Asian Continent

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World Factbook Entry: Far to the east, past the lands of conflicting religion, we find the home of the Orient... Asia.

This region, which includes not only Asia but Oceania, is compatible with the Middle East, African Continent,American Continent, and European Continent, encouraging possible interregional happenings in a real life setting, a novelty in NationStates.

Nations of The Asian Continent and their capital cities


0. Guam (International Free Trade Port)
00. Mindanao Surigao (Asian Union HQ)
  1. Kiru Tao
  2. TheNeoDynasty
  3. Konosha
  4. Greater Sakha
  5. Tokaishima
  6. Budalor
  7. Irkutsk Union
  8. Pasqua
  9. Asian Eleytheria
  10. Kasnyia
  11. Nitramda
  12. Antebellum South
  13. The Assassination Army
  14. The Veloryan Empire
  15. Callas Amerina
  16. Utopian Simulacrum
  17. Esternarx
  18. Nag Ehgoeg
  19. Chirondom
  20. Scythirus
  21. Idaniztan
  22. Free Paradise
  23. The Lambda League
  24. Dobakwie
  25. New Caspiana