Arizona Nova

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Arizona Nova
Flag of Arizona Nova
Motto: "Freedom in Christ"
Milky Way Galaxy, Perseus Arm, Casseiopia Constellation, M103 Star Cluster
Region The Keep
Capital Arizona Prime (homeworld)
Official Language(s) English, German, Quenya, Latin
Leader Anikar
Population 6 Billion+
Currency gold weasel 
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Arizona Nova is an extra-solar country located within the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, near the nation of Otagia and host in its own domain to and enclave of Allaneans, and Nominor and the Free Worlds Combine. It is a long-time member of the Extra Solar Union of Systems, and one of the largest states within the alliance with a population of six billion. The modern federal entity of Arizona Nova came about as a charismatic dictatorship on July 15, 0 A.C.E., as the goal of the Unification Treaty. Originally only comprising the entire planet of Arizona Prime, it has since expanded by exploration and conquest to over seven star systems and two planets (one held in common with Arenumberg) in its domain. While economically and militarilly powerful, Arizona Nova maintains a high U.N. political rights score, and guarantees the rights of all sentient species within its domain through the Sentient Civil Rights Act of 472.

Origin and history of name

Arizona, which is Anikari for "new home," was the original name of the progenitor world of Arizona Nova, Arizona Prime. It was renamed after the discovery of Earth and of the existence of a member-state of the old Terran civilization of the United States of America of the same name. Since then, the nation has kept the name Arizona Nova. Originally the full title of the federal government was the Empire (or Holy Empire) of Arizona Nova, but after the creation of the fleet it was changed to the Imperial Corporate Nautocracy of Arizona Nova, and remains so to this day.


Arizona Nova has a long history spanning over a millenium. To date, the nation has only been involved in major international action only three times - the Groombridge War, the First War of Expansion, and the ESUS Civil War.

The Unification

The modern state of Arizona Nova was founded in 0 A.C.E. The planet of Arizona Prime was recovering from the War of Resistance against a group of technologically advanced slavers who had attempted to force the entire homeworld into submission. Defeated at great cost, Anithraldur, one of the most important leaders during the war, called for complete unification of the planet; the complete submersion of all national authorities into one body, for the promotion of [[Anikari (species)]|Anikari]] interests and the protection of the homeworld. Through guile and compromise, eventually the treaty went through, and the date of its passing us considered the "founding" day of Arizona Nova, and the basis by which the Arizonan Common Era is calculated. Anithraldur was crowned Emperor soon after.

Emergence as a Power

For three centuries the new Empire began a program of vacuum vessel construction, using technology pillaged from the slavers. The Empire soon expanded to control the entirety of the Imperial Core, the Barclay System, and the Chyrsham System. It was not until the launch of the Hyperion coreships, however, that Arizona Nova announced its existence to the universe at large. It was at this time that Arizona Nova's relative position in the Milky Way, the Perseus Arm, was discovered, as well as the Extra Solar Union of Systems, which Arizona Nova was accepted into in 347 A.C.E. Once a part of the ESUS, Arizona Nova as a nation became witness to many acts they considered barbarism perpetrated against other sentient species, specifically by the nation of Central Facehuggeria. The Sentient Civil Rights Act was adopted in response to this in 472 A.C.E., as a way to "draw the line in the sand" internationally, as well as hopefully attract more sentient species undergoing persecution to Arizona Nova.

The Groombridge War

Main article: The Battle of Groombridge

Around the year 481 A.C.E., the Shivans made an incursion into Arenumbergian territory and pushed them back until they were trapped in their last defenses. A long siege ensued, and desperate to break it, the survivors sent on an encrypted distress signal to two locations - Skeelzania and Arizona Nova. Though heavily encrypted, it was eventually understood and the Arizonan fleet soon moved to respond under the lead of Admiral Kelt. A long, pitched battle ensued, as the Shivan and Arizona Novanian fleets exchanged MAC and beam cannon fire. Eventually, Admiral Kelt and the Jormungand digisent had their vessels ram the Shivans multiple times, with Kelt's last, fatal charge memorialized as "Kelt's Charge." The Elissa class battleship ANSS Kelt is named in his honor. The war inspired major reform of the fleet under the National Fleet Protocol, as well as sparking design philosophy and technological changes, the affects of which can still be felt today.

The First War of Expansion

As Arizona Nova's population continued to grow rapidly, conditions for the average citizen in the Core began to deteriorate as resources and living conditions became more sparse. The High Council began to push the Emperor to begin another bout of aggressive expansion into the greater Perseus Arm, to gain more resources, colonies, and international prestige. Arizonan Forces under the National Fleet Protocol sent scouts out into the surrounding sectors, and soon encountered the nations of Otagia, Trekys, and Lessir Tsurani. In the case of the former, a peace was signed, but by sending the scout to Lessir Tsurani, Arizona Nova unknowingly violated a sacred law against computers, and the scout was destroyed. The Empire declared war, and soon the entirety of Third Fleet attacked Lessir Tsurani. Lessir Tsurani, through use of FTLi, quickly bogged down Arizonan forces and the war became a major slog. However, with much sacrifice, the Empire took an outer system from Lessir Tsurani and a cease-fire was signed.

The Battle of New Proxima

Main article: The Battle of New Proxima

During the middling hours of June 15th, 634 A.C.E., the ANSS Broadsword detected a massive energy fluctuation in a neighboring, uninhabited system close to the Imperial Core. Forwarding the information to Fleet Command, a scout was immediately dispatched to the system to investigate. The New Proximans, seperated from the main fleet of their home, outnumbered, and wary, responded hostilely. Fearing that they possessed temporal technology and generally unwilling to allow a hostile neighbor to dig in so close to the Core, Fleet Command okayed the ANSS Anikar the Great to jump into the system under the command of High Admiral Alexander Naronya. What followed was the Battle of New Proxima, a brief but bloody engagement which left the Core Fleet battered and the ANSS Anikar the Great totalled. The results of this battle, like Groombridge before it, sparked an intensive study of fleet practices, specifically anti-boarder measures. Many of the improvements found their way onto the ANSS Fist of the Empress, and like improvements will be undertook when the New Fleet Protocol is put into place in 1000 A.C.E. That same year, the Torontonian moon of Yonder was destroyed by Metallinauts, through use of temporal technology during the ESUS Civil War. This sparked the worst riots the homeworld had ever seen, and the immediate entry of Arizona Nova into the war on the side of the Traditionalist powers.

The Return and Ascension of Anikar

Main article: Anikar

Although the exact date is unknown, in the early 600s A.C.E. Anikar was returned to the "Prime Material" through the use of a multiversal stargate buried deep within the Mount Doom facility on the Jordaxian ringworld of Monopoly. She allegedly infiltrated into Arizonan society as a mercenary and even as a ship's captain, although she purposely remained low-profile (which has led to some suspicion she was involved in underworld smuggling operations, and may very well still be). Eventually she was noticed by the Gray Operations Special Forces unit as a potential candidate, and allegedly completed qualification tests at record speed, without the offered equipment. She soon began to accumulate a reputation as a highly competent soldier within the unit. However, in 665 A.C.E., Gray Ops was recalled to the homeworld for emergency purposes, and tasked with infiltrating and taking over the palace as quietly as possible. What exactly happened next is greatly confused, but by morning they and the rest of the nation found to their great surprise that Anithraldur had abdicated, giving the Throne over to Anikar. This initially sparked unrest, especially in the Outworld Sectors, but by negotiations and a light hand, Anikar soon soothed the outstanding worries of the populace at large.

Political Expansion and the Chyrsham Conflict

Anikar for the most part ruled the Empire as Anithraldur had, but took steps to discontinue anti-Central Facehuggerian propaganda that had been approved by Anithraldur. She did not, however, side against those parties opposed to temporal technology. She undertook to expand the area of political influence Arizona Nova had, and did so by approving moves to join the Empire into the Greater Prussian Free Cities Alliance and the refounded Galactic Alliance in 676 A.C.E. In 691 A.C.E., the Chyrsham System came under attack by an unknown threat, which was later discovered to be resource-gatherers from Outer Heaven Mark II, who was also a part of the Galactic Alliance. A peace was signed, and Outer Heaven Mark II gifted one of their massive resouce-gathering vessels as a means of recompense, as by the time the matter was resolved Chrysham 1 was already destroyed.

The Second Ascension of Anikar

In the late 800s A.C.E., Anikar began secretly plan for the fusion of her consciousness into an embryonic mainframe, in affect turning her into a digisent. She conspired with the digisent Julius, CCO of her flagship, and contacted various groups around the empire to help her succeed in this endeavor. In 883 A.C.E. she succeeded, but was allegedly betrayed by Julius, who had gone rampant and had tried to take over her mind. Anikar had however designed the Fist with a killsafe, unbeknownst to everyone. She engaged it and supposedly killed Julus making him both the first digisent to be publicly recorded as going rampant in Arizona Nova and the first digisent period to be executed for crimes against the crown. News of this breach of the Doctrine of Trust shocked the digisent community in Arizona Nova, and though Anikar pledged that no more killsafes would ever be installed or used, distrust remains.

Government and politics

The government of Arizona Nova has always been, in some form or another, a benevolent dictatorship. Although many of the original component states on Arizona Prime had democratic backgrounds, the overwhelming consensus of these nations was for the creation of the larger state, and protection from a hostile universe. To that end Anithraldur attempted to rule as benevolently as possible, and while authoritative in some ways, he endeavored to remain lenient in others.

Imperial Corporate Nautocracy

Even though Anithraldur held absolute power, he tried to rarely wield it to that capacity and in fact appointed the creation of many popularly elected councils to handle matters outside his preferred sphere of influence. Most important among them is the High Council, which was composed of elected representatives from all the component territories of the Empire. As well, the High Courts also have elected Justices. Nearly every other component other than the position of Emperor is democratic or meritocratic in nature. Balancing the power of the federal arm is the Corporate and Naval sectors. Corporations, especially Subaru Worldsystems, are what give the Empire its vitality; if the corporations are hurt, the affects cascade to every other sector. The Navy (read: the military) is the strong arm of the Empire. Enforcers of Arizonan rule and protectors from those who would question it, without the Navy the government and the corporations have no shield. This unofficial balance is celebrated in the title proper of Arizona Nova - the Imperial Corporate Nautocracy.

Balance of Powers of the Digitally Sentient

In the present day, there are additional balances of power to the Empress-Overmind. One accepted weakness of the Doctrine of Trust is that there is no solid balance between the organic citizen sentient and the digital citizen sentient in terms of the power they can wield. The protection for this is that many digisents would be raised to be invividual in character and ideals, so that even if a number of them go rampant that the rest will try to stop them with the powers at their disposal. The Second Ascension of Anikar added a third, directly federal element to the relationship, greatly balancing it and the balance of federal power in one blow. Anikar, being in hardware terms the largest, most widespread and most stable of the digisents acts as great impendiment to the possibility of the rapid spread of another rampant digisent; conversely, the digisent community as a whole acts as a means to check Anikar's own control, making it so that she cannot control everything down to the last circuit. In theory, both camps do not possess the power, even with all other digisents combined, to ever fully destroy the other.

Foreign Relations

Arizona Nova maintains a number of embassies through the Extra Solar Union of Systems, the Greater Prussian Empire, and to a lesser extent the new Galactic Alliance, but maintains direct political contact with few nations outside of these alliances.

The Extra Solar Union of Systems

Within the ESUS, the Empire maintains so-called "deep" ties - highly friendly political relations, relaxed immigration laws, and/or cultural ties - with Siesatia, Flaming Souls, Northrop-Grumman, Arenumberg, and Allanea, and has co-dominion of Koratu and Egureo with Arenumberg and Allanea, respectively. Normal ties - those dictated within the articles of the ESUS constitution - are in affect with all other ESUS states. Nonetheless, any nation possessing Temporal technology or a signature member of the Temporal Accord is by default put on the Watchlist, although peace advocates within Arizona Nova often lobby for the removal of Siesatia from said list due to their responsibility, respect for sentient rights and their good record in that area.

Arizona Nova and Central Facehuggeria

During Anithraldur's reign, the Empire's stance toward Central Facehuggeria was one of wariness and hostility due to the gross sentient civil rights violations that were undertook as corporate policy by the Facehuggerians. However, with the ascent of Anikar, any anti-Central Facehuggerian propaganda being circulated by the government was retracted (although civilian agencies against the Central Facehuggerians, such as the Organization for the Rights of the Sentient, were not chastised), and were instead replaced by in-depth studies of Facehuggerian history and the underlying collective reasons for the nation's xenophobia (a story not unlike, in some ways, an alternate end for the the War of Resistance). As well, Anikar appointed High Admiral Ultan, a known pro-Facehuggerian Arizonan military official, as ambassador to said nation, much to the chagrin of the elven Diplomat General, Anarial Ahnastis. As well, during the late ESUS Civil War, rumors of collusion between the Facehuggerian and Arizonan military to end the imposed stalemate of Balrogga run rampant, but are denied by the High Admirality.


Although a known advocate of sentient civil rights, Arizona Nova also maintains a powerful national military and respects the rights of other states to the same. Comprising almost six-thousand vessels in full and millions of ground vehicles, automated troops, and thousands of Marines, Paladins, and elite special forces units, the Arizona Novanian war machine is also a highly-expensive endeavor, comprising almost half the government budget.

The Navy

In accordance with the National Fleet Protocol, the Navy is divided into three command-autonomous sectors all directly under the control of the Emperor (in the way of deployments at least).

The First Fleet

The First Fleet, or Core Defense Fleet, is nearly two-thousand vessels strong and is lead by the ANSS Arizona Nova and commanded by High Admiral Alexander Naronya. The First Fleet is always mobilized at full strength, and runs daily patrols within the Imperial Core System alone. While grossly expensive to service and maintain, calls to strip the vessels of their FTL engines to ease maintenance and reduce cost have not been heeded. Advocates for keeping the engines in point to the fast, overwhelming response to the New Proximan attack on the ANSS Anikar the Great that saved the vessel and its crew from further destruction as a prime reason to keep the engines; opponents point to the fact that the Anikar was totalled despire the engine and the battle resolving in essentially a stalemate as proof of their obsolesence. Anikar has also weighed in on the issue in favor of keeping the engines in. The fleet was originally lead by the ANSS Anikar the Great before the Battle of New Proxima.

The Second Fleet

The Second Fleet, or the Dominion Enforcers, are another third of the total ships of the line. Lead by the ANSS Kerith Ravine and commanded by High Admiral John Hyce, the Second Fleet is at variable stages of mobilization, depending on threat conditions. It has never been fully mobilized. Its purpose is to patrol Arizonan territories at large and enforce within them if need be. The Second Fleet is often the butt of many jokes from sailors from the First and especially Third fleets as being the lowly "Coast Guard," although the fleet receives the same weapons and training as either of the other fleets. As a rule, the Second Fleet is never to leave Arizonan territory unless it is of the utmost dire need to do so.

The Third Fleet

The Third Fleet, or Armada Fleet, are the final two-thousand vessels in the Arizona Novanian fleet. Lead by the ANSS Fist of the Empress but commanded by High Admiral Colombe Absalom from the ANSS the Invisible Hand, Third Fleet is the most famous of the general divisions in the Arizona Novanian military. In peace time it is always at ten-percent readiness. The principle player in the First War of Expansion and the ESUS Civil War, the Third Fleet is the "brawling arm" of the Arizona Novanian fleet, as put by its former High Admiral, Charlemagne Ultan. Originally lead by the ANSS Arizona Nova, the Third Fleet was "usurped" by the ANSS Fist of the Empress after its construction and Admiral Ultan's retirement from the navy and ambassadorship to Central Facehuggeria. As the Fist is often not in port and far away from the rest of the fleet, Third Fleet is commanded from the Elissa class battleship the Invisible Hand.

The Infantry

"Infantry" refers to any military division whose function is intended to be defensive in nature; thus mobile infantry corps used to garrison a planet would be considered Infantry. The importance of the Infantry has waned slightly in recent years, especially as the APE-IU units rolled into production. Nonetheless, the infantry maintains two highly prestigious corps.

The Imperial Marines

The Imperial or Royal Marines are the remnants of the larger Marine corps after the mass disbandments in the wake of the APE-IU development. While the memories of the disbandments still ring sour within the corps, it cannot be denied that the rarification of it as a whole has greatly elevated the status of the marines collectively and invidually in the military at large as well as increasing the amount of "attention" an individual recruit receives in the way of training and equipment, and increasing the admittance standards to the corps. Marines who "survived" the disbandments take particular pride in it, often sporting bumper stickers or other paraphranelia proclaiming "I survived the Attack of the Droids." The Marines will receive their third major overhaul as part of the New Fleet Protocol, which has been promised to put the marines "on the map" of elite infantry corps in the international community, although many remain skeptical of this claim.

The Paladins

The Paladins are a smaller corps than the Marines, even post-disbandment, and are part of the elite defensive wing in Arizonan strategic planning. Their position is also fairly unique as the Paladins are theist (favoring Christianity) corps., and are an anomaly within the ostensibly secular Arizonan government. The Paladins acts as a national guard for the Empire, with garrisons on established Hub worlds like Ondataru and Arizona Prime, and are usually taken from the pool of citizens in those territories. Highly committed, hopeful Paladins undergo training directly beneath senior Paladins in a manner reminiscient to the training of Terran Medieval knights. The corps is also the most independent from the federal arm of the Empire, although by its nature intrinsically loyal to it. Paladins also strive to establish rapport and trust in their locale, and harshly punish those who violate that trust through manipulation or greed.

The Cavalry

Cavalry refers to any military division whose intended function is primarily offensive. Units specializing in boarding techniques or general assault corps and mechjocks are classified as Cavalry.

Battlemech Units

Battlemech units are the premier and most prestigious branch of the Arizonan Cavalry and ground forces in general. While the idea of a mechwarrior mounted inside the battlemech popularly conjures an image the next iteration of the "knight in shining armor," mechwarriors or mechjocks take their job in various ways. Some treat it as a highly honorable form of combat, and adhere to strict honor codes and ideals like that of ancient Terran Japanese samurai. Others are more playful in their approximation of their occupation, and prone to give wistful and jocular names to their "mount" and prefer fighting no-holds-barred. Of all its ground forces, Arizona Nova devotes the most resources to the battlemechs, and their image recurs in most military propaganda and within popular culture.

Cavalry Proper

The Battlemechs are by no means the only offensive ground force fielded within Arizona Nova. Large and extensive tank corps are also maintained, from the behomoth Dargason Main Battle Hovertank to the more moderately-sized, fast, and hard-hitting Fireblade tanks. While not as prestigious overall as the battlemech corps, individual units often attain fame, such as the legendary 500th Armor Battalion, and its motto: nunquam homines in vehiculorum armoratorum multitudine superantur (People in tanks are never outnumbered).

Special Forces

Arizonan Special Forces comprise a large number of sentients as well, although the most famous (and grudgingly disclosed) unit is the Gray Operations Special Forces. The government has also admitted to supporting a number of other, more clandestine units in Arizona Nova and abroad, although it refuses to disclose the whats and the wheres.

Gray Operations

The Gray Operations are an (in)famous special forces unit, although it has often been derided in friendly rivaly by the regular corps as the "PR" branch of the Arizonan military. Only semi-clandestine, the existence and operations of the corps are fully acknowledged by the federal government. The Gray Operations has traditionally been tasked with missions of just about any purpose - infiltration, assault, and guerrilla operations especially. Of any unit in the Arizonan military, it is definitely the most utilized and most successful. Training consists of everything from combat techniques to diplomacy to engineering. The most important asset of the corps has always been flexibility and the ability to be able to change tactics and methods on the fly.

Black Operations

Within the Empire itself, the existence of Black Operations is only a rumor or distant possibility. The federal government neither confirms or denies the existence of any such group, and more vocal conspiracy theorists often suffer unusual, punitive taxes, although as far as the rest of society knows, this is the most harsh punishment levied. Conspiracy theories often take the form of hidden laboratories where hideous biological weapons testing is undertook. How far (or close) they may be to the truth is unknown.

States and territories

Arizona Nova's territories are divided on many different tiers, officially and unofficially. The largest blocs are the Imperial Core, the Outworlds, and the Kesserain Marches, which are subdivided into their component systems. The Imperial Core refers exclusively to the home system and its worlds. The Outworlds is a more general term, and officially it refers to the Chyrsham, Barclay, and Ikkaudl systems, but in everyday use (esp. in the Imperial Core) it can refer to any system or world outside the Core. The Kesserain Marches are a bloc of systems - the Moci, Inure and Iysainke systems. New Constantinople and the fortress moon of Joyous Gard are part of the Kesserain Marches. Within a system, planets are considered individual but not autonomous entities. Administration of individual worlds are largely left up to the worlds themselves. Arizona Prime also has divisions of its land based on the boundaries of the old nationstates; newer territories are given more ordered and arbitrary divisions.


The Arizona Novanian economy is an open, semi-free market system. Within the international community, and especially the ESUS, the Empire maintains an extensive trade network and is also a member of Northrop-Grumman's network of orbital stargates as well as Balrogga's International Trade Hub. The economy is mostly free market, except in the area of automotive industries. Subaru Worldsystems has the dominant market share in Arizona Nova and receives generous subsidies. In other sectors, such as fast food, the market is allowed to decide: for example, the Allanean Cute Bunny Burger chain of restaurants has become firmly entrenched. While the government has no direct economic safety net in place, there are also no income taxes, and the average GDP per capita of its citizenry is around $42,000 USD, one of the highest in the ESUS. Instead of a welfare system, the government gives funds to local religious organizations to maintain soup kitchens and shelters for the homeless and unemployed.


As of 991 A.C.E., 5,929,000,000 sentients live in Arizona Nova, with a yearly population growth rate of 0.1%. 81% is of Anikari descent, 16% is Tzoy, 3% is elven, and 0.001% Kaleesh. Two-thirds of Arizona Nova's sentient population is concentrated within Arizona Prime and New Constantinople, with the next largest populated worlds being Baramua (the Tzoy homeworld) and Ondataru, with the rest living in colonies on other planets within Arizonan control. As well, Egureo is home to a large Allanean population of Dohwar. The official national languages of Arizona Nova are English, Latin, Quenya, and German, although English is used the most, especially in commercial and international affairs. Arizona Nova is overwhelmingly religious, with 98.5% of Arizonans professing a faith in higher or supernatural beings, the largest religions being Christianity (49%) and Islam (21%). The Arizonan state, however, establishes no official religion. Education is also of prime importance in Arizona Nova, with 10% of the annual budget going to fund it. Schools are competitive and maintain high standards. The average literacy rate in Arizona Nova is 96%.


Arizonan culture is greatly influenced by Terran ideals (especially those of the ancient Terran nationstates, the United States of America), but these ideals have also been expanded upon to carry meaning in an age far more technologically advanced than that of their origin. Great importance is given to the idea of sentience versus non-sentience in Arizona Nova, and those nations which do not possess freedoms like those guarded in the Sentient Civil Rights Act are considered backwards. Sentience as defined in the Sentient Civil Rights Act is the determiner for rights in Arizona Nova, and only sentient creatures receive rights, which has led to a dual impatience among the citizenry for both those who preach the supremacy of an individual sentient species and those who believe non-sentient creatures deserve the same rights as sentients. As well, mainstream culture is anti-racist, and those who preach these viewpoints are viewed with disgust and contempt, and racism is universally believed to be the result of the combination of poor education and weak minds. The culture also has a collective fear and hatred of temporal technology; it is unusual in that Anikari are generally level-headed and slow to act, but the dangers presented by temporal technology can very quickly move the average citizen into a fury, depending on the severity of the incident. The destruction of Yonder by Metallinauts in 634 A.C.E. sparked the worst riots on Arizona Prime in the history of the nation, and resulted in the declaration of war that same year on the Centralist powers. A number of private agitationist organizations (such as People for the Crusade) also actively support a policy of "chronomancer intolerance" by the government - i.e., total war upon powers actively exercising the technology, regardless of alliances, although these groups tend to be considered fringe.

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