Ariddian Ministry of Health Social Rights Rankings

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The Ariddian Ministry of Health maintains a list of foreign nations ranked by their level of social rights according to Ariddian governmental criteria. The Ministry does not release the precise criteria upon which it bases its rankings, but states that it takes "a wide variety of significant factors into account".

Nations are ranked from "very high" to "very low".

Somewhat surprisingly, ESAT is included, no doubt in an attempt by the Ariddian authorities to classify it as a foreign, sovereign nation. Many believe that the ranking conferred upon ESAT is, in fact, the ranking Ariddian confers upon itself.

Rank Nation Level
1 Bashenk very high
2 Ecopoeia very high
3 ESAT very high
4 Norderia very high
5 Biotopia very high
6 Ardchoille very high
7 Alasdair I Frosticus very high
8 North-West Ariddia high
9 San Adriano high
10 Aztec National League high
11 Errinundera high
12 Yelda high
13 Uhuh-Ropa high
14 Maxxe medium high
15 Danxico medium high
16 Federated Polynesian States medium high
17 Tanah Burung medium high
18 Andossa Se Mitrin Vega medium high
19 Total n Utter Insanity medium low
20 Ausserland medium low
21 Ceorana medium low
22 Allech-Atreus medium low
23 Tzorsland medium low
24 Pacitalia low
25 Knootoss low
26 Uhuh-Topia very low
27 Gruenberg very low
28 Karmicaria very low
29 Fbrenia very low
30 Bram the Bored very low
31 Backwardistan very low
32 Omigodtheykilledkenny very low
33 Cluichstan very low
34 West Ariddia very low
35 The Palentine very low


  • It came as a surprise to some that North-West Ariddia was ranked only as "high", and not "very high". The Ariddian authorities have declined to comment on this matter.
  • Uhuh-Ropa, despite describing itself as a "plutocracy", is ranked "high". On this topic, Audrey Lake, Secretary for Health, said, "Their policies don't conform with what they say they are. The Uhuh-Ropean government seems committed to ensuring the well-being of its citizens. We commend them for it, and urge them to continue along this path."
  • Secretary of State Alex Tehrani of Omigodtheykilledkenny once protested against these rankings, calling them "biased and uninformed".