Aram Koopman

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Aram Koopman
Ambassador to the United Nations
Compulsive arsonist, Pink Bunny Cola addict
Political views

Aram Koopman, the Knootian ambassador to the United Nations, has served in several positions within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Knootian Economic Structural Aid department during the first conservative administration of Galadriël Táralóm nos Círdan. He has been described as an unfriendly sadist who frequently abuses and insults UN staff. He dislikes everyone at the UN and disapproves of its infringement upon national sovereignty as well as its supposed 'anticapitalist bias'. In his opinion, "the UN should not act as a world government". Koopman has been charged with attempted arson in the UN building several times, but has successfully invoked diplomatic immunity to prevent persecution.

According to an article in the Volkskrant he has been highly successful in pushing his agenda, but his bluntness has won him many enemies. In response to critics, Koopman stated that his record "demonstrates clear support for effective multilateral diplomacy." Officials from the Galadriel administration have stated that his past statements would allow him to negotiate from a more powerful position.

Nevertheless, during his tenure Knootoss left the United Nations over the enforcement of fishing quota as part of a resolution governing the law of the seas. Since then he has been reappointed as the head of the Knootian UN office, but he has spent most of his time arguing and getting drunk in the secret offices of the UNOG. He is said to be heavily addicted to Pink Bunny Cola