Arcticala Inlet

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Articala Inlet

Staff & History

League History

Public Image & Information

Articala Inlet are known, jokingly, in Starblaydia as "Electrical Outlet".

Team Uniform

Team Sponsors

Team Records

Biggest Win: Articala Inlet 6-1 Corra Ranger, Vilitan Cup - Season 7
Biggest Loss: Strike FC 7-1 Articala Inlet, Stellar Division - Season 6
Most Games Won in a Row: 10 Games - Season 14
Longest Unbeaten Run: 18 Games - Season 1
Most Goals in a Season: German Salomon, 29 - Season 9
Most Games for Team: Christian Dogbe
Most Goals for Team: Serge Dupont, 109

Trophy Room

Hall of Fame

Jimmy Kater, 230 Appearances - Season 8-13

Giannis Berisha, 165 Appearances, 10 Goals - Season 4-9

Syku Lyku-Agbayani*

* Player is Still Active for Articala Inlet