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Nation: Mikitivity
Capital: Mezoic
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Mikitivity's Aslan canton is located in the Thuvians and is characterized by its nearly complete lack of any agricultural production. Generally regarded as one of the most inhospitable terrains in NationStates, it is often nicknamed the "Thuvian Playground" in honor of the large number of military exercises conducted in the mountains. Mikitivity's military allies are often granted limited access to the sparely populated canton. However, large portions of the canton are restricted to Mikitivity's military personnel only.

Aslan is also the headwaters for the Risden River. The only means of transportation into or out of the canton is via Mikitivity Bahn's service to the canton's seat Mezoic. The fast flowing Risden River becomes impractical for navigation through most of the canton.




Aslan's only significant city is Mezoic. Located on the edge of Aslan, it was originally established by Miervatians as an outpost to keep watch on the wild mountain lands of Aslan. The only means of transportation (other than by military airlift) is through the village's small Mikitivity Bahn service.

  • Mezoic


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Located in the Thuvians, the entire canton is characterized by its glaciers, mountain peaks, streams, and ancient caves. These caves are rumoured to cover more territory underground than the surface of all of Mikitivity. However, travel into Aslan is strictly limited to military personnel and those few tourists who either have managed to secure the premission of then Council of Mayors or hiked into the canton by foot.


Due to its isolated nature and the restrictions of travel into and out of the canton, there is no significant industry or commerical trade based in Aslan. However, this same isolation and the dangerous fauna located in the Thuvians, has turned Aslan into Mikitivity's military training ground.

All food is transported into the canton, and typically stored in Mezoic's old graineries. This makes food fairly expensive throughout the canton. Though the Thuvians would make for excellent cross country skiing terrain, Mikitivity has actively discouraged residents from promoting any sort of tourism.


Many Aslaners are actually of Miervatian decent. The canton's seat, Mezoic, is populated almost entirely by Miervatians, thus accounting for this cities close ties with Miervatia.

A large number of Aslaners enter the military.


The people from Aslan canton, are known as Aslaners. However, given the large number of Aslaners that are originally from Miervatia, many of them still refer to themselves as Miervatians. Being a largely undeveloped canton, Aslaners are often considered very frontier like in their attitudes, including life and death. Life in the Thuvian wilderness is very deadly, that Aslaners do not go to great lengths to search for missing people in this part of the Thuvians. They tend to be cautious in nature, yet very hard working.


The following days are national or cantonal holidays

  • July 24 -- Democracy Union Day (National)
  • October 31 -- All Hallows Eve (National)