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Flag of Archid
Motto: "We do not let burdens paralyze our progress"
Region Uroca
Capital Halivale
Official Language(s) English
Leader Damion Whitaker
Population 3.022 billion
Currency Arko 
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General Information

The Everlasting Dominion of Archid is a peaceful nation of Uroca. It has a Capitalist Government who rule along side with a Royal Family. They try and do things for the good of the nation as a whole.



Prime Minister: Damion Whitaker

Deputy Prime Minister: Ruth Sawyer

Foreign Secretary: Matthew Dawkins

Army General: Stuart Johnson

Senior Political Consultant Michael Edwards

Heads of Department

Intellegance: Jonathon Hammond

Defence: Kevin Warren

Finance and Business: George Wolstoncroft

Energy and Environment: Janet Worth

Healthcare: Fiona Morrison

Education: Jordan Robbins

Foreign Affairs Matthew Dawkins

Royal Family

King: Sebastian Kensing

Queen: Evangeline Kensing

Princesses: Rosie and Elaine Kensing

Princes: George and Micheal Kensing

Recent Events

Here are some of the events that have taken place either in Archid or in Charis that the Government of Archid has focuses on.

The Projects

This tackled an issue that occured in Somabalbah. More housing was needed to accommodate the increasing population of the nation so they constructed high-capacity public housing. These then became a breeding ground for violence and drug use. Something needed to be done. So a few nations of Charis sent forces to clear the place of hostile people. The innocent had reached safety before that

Rosie Kidnapping

The kidnapping of Princess Rosie was a big event in the history of Archid, though it will not be recorded. The story is Rosie was kidnapped by a terrorist group known as the Dolber Group. They were eventually traced with the help of some other nations of Charis to some outlying warehouses. Rosie was rescued out of the clutches of the group but then swiped away by an unknown girl. She was part of 'The Order' but that was never discovered. There was an inquiry launched but it never got any further. Everyone mysterily forgot the whole ordeal and Rosie was back at her home.

Environmental Protection Council

The Government of Archid sent a representative to attend an Environmental Protection Conference held in Wzzt. Some important issues came forth about creating preserves around the region that would contain a variety of species of animals



Archid is a nation in itself. It has it's own unique history which is accounted very shortly.

The First People

900 years ago, the First people arrived Archid's shores. They were a simple tribe, driven away from their home on an unknown island by another tribe. They were named the Arcinians. They were forced to flee in their boats and came across what is now known as Archid.


These people viewed this land as a suitable for them. They had landed near to the land now known as Roma Magna. They had been a nomadic people but now decided against that. The land had many resources much to the delight of the Arcinians. They named the place that their first camp was established, New Sparrotol. They began to establish small settlements each with someone to oversee general organization between that settlement and others. There was one leader over all of the Arcinians, known only as the Leader.


200 years had passed in this land. The Arcinians' population had flureshed in this new land. The land being used already was mostly in the West of the point they had landed. Braseton was the farthest South settlement at this point. But the Arcinians were curious and greedy. Some groups of Arcinians split off to form new villages, new land was being explored to the south. With this new land came some new discoveries. Another tribe of humans. Research today has traced these people to be the ancestors of the people of Sornaka. At this point this tribe was called the Sorns. They were mostly grouped south of the Great Forest and around Blueburgh Lake. But they also had many settlements in land further south which the Arcinians thought was rightfully theirs.


War had begun when there were disputes over the land. This war was called The Long Fall War and began 690 years ago. The war lastest 150 years. Both sides obviously had their losses. The Arcinians had sought help from tribes of the North but recieved no aid. The Sorns were merciless with their attacks, but the Arcinians were resilient. Eventually something arose that came to the attention of the Leaders of the Two Tribes. It turns out the son of the Leader of the Arcinians was in love with the daughter of the Leader of the Sorns, and she with him. The Leaders called for a Neutral Time to get the problem sorted. They tried as they might but it wielded no results. In this Peace time many Arcinians and Sorns mixed fusing the two tribes. The Leaders then found that lots of their troops were now bonded with woman from the opposite tribe.

The Two Tribes could not now be at war. But the Leader of the Sorns took under his rule some of the tribes of all the land and formed The Allied States of Sornaka in the South of the Land. The Leader of the Arcinians formed the Dominion of Archid and all the tribes who chose to stay in that land fell under his rule. From then on, the two tribes were allies. A city was built in recognition of the End of the Long Fall War and of the ongoing Alliance between the two nations. This city was called Redgrove, as a great orchard of cheery trees had grown over the last great battlefield.

Development of Archid

The now properly established land grew and grew to all the corners of the land it had seized. There had been some small rebel groups that protested about the forming of two nations instead of one. They were quickly crushed after the near death experience they put the Queen through. The land was mostly covered Agricultural Land until it went through an Industrial Revolution. The Long Line of Monarchs were really concerned with money and the like, and this changed everything. The birth of machinery really helped trade with neighbouring people. The Great Forest that had covered most of the northen area of Archid was cut down to aid the ever expanding industries. As Archid became gradually Capatalist the Monarch at the time believed it was right to start a democracy. Archid continued to have a Monarch but they instated a Democracy that would properly govern over the growing land. The capital city, Halivale, now quite large became the base of the Government and the Royal Family moved to Fort Fiert. The fort that had been one of the first main defences against neighbouring tribes towards the north was renamed Fort Regis, and traditionally became the home of the some of the Royal Family.

The Modern Ages

Everything from there went on fine. There were no disputes with neighbouring nations and the government is doing an excellent job in governing Archid, making all the right decisions that benefit the nation as a whole. The Prime Minister then went on to be the Finance Minister of all of Charis.

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