land, free of tyranny and war...

Some years later, The Allied States of Aquiliana are finally recognized as a sovereign nation under the peaceful liberal leadership of Ductor Pardeus Terrecanus.

Aquiliana made its name in the international sporting arena during the Baptism of Fire for World Cup 17 by finishing second - actually being champions of the Starblaydi region - but somehow managing to qualify for the World Cup Finals at their first attempt, making it all the way to the Quarter-Finals only to be beaten by eventual champions Rejistania - a magnificent acheivement for a debut nation, perhaps the best ever.

The Vicarai Concilium, governing body of Aquiliana, even supported STarblaydi expansion into Nemya to bring law and order to that country. They had extensively discussed this issue over many days, coming to the conclusion that Starblaydi expansion would be the best way to solve the Nemyan problem. They, as a good international neighbour, provided some support during the transition period.

After the disappearance of both the Ductor and his Vicarais, Starblaydi Police units quickly travelled to the island to restore government to the people.