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The Society of Athamasha (Latin: Societas Athamashae; Spanish: La Sociedad de Atamasa; Esperanto: La Socio da Atamaŝa; Asham: Klatamne Athamasha; Dutch: Sociëteit van Atamasa; German: Die Gesellschaft Atamaschas) is a large, well-developed nation with strong socialist tendencies.

The Society of Athamasha
National motto: Non Cantandum Magnopere Si Cantari Bene.
Region The Mediterranean
Official languagesLatin, Spanish, Esperanto, Asham
Capital Athamasha
Largest Religion Ibrahimism
Tech Level Modern Tech
Consul-General Caius Katojo
First Senator Othona Gabriel
Prime Minister Fenris Montes
Community Unity Day 21 July 674
Society Day 28 Nov 1098
Currency New Olomo (ANO)
National Animal Emu
Anthem Quam Sua Libertas Ad Honesta Coegerunt Arma
Internet TLD .CAA (depreciated); .SAA (pending)


On 21 July 674 (Island Calendar), Athamasha's many ethnic groups agreed to form the international state -- called the Community -- of Athamasha. The initial constitutional arrangement simply vested all power in an self-electing oligarchical board of twenty-five called the Consilium Maximum Athamashae (Latin: Supreme Council). With time, however, the CMA switched to a more democratic system, finally adding a parliament-like body by 900. Around 8 May 1064, the Community collapsed into ideological factions which battled each other until 28 Nov 1098, at which time the Society faction was triumphant.


During the Community era, the Socialist Party was the largest, followed by the Free Democrats. Other small parties included the Libertarians, the Patriot's Coalition, the Platonics, and many other small ones besides.

The current Society government is dominated by the Society Coalition, which includes the Peace and Socalism Party, the New Dawn Party, the Communist Party of Athamasha (Marxist-Leninist), and the Unity Party. The opposition, is, as of yet, small and disorganized and consists mainly of the Free Athamasha Party, the New Free Democrats, and the Fascist Union of Athamasha.

The Society has not yet had elections, and so the thousand seats in the Caucus Maximus are entirely occupied by the Society coalition.




Pacis et Socialismi Pars (PSP, Society Coalition) 500Consul-General Caius Katojo
Novae Eoris Pars (NEP, Society Coalition)250Mr. Publius Katz
Communismi Pars Athamashae, Marcis-Leninis (CPA, Society Coalition)150Mr. Mikelo Gutierrez
Unitatis Pars (UP, Society Coalition)100Mr. Wolfgang Bierfaro

The Senate is entirely non-partisan, so it would be pointless to produce a roll for it.


The word Athamasha (Atham-asha, "Jupiter Island") originally referred the main island of Athamasha. The country is now spread out over this island, still the main one and a few others nearby. Because of strict planning laws, almost the entire population lives in the fourteen extremely dense cities: Athamasha, Urbs Diva, Jeru Nostra, Katloko, the Municipality of the Stars, Klatshkla, Alekema, Athamasha Secunda, Byzantium Novum, Athamasha Tertia, Los Castellos, Nieuw Rotterdam, Templa Astribus, and Porta Avium. More information about these cities can be found the Cities of Athamasha article. The few who do not are either members of the defeated Naturalist faction, criminals, or state-appointed farmers.


Main article: Subdivisions of Athamasha

Athamasha is divided into a number of Districts-General, each of which have as close to one hundred million people inside as is feasible. Each District-General in turn has a hundred Districts inside, each with one million people. It would be infeasible to list all two-thousand-plus Districts, but there are only 23 Districts-General, which are grouped into five consulates.


Asham traditionally has four ethnic groups: The Colonii, who speak Latin and dominate almost all areas of government and economics, the Iroj, an Esperanto-speaking group who are often derisively referred to as dwarves, the Suenyadores, a Spanish-speaking group, the Asham, the natives of Athamasha, and the Jews. In recent years the Gelukkiges, German- and Dutch-speaking peoples, have been arriving in increasing numbers in Athamasha. The Gelukkiges were present in small numbers in the old Ward State of Mevamasha.

Large Corporations of Athamasha

  • Tkalamasha CSP -- Asham for "death runners." Their main product is the TM-900 assault rifle, which is inexpensive and extremely reliable. They also produce a wide variety of other personal armaments. Tkalamasha's products are generally unknown outside of Athamasha itself.
  • Nuntii Athamashae CS -- NA is Athamasha's private-run news service. It had a brief foray into international relations with its NA International service, but that closed down during the Factional Wars of 1064-1098 and looks unlikely to reopen.