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Below is a list of government officials, and notable officials of the Ariddian diplomatic corps, as well as foreign ambassadors to the country.


Federal level

  • Nuriyah KHADHIM, Prime Secretary
  • Sébastien CHAUSSEE, Secretary for External Affairs

PDSRA State level

  • Turei LAURU, Second Secretary
  • Marc DRU, Secretary for Housing and the Environment
  • Amanda HIGGINS, Secretary for Health
  • Robert McINTOSH, Secretary for Culture
  • Samantha WESH, Secretary for Education
  • Richard MARTIN, Secretary for Trade and the Treasury
  • Frank DESRUELLES, Secretary for Defence



As per Ariddian foreign policy, maintaining diplomatic relations with a nation does not constitute an endorsement by Ariddia of said nation’s socio-economic or political system. Formal diplomatic relations are seen as a medium of communication, and a means to talk to foreign countries rather than refuse to do so. Embassies abroad are also seen as a safe haven for Ariddians visiting the country in question.

Ariddia retains the right to recall its ambassador from any nation, but has stated it would not recall all its diplomatic staff, nor sever relations completely, “unless compelled to do so by extraordinary circumstances”. Foreign diplomats in Ariddia enjoy diplomatic immunity, but are expected to abide by Ariddian law, and the PDSRA expects their immunity to be waived by their government should the Ariddian authorities request it in “serious cases” or “repeated violations of our laws”.

All embassies are located in the heart of the capital city, Rêvane, in a picturesque area graced with several parks. Friendly nations may, in addition, have consulates in a number of other Ariddian cities.

Ariddian embassies: functions

Ariddian embassies abroad are usually quite small, but one of their most notable functions nonetheless is to offer free accomodation to visiting Ariddians. As Ariddia is a moneyless economy, this enables to reduce the amount of funds allocated by the PDSRA authorities to Ariddians visiting a foreign city which contains an Ariddian embassy.

In addition, the role of Ariddian embassies includes:

  • providing emergency accomodation for local homeless people
  • establishing and/or supporting Ariddian cultural centres in the host nation, including if possible a cultural centre to be located on the embassy grounds
  • informing visitors about Ariddian society, values and foreign policy (including maintaining an embassy website providing such information)
  • doubling as a tourist information centre for prospective visitors to Ariddia
  • granting (at least temporary) political asylum to refugees from the host nation who enter the embassy grounds
  • broadcasting PINA on a large outdoors screen visible from the street
  • delivering VISAs, and passports for Ariddian citizens residing in the host nation

Almost every Ariddian embassy has its own website (e.g. www.rdspa_ambassade_errinundera.gouv.ari/en ; www.rdspa_ambassade_pacitalie.gouv.ari/en ; etc…). Each website explains the functions of the embassy, offers information on Ariddia, explains how to obtain a VISA to visit Ariddia (along with other practical information), and links to PINA’s website and the websites of any Ariddian cultural centres in the host nation. It also provides information on the history of relations between the PDSRA and the host nation, including relevent speeches and statements, and links to the website of the host nation’s government.

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  1. Alasdair I Frosticus does not maintain diplomatic relations with nations outside the Dreamed Realm, despite the friendly informal relations it has developed with the PDSRA. Hence, there is no Frostican ambassador to Ariddia, and Ambassador November is accredited to the Holy Empire on a unilateral basis. The Ariddian embassy to Alasdair I Frosticus is located in Rêvane, Ariddia, and Ambassador November is tasked with representing the PDSRA on those rare occasions when the two nations are in contact.
  2. Fbrenia is currently without a government, and hence has no diplomatic representatives abroad. Ariddia has unilaterally appointed Jessica Motoyama as ambassador accredited to Fbrenia. The Ariddian embassy to Fbrenia is located in Rêvane, Ariddia.

List of ambassadors to Ariddia

  • His Majesty's Royal Ambassador Clément SEDAR, ambassador of the Grand Kingdom of Aerion
  • Emir Osman Rakhnan SULEYBASH, ambassador of the Great Star Empire of Allech-Atreus
  • Lauren FERGUSON, ambassador of the Kingdom of Altanar
  • Tatiana KOLVELEV, ambassador of the Draggonnii Socialist Empire of Andossa Se Mitrin Vega
  • James AYRON, ambassador of the Most Serene Republic of the Atlantian Isles
  • George WALTERS, ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Aunesia
  • Hyung-sook LIM, ambassador of the Principality of Ausserland
  • Jorge Luis CASTILLO, ambassador of the United Socialist Republic of Aztec National League
  • Mariama DJISSIKADIE, ambassador of the Confederated Communes of Bashenk
  • Sales Representative Petra HUTZ, of the Most Serene Corporation of Bram the Bored
  • MEWE'ENUPU, ambassador of the Noitan Esrever of Backwardistan
  • Algoma JUMOKE, ambassador of the EcoDemocratic Republic of Biotopia
  • Julia FURGUSON, ambassador of the Congressional Republic of Ceorana
  • James GRANT, ambassador of the Dominion of DMG
  • Dr. Thadeus PORTNER, ambassador of the Most Serene Republic of Drae Nei
  • M. VALLES-COURBET, ambassador of the Confederacy of Elyenos (camarade de lutte délégué à la paix et à l'athéisme pour la représentation de la Confédération d'Elyenos en Ariddia)
  • snapisnapiestu, ambassador of the Cool Temperate Rainforest of Errinundera
  • Afasene LOSI, ambassador of the Federated Polynesian States
  • Sir Rodney BELL, ambassador of the Imperial Land of Findan
  • James McGRATH, ambassador of the Free Irish States
  • Grace NOBLE, ambassador of the Democratic Land of Glitziness
  • Chris PARRA, ambassador of the Allied States of Graham and Palmer
  • Arriana CHOOLE, ambassador of the Holy Wenaist Sultanate of Gruenberg
  • Prince YI Wanyong (이완용군, 李完用君), ambassador of the Han Empire
  • Michael BROOKE, ambassador of the Constitutional Monarchy of Ironcia
  • Dazza DALLAS, ambassador of the Soccer Capital of Jeruselem
  • Ellen BECK, ambassador of the Libertarian Communist Union of Kanabia
  • Robert KENNICK, ambassador from Kelssek
  • Bouke DE VRIES, ambassador of the Dutch Democratic Republic of Knootoss
  • Tiana NOSELLE, ambassador of the United Socialist States of Korbonis
  • Baron MANDRAGON, ambassador of the Empire of the Golden Throne of the Macabees
  • Theodore WENTWORTH, ambassador of the Dark Imperium of Mandalore Prime
  • Malik MINACCI, ambassador of the Secular Empire of Maraque
  • Shaddam HAWATH, ambassador of the Imperial Holy Empire of Marquish
  • Monica ABREU, ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Montegrande
  • Cody JAMESON, ambassador of the Queendom of New Ariddia
  • Sebastian MYNE-KLINK, ambassador of the Archipelago of New Burmesia
  • Eeras POAIKAN, ambassador of the Cold Shores of Norderia
  • William MUNYEZ, ambassador of the City of North-West Ariddia
  • Baron Constantin DARIUS, ambassador of the Empire of Nouvelle Macedoine
  • Tad BRAXTON, ambassador of the Federal Republic of Omigodtheykilledkenny
  • Traian DRAGOSTEA, ambassador of the Democratic Capitalist Republic of Pacitalia
  • Immanuel HAGEL, ambassador of the Tea Drinking Nation of Philosophers Inc
  • Manducus VALEITAD, ambassador of the United Empire of Present Day Comatica
  • J.S. CLAYDEN, ambassador of the Free and Equal People of Pure Metal
  • Braznost ZIDALEV, ambassador of the Incorporated States of Qazoc
  • Sir Ben TAMMING, ambassador of the Holy Empire of Saint Fedski
  • Wosh’e FAVALLI, ambassador of the Sovereign Village of San Adriano
  • Fernando RIFIERO, ambassador of the Pure Socialist Holy Empire of Shazbotdom
  • Marius QUINTINUS, ambassador of the Kingdom of St Samuel
  • Jose Dias KAHN, ambassador of the United Provinces of Tanah Burung
  • Emmanuelle REID, ambassador of the Kingdom of Totalusville
  • John MASOMAKALI, ambassador of the Federation of Ubundi
  • John SAGITTARIUS, ambassador of the Plutocratic Kingdom of Uhuh-Ropa
  • Benjamin CISKO, ambassador of the Imperial Autocracy of Uhuh-Topia
  • George CLARK, ambassador of the United Kingdom of United Earthlings
  • Hernando STONETHROWER, ambassador of the Republic of Vantanas
  • Emily SHARPE, ambassador of the Sovereign State of West Ariddia
  • Eugène BOLONGO, ambassador of the Republic of Zaïre
  • Tebek ESTROK, ambassador of the Anarchist Commune of Zrrylarg
  • Hannah ANGSTROM, ambassador of the Rookdom of Zwangzug

Note: Sales Representative Petra HUTZ is accredited with the status and privileges of an ambassador to the PDSRA.