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Nation: Cookesland
Founded: January 1, 2006
Function: Provincial Capital
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)
City Population: 1,500,000
Urban Population: 3,000,000
Leader: David Ariane

Ariana is the capital of Nicktenstein and a large city on the southeast coast of Cookesland. It i a large city who is famous as a major resort .

It situted on the Nicktenstein Beach and has a very large harbor. Ariana is the most southern of all Cooksland's largest cities. The also is famous for its night life and trendy clubs. Cafes can be found lining the great Avenue du Monde, a large bouldevarde where many little shops can still be found.

The mayor of Ariana is David Ariane. The city is the headquarters of the Film Indutry within Cookesland most of the stars of movies in Cookesland reside there and can be regularly seen. Ariana is really just Cookesland's Hollywood in a sense.