Atheistic Right

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The history of Atheistic Right is split up into 2 sections. Pre-war and post-war.


Atheistic Right was a nation that prided itself on it's survival of the fitest style of living. It's inhabitants thought nothing of injuring, maiming, killing or eating other inhamitants or foreigners that happened to get caught in the middle of it's objectives. The people where insanely anti-religious thinking all religion is an excuse to make people easier to control. As such they also didn't believe in hell, which was interesting as they had a football match against Anathematic Republics or 'The Forces of Hell'. They came away with a 0-0 draw because their utter unbelief prevented scoring attempts from the opposition and they didn't attack in protest.

Government Structure

Essentially there is no structure appart from one dictated by the man or Women with the Title "The Great Lion", the person with the title is the generally the supreme ruller of Atheistic Right purely because he has contacts that can do anything and that help give him necessary intel to stave off any assasination attempts. Which are of course the only way to gain the title officially.

International Relations

The only relations The Darwinistic Peoples of Atheistic Right had internationally was that one of enemies or people it tollerated. Despite this Atheistic Right performed in international football(soccer) and did reasonably well for itself until the war.

War Lead-up

So what was this war and why did it occur? The war became about because The Great Lion started experimenting in nuclear weapons. He tested missiles that would be capable of bearing a nuclear payload and also performed a nuclear test. The reactions of the international community where one of horror. Atheistic Right had the A-Bomb and no one was safe. Fortunately for all involved no second A-bomb was able to be made.

Wars End

Lamoni, Bazalonia, Geisenfried, Myrtania, Starblaydia, Nedalia and Khazaron all contributed forces of one type or other to ensure the falling of this regime. Atheistic Right as it was became broken. Many of it's citizens where just trying to survive which was being made harder by the lack of government and general choatic ideas. Bazalonian, Nedalian and Lamonian forces stayed behind in an attempt to re-build the land.


Being affaid of publicity before the war a group of devote jewish followers had managed to infiltrate Atheistic Right. Trying to bring the word of God to the people that needed it. And it was this time of rebuilding that allowed those people to come out of the woodwork. Being supported by the Myrtannian government those jewish missionaries started formed an ordered national government. Forming the Federation of Yihsrael, however Atheistic Right has not finished, while the nation has ceased will never come back. There are individuals who still cling to it ideals and this could become a large problem for the Yihsraeli's in the future.