Archetenia Nera

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Archetenia Nera
Rank 3rd leader of the Federation of Progressive Democrats (FPD)
Term of office 10th December, 2006
Predecessor Constantino Sorantanali
Birthdate 25th August, 1961
Place of birth Rêvane, Ariddia
Spouse Massimo Nero da Stranzutto
Profession Political scientist,
editorialist and journalist
Languages spoken Pacitalian, English, some Ariddian French, some Wymgani
  • Master's of the Arts, for Political Science and Public Administration
    Instituto degli Sienciata Politicata alla Capitale, 1985
  • Bachelor's of the Arts, for Journalism (minor in opinion journalism)
    National University of Puntafora, 1989

The Honourable Signora Archetenia Benedictina Rafaella Segolinia Nera da Rotabbarri, MA(PSci), BA(J) (born 25th August, 1961 in Rêvane, Ariddia as Archetenne Nerre de Rothbard-Ferrand and raised in Argentia, Amalfia, Pacitalia), and known in the media simply as Archetenia Nera, is the third leader of the Federation of Progressive Democrats and the leader of the opposition in the Pacitalian houses of legislation. She was elected leader in a convention held on 10th December, 2006.

An accomplished political scientist, editorialist and journalist, Nera has worked as an editor of the Pacitalian section for The Economist, as a senior advisor and researcher with the Pacitalian Academy of Liberal Arts, and, as an intern with the Republican Institute in Timiocato during her studies at Poca, L'Instituto degli Sienciata Politicata alla Capitale, between 1979 and 1985. Her imperatic articles have been published in several leading academic journals, gaining her a good degree of recognition and admiration.

As a descendant of both Pacitalian and Ariddian aristocrats (as evidenced in her surname), Nera has always been financially well-off, however, she is neither a monarchist nor a classist, and does not actually consider herself an aristocrat. Instead, she follows traditional FPD party lines in her economic and social beliefs, such as the maintenance of a social safety net, no government intervention in the economy, no income tax at the federal level, and increased awareness of Pacitalian interests within the spectrum of international relations.

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