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This nation is not to be confused with the nation that goes by the similar name, Asgarnnia.

The United Democratic Empire of
Flag and Coat of Arms of Asgarnieu
National motto: "Leo Terram Propriam Protegat"
National anthem: "By This Sword, I Swear!"
Map of Asgarnieu
Region 10000 Islands
Capital Balkan City
Largest City Balkan City
Area 28,894,260 Mi3
CHDI .948 (High)
Population +4,000,000,000
Suffrage 18, Universal
Nuclear Capability Yes
Military Branches 9
Major Infectious Diseases None
Official Language(s) English, Russian, Asgarnian
Justin A. Herbert
Constitution Adopted 1890
Drafted in 1889
ISO Nation Code "ASG"
Currency Gold Point of Asgarnieu (AGP, Ą)
Asgarnian Time Zone (AST)
 • Summer (DST)
GMT +14:00
No Daylight Savings
Internet TLD ".asg"
Calling Code +1118
National Symbols
 • Sport
 • Animal
 • Fruit
 • Flower
 • Color(s)

Football (North American)
Asgarnian Grey Lion
Rainier Cherry
Cobalt Blue
UN Status Fmr. Member, Ejected 2006
UN Classification Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
PDAS rating B

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The United Democratic Empire (formerly the Armed Holy Democratic Empire of Asgarnieu) is a nation located in the south-east part of the 10000 Islands. The nation was first discovered by Russian sailors in the 1500's, and became a nation in 1889. Asgarnieu is a mixed governmental empire with the President being the head of state. Its administrative divisions are divided into provinces, states, territories, and special autonomous regions. Asgarnieu has extensive overseas claims and is a heavily militarized nation.

Origin and history of the name

Asgarnieu comes from "Asgar", the former name of the nation when it was a colony of Russia. Asgarnieu has no meaning in any native languages, and has no meaning in Russian.


Asgarnieu was first discovered by Russian sailors in the mid 1500's. The exact year is not known. It was established as a colony of Russia in 1597. It was taken over, and cities and towns like Balkan City, Stafford, and others were created by the inhabitants. There was a small population of natives known as the Fl'eep N'aaktys. The Russian inhabitants copulated with these natives, bringing about a population of mixed-race persons, now known as Fl'eep N'aaktys.

After the Russians colonized the area, they established local governments and such, leading to the creation of several provinces.

The Russians were ousted in 1634, when the nation became enslaved by a ruthless king, leading to the Imperial Times. The nation was ruled by a series of kings until 1888.

An uprising brought about the end of the Imperial Times in Asgarnieu. Free elections were held, but the government didn't change, still lead by a series of kings until about 1995.

In 1995, the government adopted a new form of rule, a democratic one. The nation was to be led by a President (for life). President Justin A. Herbert was elected in 1996.

Imports and Exports

Asgarnieu is a nation that imports lightly and exports heavily. Its biggest trade partners are those nations in the alliances that Asgarnieu is a member of, neighbors in its region, and nations within its empire. Asgarnieu trades with few other nations, due to its closeness with its current partners.

Main Import Commodities

  • Military Equipment
  • Titanium
  • Bauxite
  • Tungsten
  • Cheese
  • Building Materials
  • Aircraft
  • Automobiles
  • Heavy Machinery

Main Export Commodities

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">d13bighole_mb.jpg
A Diamond Mine in the western part of the nation.
  • Military Equipment
  • Oil
  • Textiles
  • Potash
  • Building Materials
  • Salt
  • Diamonds
  • Gold
  • Nickel
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • Uranium (specific isotopes)
  • Radiochemicals
  • Lumber
  • Oil Bi-Products
  • Beef
  • Rice
  • Chemicals
  • Pre-Fabricated Structures
  • Tea
  • Qat
  • Microchips
  • Computer Software
  • Plastics
  • Furniture


Asgarnieu has one of the largest transport sectors in the region. AirAsgarnieu© and Asgarnieu Rail© are the leaders in transport. Most flights are actually carried out by the goverment. Most commercial flights are made from Asgarnieu to islands in The Pacific. AirAsgarnieu© has several terminals in other countries as well. Asgarnieu Rail© services the entire nation, with rail stations in nearly every major city. There are 962,120,459 miles of Standard-Gauge Railways in Asgarnieu. The primary purpose of the rail system is not transporting people, but transporting ore. There are several hundred gold, silver, coal, and copper mines in the nation. Asgarnieu hosts 1,991,451,306 miles of roadway. There are roughly 2 billion automobiles in the nation. It is estimated that there are 3 cars traveling on any one ten mile-long segment of road every second. AirAsgarnieu© serves Asgarnieu both domestically and internationally. There are over 705,000 flights in Asgarnieu every day. Asgarnieu is home to about 100,000 airports, and all but around 190,000 are paved. Balkan City International Airport is the largest airport in the nation. There are several hundered-thousand nautical miles of navigable waterways in Asgarnieu. There are 12,204,883 civilian boats in the nation, and over 25,000,000 watercraft for shipping and trade. Asgarnieu is surrounded by water, for it is an island nation. Major Ports include, Ericsson Port, Stafford River Port, Ellsworth SeaPort, Heart City, and East Bay SeaPort.


Main Article: Asgarnian Government

The United Democratic Empire of Asgarnieu is a nation with a mixed government. Leaders of the government are The President, Grand Chancellor, Vice President, and Vice Chancellor.

The President is the Commander In Chief, and the elected leader of the nation. The Vice Chancellor is the Advisor to the President, and acts as a universal diplomat to foriegn nations. The Vice President is the Second In Command, and takes on the duties that the President has given him. The Vice Chancellor is the lowest man on the totem pole. He takes on the tasks given to him by the Grand Chancellor.

The Legislative Branch consists of The Grand Parliment and The Congress.

Grand Parliment is the legislation that handles decisions within the nation itself. It works on the national level. Congress handles decisions within the Provinces/Territories. Any issues that need to be addressed by a Province/Territory are decided upon by Congress.

The Judicial Branch consists of The Asgarnian Grand Court. The Asgarnian Grand Court is the main court that handles all national-level court cases. All other court cases are handled on a provincial/territorial level.

Federal Government Agencies

Main Article: Asgarnian Federal Government Agencies

Only the most centralized government agencies and bureaus are controlled by the national government. All other agencies and bureaus are controlled on the provincial/territorial/state level. The reason behind this type of government is the ease it puts on the main government. The provincial government agencies are still funded by the national government.

Neighboring Nations

NW: Defender of Honours N: N/A NE: Green Lantern II
W: Venada Island Asgarnieu E: N/A
SW: N/A S: N/A SE: New Dracora

Climate and Weather

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">sunset.jpg
Sunset off the coast of Asgarnieu.

Asgarnieu's weather is not as bad as some nations, but it has its days. Cloud cover is common over most of the nation, and fog is present in the lower coastal regions. It is the rainforests in the south of the nation are usually wet, but have about 15 dry-days per year. The desert regions in the eastern part of the nation are normally dry, usually recieving only 3-5 inches of rain per year.

The far-north part of the nation is home to the most mountainous region, and usually recieves snow from October to March. The most southern part of the nation is home to the rainforests. Coniferous and Decidious forests make up the northern and western part of the nation. Grassy plains are inter-sparsed. The Burton Mountain Range is usually covered in snow, due to its elevation. There are many beaches around the nation as well.


<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">asgarnieu.jpg

The current Asgarnian Flag was adopted on April 13. The Flag has a Cobalt Blue background. There is a Coat of Arms in the upper-hoist corner of the Flag. In the Coat of Arms, there is a 5-pointed Silver Star. There is also a Gold scroll across the top of the Coat of Arms that says "Asgarnieu". Below the star is the words "Leo Terram Propriam Protegat". It is wrapped with a half-wreath of Southern Sagebrush. The Flag of Asgarnieu was adopted by President Justin A. Herbert. It should remain in service for many years, but there have been propositions in the past to replace it. When Asgarnieu is at war, the flag is flown upside down, much like the flag of The Phillipines. There is also a Civil Flag, which may only be flown on national holidays.

Political Parties

Main Page: Asgarnian Political Parties

There are many political parties in Asgarnieu. The most popular party is The Liberal Republicans. The oldest party in the nation is the Central Democratic Party (CDP). The CDP is responsible for laying out the foundation of the nation. There are more than 12 different parties in Asgarnieu. The least favored party is the Facist Party of Asgarnieu.


<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">gtown.jpg

Asgarnians hold their education very highly. It is manditory for all citizens to attend at least 13 years of schooling. Secondary Edcuation (College/University) is optional, but reccomended. There are 4 levels of manditory education. End School is the final part of a students schooling. There, they learn of the laws of Asgarnieu, and the expectations of an adult. All grades last for 8 months.

  • Pre-School (Grade 0)
  • Basic School (Grades 1-5)
  • Intermediate School (Grades 6-8)
  • Advanced School (Grades 9-12)
  • End School (Grade 13)

Secondary Education is highly reccomended, and is an honor for most citizens. There are several different Colleges and Universities in Asgarnieu. The most major are The University of Asgarnieu, The University of Vandilla Province, Stafford College, Western Asgarnieu University, College of Northern Asgarnieu, Fl'eepe N'aakty Nation University, and The University of Southwestern Asgarnieu

For most, College is one of the most honored privelages one can recieve.


Asgarnian citizens are a well-connected people. Nearly all citizens operate a cellular telephone. Most citizens also own a main-line telephone. The telecommunications system is linked via fiber optic, microwave radio relay, coaxial cable, and domestic satelltes. The government is also well-connected. Asgarnieu has many satellites in service over the earth.

  • AS-9 Permanent Orbit Satellite (12, Thermal/Normal photography, Military)
  • NC-2 Permanent Orbit Satellite (12, Thermal/Sub-Terranian, Military)
  • SY-30 Permanent Orbit Satellite (5, Thermal/Normal/Sub-Terranian, Government)
  • CCS-5 Permanent Orbit Satellite (120, Communications, Government/Private)
  • CS-L8 Permanent Orbit Satellite (4, Mapping, Civilian)
  • CS-Y2 Permanent Orbit Satellite (206, Televison/Radio, Private)
  • AS-7 Permanent Orbit Satellite (3, Extraterrestrial Searching Satelites, Government)
  • WPS-1A Permanent Orbit Satellite (75, Weapons Platforms, Military)
  • MLS-5 Permanent Orbit Satellite (25, Missile Launchers, Military)
  • DOS-7J Permanent Deep-Orbit Satellite (15, Railguns, Military)

Radio and Television

There are close to one million radio stations in Asgarnieu. Asgarnian radio stations have two main call-letters. If the radio station is north of The Burton Mountains, it is given the call-letter "P". If it is south of The Burton Mountains, it is given the call-letter "K". An example of a call-sign would be "PURR". There are currently 803,922 FM Radio Stations in Asgarnieu. AM Radio stations are a few less, totalling 741,578 stations in the nation. There are a few shortwave radio stations, with 12,744 in Asgarnieu. There are currently 2,127,445 HAM Radio operators in Asgarnieu.

Asgarnieu is home to 5,912,218 Television Stations. They have a similar call-sign system that is much like the Radio call-sign system. Northern stations are given the call-letter "L". Southern statons have the call-letter "U".

Administrative Divisions

The United Democratic Empire of Asgarnieu has a total of 17 administrative divisions. They are comprised of 1 Special Autonomous Region, 12 Provinces, 1 Territory, and 3 States.

Special Autonomous Regions



Territories are states or provinces in waiting.


States are what Territories can become after they are officially made part of the government's administrative control.


Asgarnian Citizens are issued Compulsory Identification Cards at the age of 10. It is updated every 2 years, and is manditory to update. Citizens that reach the age of 16, and have no Felony Convictions are issued a manditory Driver's License or Vehicular Operator's License. If the citizen has a Felony Conviction, they are issued the Restriced (R) License at the age of 18. The license expires permanently when the citizen turns 70, and must be updated every 5 years. All automobiles in the nation must be registered with The Internal Vehicle Registry. Each administrative division has its own special license plate system. However, on all plates, the first letter is either an N or an S. The N signifies that it is owned north of the Burton Mountain Range, and the S means that it is owned south of them.

Overseas Territorial Claims

Asgarnieu, like most nations, has a large amount of Territorial Claims. Most of them come from Asgarnian explorers in earlier centuries. The Overseas Territorial Claims are as follows:

  • Antartica
    • Claim extends from South Pole to South Ross Ice Shelf and is 27 miles wide.
  • South Georgia and The South Sandwich
  • Northern Greenland
    • Hans Island is claimed.
  • Northern Canada
    • Islands in claim are Ellesmere Island and Prince of Wales Island.
  • Spratly Islands
  • Western Sahara
  • Bouvet Island
  • Pukapuka Island
  • Juan de Nova Island
  • Tahiti
  • Wallis and Futuna
  • Sark (Channel Island)



National Holidays

All holidays are days-off for government workers, and citizens regularly close up their shops. Of all the holidays, November 18's Freedom Day is regarded in the highest. It is almost expected of citizens to attend local parades, firework shows, and parties. Flag Day is the National Holiday which celebrates the adoption of the current Flag of Asgarnieu. It is recommended that all citizens fly a flag on that day. Flag Day is celebrated on April 13. Warrior's Day celebrates all Asgarnian soldiers. They are regarded as heroes and warriors. Warriors Day is on August 10. Annexation Day celebrates the annexation of Province Ruppio Island. It is celebrated on November 8. Freedom Day celebrates the founding of The Order of Asgarnian Citizen's Rights. It is celebrated on November 18. Peace Day celebrates the ending of The Balkan City Uprising. It is celebrated on December 8. All 10,000 Islands Holidays are observed, and religious holidays are as well.


The official languges of Asgarnieu are English and Russian. English and Russian are taught in schools and are spoken by 100% of the population. Other languages spoken are French, German, and Portuguese. French is spoken by 32% of the population. It began being spoken by immigrants from Belgium, France, and French Canada. Citizens can learn it in school, as an elective. Vegas Province has the highest population of French-speaking citizens. 22% of Asgarnians speak German. It was originally brought to Asgarnieu during World War II, when over 25,000 German Jews emmigrated to Asgarnieu. It is still spoken by the ancestors of those families. Vandilla Province is home to 17% of the German-speaking population of Asgarnieu. Portuguese is spoken by 45% of the population, as it was once the official language of The Holy Empire of Asgarnieu. The United Democratic Empire of Asgarnieu changed this by making English the official language. Portuguese-speaking citizens are scattered around the nation, but 30% of them live in Druid Province. The Fl'eepe N'aakty tribe speaks its own language. The tribe also speaks English. It is spoken by 935,422 citizens currently. Pacitalian is also spoken, but on a much smaller scale.


The currency of Asgarnieu is the Gold Point of Asgarnieu. It is worth approxamately 1.93 U.S. Dollars ($). It is marked by the symbol "Ą". All exchanges of currency in Asgarnieu are made with Asgarnian Gold Points. International businesses may use the U.S. Dollar for exchanges around the world.


<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">Asgarnieu_Religion.jpg
Religion in Asgarnieu.

Most of the citizens in Asgarnieu believe in Chistianity in one form or another, but there are also several other faiths. Muslim makes up 7%, Jewish makes up 10%, and other religions make up 13%. 10% of the citizens are Agnostic or practice Atheism. Atheists are taxed by the government. All churches are made to pay the same taxes most businesses have to pay. The Government takes a neutral policy on religion, but there are 5 banned religions. They are banned because they "...pose an immediate threat to the nation and its people...". The banned religions are: Jehova's Witness, Scientology, 7th Day Adventist, and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (including all other incarnations of the LDS church). For the most part, citizens are allowed to choose any religion without persecution. The most popular religion in the nation is Roman Catholocisim. The least popular is Agnosticism. All soldiers must choose a religion or religious preferrence to be placed on their Personal Identification Tags (PITS). All representable religions are represented in the Armed Forces. The punishment for religious profiling is usually a 1-month jail term.

Culture and Background

Asgarnieu is a mosaic of culture. The country is a host for over 100 different ethnicities. The majority consists of the ancestors of the Fl'eepe N'aakty tribe, which is over 1,000 years old. 1 out of 20,000 citizens has Fl'eep N'aakty blood in him/her. Other ethnicities include anglo, hispanic, black, and asian.

Armed Forces

Main Article: Asgarnian Armed Forces

There are currently 6 branches of the military in Asgarnieu. There are also six sub-branches of the military, which act as branches, but are under control of a parent branch. Asgarnieu has one of the more powerful military forces within the 10000 Islands, and was a major contributor to the GASN Naval Defense Force. The Asgarnian Armed Forces are well-organized, and have been regarded as one of the world's most powerful active armed forces.

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">th_ASGARNIEUTANK.jpg
Asgarnian Army M1A2 Training Tank at Fort Canton.

The exact number of Regular Military troops in the Asgarnian Collective Armed Forces is classified. The military is backed up by Asgarnian National Guard troops, and each branch maintains reserve troops. Military service is compulsory for all males who are 18 years old, and they must serve for at least 18 months. Women can join at their will. The military draft will consider any male who is 16-39 years old. Women are not eligible for the draft. The GASN was a major "foreign" military presence in Asgarnieu, with coastal naval bases and airbases around the nation. Now the military works in conjunction with ADAN forces.

Paramilitary Organizations

There are currently 2 recognized Paramilitary Organization in Asgarnieu. The first is the Civil Air Defense Group. The CADG operates 5,000 F-20 Tigershark fighters and 10 C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft. The CADG also performs Seach and Rescue operations as well as performs at civil events.

The second is the Asgarnian Razorclaw Mercenary Group, a special private mercenary group based in Asgarnieu that operates around the world, usually with Asgarnian Armed Forces units.

Citizen's Rights

Main Article: Order of Asgarnian Citizens Rights

The Order of Asgarnian Citizen's Rights was signed in Lyra Settlement. It contains the basic rights of all Asgarnian citizens, and all citizens who have pledged allegiance to Asgarnieu. All territories, colonies, and protectorates are included within the Order.

While the Order cannot be changed, new Rights can be added, if approved by a popular citizen vote. While the Order of Asgarnian Citizen's rights is the basic version, a more detailed version is kept in Balkan City, where it is constantly added to.

In the event of an Order needing to be removed a 95% "aye" vote is required in both Congress and Grand Parliament. With that, an Order can be temporarily "removed" for as long as 99 years, until the vote is renewed or lapses.

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Member of GASN, UNA, CIN, and ADAN. Responsible for the leading of the liberated Indian Ocean region by TITO in 2005 and made temporary UN Delegate or Indian Ocean. Former member of TITO Former UN member, ejected 2006.

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