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Nation: Daytanistan
Capital: Kafish
Leader: Supreme Daytan People's Council

The Socialist Province of Ashta is Daytanistan's northernmost province. It is dominated by rocky mountains, which in winter time are often covered by snow. It is separated from Kashoun by the Kashin-Kashin hill range. Most of the population are Ashoons, although the other shoobdimans are present in a minority. According to central government estimates, which are notoriously inaccurate, 74% of the population of Ashta is Ashoon, 15% are Daytars, 5% are Kamuni and the remaining 4% are Zirkshes. Ashta is the smallest province in Daytanistan, both in terms of area and population. Ashta has five distinct regions - Qalal, Thash, Mukhdoo, Pooshta, and the city of Kafish itself.

Along the eastern most extremes of Ashta, between the Veya river and the Kashin-Kashin hill range, lies an arid plateau which has long been claimed by Kamuni. The major city of this plateau is Tirnan, a light industrial settlement. The Kamuni have never identified as a Daytan people, and reject the characterisation of them as a shoobdiman. Accordingly, most Daytans in Ashta and Kashoun refer to the Kamuni not as a shoobdiman but as a distinct diman (people). Recently this plateau, sometimes called Kamunistan, has declared independence from Daytanistan, under the leadership of Muslim Socialist clerics and warlords who reject Communist rule. The self-proclaimed government also claims that the Veyada mountain range and its surrounding highlands, along with the city of Marak, are part of the Kamuni homeland.

Ashta's provincial legislature is the Soviet of People's Deputies for the Socialist Province of Ashta, and there are only four provincial People's Commissioners for Ashta. A provincial People's Commissioner is responsible for a portfolio of executive and departmental functions within their province, and is appointed by the Supreme Daytan People's Council. The provincial commissioners are:

  • Mamood Bashta, People's Commissioner of Health, Police, Agriculture, Motherland Border Security, Culture, and Thought for the Socialist Province of Ashta
  • Khemal Shep, People's Commissioner of Racing, Cock-Fighting, Sports, Inter-Shoobdiman Affairs, and Roads for the Socialist Province of Ashta
  • Amad Alekshanda, People's Commissioner of Typewriters and Typeface Standardisation, Regional Soviet Oversight, Local Soviet Oversight, and Dismantlement of Organised Religion for the Socialist Province of Ashta
  • Shaan Woob, People's Commissioner of Livestock Inspection, Safety, Literacy, Mines and Energy, Radio, Communications, and Water for the Socialist Province of Ashta
Provinces of Daytanistan
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