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The People’s Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia has a centrally planned economy, run by the Ministry for Trade and the Treasury. Additionally, Ariddia is a member of the Coalition of Anti-Capitalist Economies and a signatory of the International Fair Trade Agreement, and abides by all obligations this membership entails.

The Ariddian economy is officially moneyless, in accordance with the nation’s interpretations of communist principles. Ariddian citizens produce goods and services for the use of their fellow citizens, and take what they need in return, in a spirit of solidarity and mutual responsibility.

This does not mean that money is utterly absent, however. There is still an official currency – the Ariddian Credit. The State’s monetary income is derived mainly from:

  • foreign trade, and
  • tourism.

The Bank of Ariddia exists for the use of long-term foreign visitors who receive money from abroad to pay for their stay. Foreigners holding a full time job in Ariddia, however, benefit from free goods and services like any Ariddian citizen.

Ariddia uses what funds it has mainly:

  • to pay for Ariddian citizens who wish to travel abroad
  • to import necessary goods
  • to pay its (minimal) membership dues to the United Nations.

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