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The Asgarnian Air Force is the branch of the Asgarnian Armed Forces that is responsible for aerial warfare. It is also known as the AAF. It was created in 1947 by the then Emperor of Asgarnieu.

The Asgarnian Air Force is one of the largest brances in the AAFCOM, and is one of the largest air forces in the world. It is technologically advanced, and operates some of the world's most superior aircraft.

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The internationally recognized Air Force Roundel and Fin Flash of Asgarnieu.
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The internationally recognized Low-Vis Air Force Roundel and Fin Flash of Asgarnieu.


There are currently just over 24,646,809 soldiers serving in the AAF.


The Asgarnian Air Force's airspace command extends around Asgarnieu and its territorial waters. Protectorates, colonies, and claims are also included in the airspace. Due to the expansive area that needs patrolling, regional air commands use real-time AS-9 satellite coverage to watch areas that aircraft are not currently patrolling.

Administrative Organization of the AAF

There are several divisions of the AAF. Each has its own specific role in the order of battle.

  • Combat Division
    • Air Staff
      • Piolt Staff
    • Ground Staff
      • Mechanical Staff
      • Weapons Staff
      • Control Staff
      • Security Staff
  • Administrative Division
    • Command Staff
      • Command of the Asgarnian Air Force
  • Non-Combat Division
    • Supply Staff
    • Civilian Staff
    • Maintainance Staff

Numbered Air Forces

  • 1st Air Force
  • 2nd Air Force
  • 3rd Air Force
  • 4th Air Force
  • 5th Air Force
  • 6th Air Force
  • 7th Air Force
  • 8th Air Force
  • 9th Air Force
  • 10th Air Force
  • 11th Air Force
  • 12th Air Force
  • 14th Air Force
  • 15th Air Force
  • 16th Air Force
  • 17th Air Force
  • 18th Air Force
  • 19th Air Force
  • 20th Air Force
  • 21st Air Force
  • 22nd Air Force
  • 23rd Air Force
  • 24th Air Force
  • 25th Air Force
  • 26th Air Force
  • 27th Air Force
  • 28th Air Force
  • 29th Air Force
  • 30th Air Force


The AAF's mission is to protect Asgarian airspace and extend Asgarnieu's power throughout the world.

Divisional Squadrons

Fighter Squadrons

  • 200th TFS Raptors
  • 201st TFS Hermits
  • 202nd TFS Gunners
  • 203rd TFS Gunslingers
  • 205th TFS Falcons
  • 207th TFS Electric Fences
  • 210th TFS Adders
  • 211th TFS Lions
  • 212th TFS Jackals
  • 213th TFS Lemurs
  • 214th TFS Wormholes
  • 215th TFS Trubadors
  • 216th TFS Vocals
  • 217th TFS Mad Hatters
  • 220th TFS Helmuts
  • 221st TFS Flankers
  • 222nd TFS Farmers
  • 223rd TFS Timesplitters
  • 225th TFS Murderers
  • 226th TFS Aerosnipers
  • 227th TFS Zig-Zags
  • 228th TFS Baldies
  • 229th TFS Hogs
  • 230th TFS Pigs with Wings
  • 235th TFS Slappers
  • 240th TFS Comets
  • 241st TFS Vultures
  • 242nd TFS Condors
  • 243rd TFS Pointers
  • 244th TFS Boasters
  • 245th TFS Colts
  • 250th TFS Sheriffs
  • 251st TFS Rippers
  • 252nd TFS Aces
  • 253rd TFS Herbs
  • 270th TFS Smartasses
  • 274th TFS Offenders
  • 275th TFS Mungs
  • 300th TFS Candles
  • 301st TFS UFOs
  • 302nd TFS Chewers
  • 305th TFS Statesmen
  • 309th TFS Leaders
  • 310th TFS Terrams
  • 315th TFS Zulus
  • 316th TFS Badasses
  • 318th TFS Mothers
  • 319th TFS Sandblasters
  • 321st TFS Meddlers
  • 333rd TFS Ragtimers

Transport Squadrons

  • 101st TTS Pelicans
  • 108th TTS Grovers
  • 110th TTS Heavylifters
  • 115th TTS President's Own
  • 117th TTS Queens
  • 123rd TTS Kings
  • 128th TTS Jacks
  • 136th TTS Hearts
  • 139th TTS Diamonds
  • 142nd TTS Clubs

Electronic Warfare Squadrons

  • 207th EWS Yews
  • 209th EWS Oaks
  • 214th EWS Ashes
  • 220th EWS Loggers
  • 221st EWS Lumberjacks
  • 222nd EWS Chainsaws

Spotting Squadrons

  • 15th TSS Retrievers
  • 16th TSS Hounds
  • 19th TSS Greyhounds
  • 21st TSS Dalmations

Attack Squadrons

  • 3rd TAS Tridents
  • 4th TAS Spears
  • 5th TAS Atlatls
  • 7th TAS Lances

Recon Squadrons

  • 17th TRS Manx
  • 18th TRS Siamese
  • 19th TRS Shorthairs
  • 27th TRS Chartreux
  • 28th TRS Angora
  • 29th TRS Calicos

Training Squadrons

  • 25th TTS Teachers
  • 27th TTS Professors

Refueling Squadrons

  • 157th ARS French
  • 159th ARS Scots
  • 161st ARS Irish
  • 163rd ARS Maltese

Bomber Squadrons

  • 1st TBS Tigers
  • 2nd TBS Lions
  • 3rd TBS Jaguars
  • 4th TBS Leopards
  • 5th TBS Cheetahs
  • 6th TBS Cougars
  • 11th TBS Pumas
  • 12th TBS Lynx
  • 13th TBS Ocelots
  • 14th TBS Caracals
  • 15th TBS Servals
  • 16th TBS Jaguarundis

Aircraft Operated By The Asgarnian Air Force

The AAF is always purchasing and producing aircraft to suppliment a new plan to improve the armed forces.

The primary focus of the AAF is air superiority, with long-range bombing coming in at second. Cargo transport is third.


  • F-40D Phoenix

The F-40D Phoenix is a mid-size supersonic delta/canard fighter aircraft that replaced the F-19 Turmoil in mid 2007. It is armed with a lighter gun system, but carries a similar payload. 25,000 Are currently in service.

  • F/A-103 Stanza

The F/A-103 Stanza is a brand-new strike fighter being put into service. It is a unique design incorporating several design features like thrust vectoring, internal weapons bays, and stealth technology. It is the primary stealth fighter in service. There are 25,000 currently in service.

  • F/AS-624 Shukusei

2,000 F/AS-624 (TSF-624) were purchased from Tyrandis to become part of the Air Superiority force that did not exist before.

  • F-58 Cougar

The F-58 Cougar replaced the venerable F/B-150C/E in mid 2007, filling the role of a mid-size stealth fighter/bomber. The AAF operates 15,000 units.


  • F/I-15 Cardinal

250 F/I-15 (FA 15) were purchased from The Candrian Empire to start 10 interceptor bases around the nation, each with 25 interceptors each to quickly respond to Asgarnian airspace violations.

  • I-27 Condor

250 I-27 (Lu-27) were purchased to suppliment the original purchase of F/I-15's from The Candrian Empire. These hyper-sonic interceptors will be supplied to five mainland interceptor bases, and the rest will go abroad, with 5 interceptors at each overseas territorial base.


  • AB-3B Cold Killer

The AB-3B Cold Killer is the only short-range bomber in use. It is the ground-variant of the Advanced Carrier Borne Light Bomber. It is capable of unloading 10,000 pounds of mixed ordinace. There are 750 currently in service.

  • B-97 Vulture

The B-97 is a long-range bomber designed to replace the B-52H. It is capable of in-flight refueling; and thus its range is essentially unlimited. It has a payload capacity that exceeds the B-52, and is much faster. There are 2,000 currently in service.

  • B-22 Commodore

The B-22 was purchased in 2007, and 30 units were aquried.

  • B-41 Condor

The B-41 is a extremely-high altitude bomber that has hypersonic capability. The B-41 was designed to fly above combat zones far above the range of S.A.M.'s and anti-aircraft artillery. It can carry several nuclear bombs or a large amount of S.D.B.'s or other guided bombs. 265 Were purchased from AMIndustries in 2007.

  • B-63 Osa

The B-63 is a large four-engine bomber with payloads that can exceed that of the U.S. B-52G/H and the Tu-95 "Bear". 1,200 Are in service as of 2007.

Electronic Warfare/AWACS

  • EA-15E Strongarm

The EA-15E Strongarm is a supersonic swing-wing jamming aircraft in use for close jamming and anti-radiation duties. There are 750 currently in service.

  • EC-97 Eagle Eye

The EC-97 is an electronic warfare aircraft. It was designed to replace the AEB-52. It performs jamming, electronic reconnissance, signals intelligence, visual surviellance, and airborne early warning missions. It is also capable of carrying Kh-30 Anti-Radiation missiles to destroy enemy radars. There are 210 currently in service.

  • E-252

The E-252 is an advanced AWACS aircraft designed by AMIndustries. It is a large aircraft with a large radome on the top of the fuselage. There are 75 currently in service.


  • A-13 Stinger

The A-13 Stinger is a dedicated "tank-buster" aircraft. The AAF operates 1,000 units.

  • AC-97 Owl

The AC-97 is a replacement for the AC-130. It carries more ordinance, and is capable of longer ranges. There are 500 currently in service.

  • AC-119 Maelstrom

The AC-119 (Yo-119) is a dedicated super-heavy attacker with many large guns. 32 Units were purchased to suppliment the need for a long-range super-power attacker.

  • AL-97 Hawkeye

The AL-97 is an Asgarnian replacement for the YAL-1ABL Airborne Laser. It is capable of tracking and destroying more missiles at greater distances than the YAL-1ABL. There are 455 currently in service.

  • AFAH-92 Eiko

The AFAH-92 (TRA-92) is a multi-mission light attack helicopter purchased from Tyrandis in 2007. A total of 1,500 units were purchased. All units were upgraded with a custom super-dark black finish and a 35mm gun system.

VIP Transport

  • VC-97 Sparrow

The VC-97 is an executive transport for the Asgarnian Air Force. The President's VC-97 is called Asgarnieu One; and the Vice President's VC-97 is called Empire One. There are four currently in service, two of which are in active reserve.


  • KC-97 Blue Jay

The KC-97 is a replacement for the KC-10 and KC-135. It is capable of hauling more fuel and going longer distances. There are 450 currently in service.


  • T-335 Sanchez

The T-335 Sanchez is a multi-role trainer/fighter aircraft with supersonic capablities. It is equipped with 2 wingtip hardpoints and a 27mm cannon. It is currently the only jet trainer in use. There are 845 currently in service.


  • OS-12H Horizon

The OS-12H Horizon is a propeller-driven subsonic spotting aircraft in use to provide forward observing capabilites to the air force. There are 500 currently in service.

  • RG-129 Firefly

The RG-129 Firefly is a recon aircraft of the Asgarnian Air Force. It is a modified C-5 Galaxy with electronic intelligence equipment. There are 75 currently in service.


  • C-25 Stratolifter

The C-25 Stratolifter is the largest cargo aircraft in service with the AAF. It is massive, and has six engines. 30 Units were purchased from Wingarde in 2007.

  • C-97 Pelican

The C-97 is a long-range cargo aircraft. It is capable of in-flight refueling, thusly its range is essentially unlimited. There are 500 currently in service.

  • C-64 Turnbull

The C-64 is a large cargo aircraft that can carry an equal amount of cargo as a C-17 Globemaster III. 280 Were purchased from AMIndustries in 2007.

  • C-79A Egret

The C-79A is a specially-developed cargo aircraft with an airframe originating from the B-63 Osa bomber. It is modified to carry the same amount of cargo as a C-17 Globemaster III. The AAF purchased 450 units in 2007.



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