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Athens, PopularFreedom
Location in PopularFreedom
Political division Athens Region
 - Metropolitan (January 1, 2005)

3,700,000 approx.
Time zone UPT +3

Athens is the capital of the Athens Region, in central PopularFreedom. It is a relatively large city in terms of land area and it is located on the northern shore of Gideon Lake.


Athens was first settled in 1903 as a trading post along the main rail line between Locke Harbour and Loyalty Bay. It quickly grew as a settlement for traders and over time became one of the chief rail depots in the nation of PopularFreedom.

Political Divisions

The city of Athens is the capital of the Athens Region of PopularFreedom.


Club Sport Founded League Venue Logo
Athens Black Cougars Football 2005 PopularFreedom Football League Invasion Stadium
Athens Invaders Rugby 1983 PopularFreedom Rugby League Invasion Stadium
Athens Red Wings Hockey 1956 PopularFreedom Hockey League Foundersview Arena