Atlantian Oceania Regional Defense Organisation

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Atlantian Oceania Regional Defense Organisation
Headquarters: Tabeck, Starblaydia
Members: 12 nations
Type: Mutual Defense within AO
Forum: Within the AO Forums

AORDO Information

What does AORDO do?

The Atlantian Oceania Regional Defence Organsiation (AORDO) is an alliance of nations from Atlantian Oceania committed to safeguarding the freedom and security of its member countries by political and military means. AORDO will play an increasingly important role in crisis management and peacekeeping both internally and externally.
AORDO's task is to maintain the security of this region. It holds only a defensive role and will not participate in co-ordinated offensive action against a nation or region. AORDO needs to co-ordinate defensive efforts in the region between its member nations. Nations joining the organisation have to be in the region.

How does AORDO work?

The organisation is run by 3 lead people. The founder, who is a permanent co-ordinator of operations will be the first. The second will be the current delegate of the region who will chief diplomatic efforts with both friends and foes. Official communications will also come from the founder. The third will be the chief of defensive operations and 'President' of AORDO. He/She will be responsible for day to day running of operations and planning for the worst, they will also work with the other two to appoint officers. These 3 people act as council chiefs, from now on they will be referred to as FDC (Founder, Delegate & Chief). All nations in the organisation form a council with FDC at its head, all people have one vote each but FDC can, if all agree to, operate a veto on a vote. Agreements have to be Majority (50% plus) otherwise.
From the council certain duties will need to be assigned. For instance an Intelligence Co-ordinator to gather and organise intelligence and report to the FDC, this person should be someone who has been around for a while and has had good experience and has contacts. An Immigration Check officer, they will check upon incoming nations and their background. They would be checking mainly UN nations, they should have a lot of time on their hands.

Also ambassadors might be needed to talk to other defence agencies and regional authorities and maintain direct relations.

To declare situations, 3 alerts will be put in place.

Yellow Alert: If some intelligence has been received or if it believed that a possible threat looms over the region any AORDO member can call a general yellow alert. FDC is immediately alerted via telegram and announcements are placed in the forums. FDC can call for a password lock if the situation warrants it.

Red Alert: There is definitely an immediate threat to the region and/or there is proof of a region crash from someone. This can only be initiated by the FDC and calls for an immediate password lock, ever member is alerted by telegram and allies are immediately warned and called upon for emergency aid if required.

Green: Crisis has passed and there is no threat. FDC can only drop an alert down. Defensive measures will be dropped voluntarily.

Note: The delegate working in AORDO is the last delegate during a green status, to avoid confusion during region crashing.

Finaly a black list of nations and regions should be assembled that are a threat to us. No unauthorised personnel will be allowed to contact these nations on behalf of the region. FDC needs to give permission. This does not restrict personal talk. Those on the list will be informed of the official spokesperson of the region and anyone else talking to them is not speaking for the region.
  • Any nation of AO may call upon AORDO to defend them from agression. If AORDO votes for this with two-thirds majority (6 of 9), AORDO forces will be sent to help the nation. This call is rendered void if the Nation calling for aid has overtly provoked an attack with its actions.
  • AORDO will not aid any offensive action by one nation upon another, execpt if that action is part of an IC inter-regional conflict. If there is some kind of Regional war: "AO Vs Region-X", then the Region would march to war under AORDO banners. For any one AO nation Vs another from a different region, AORDO would not get involved, unless of course they were getting their asses kicked and AO itself was invaded.
  • AORDO nations may also suggest intervention in any incident within the Region, with a two-thirds majority vote carrying the decision after debate. This is question of AORDO deciding for itself whether it should attempt to get involved in situations without the express invitation of one of the two sides, which could need further frameworking, but is currently on a case by case basis.

Does AORDO have its own armed forces?

All member countries that participate in the military aspect of the Organisation contribute forces and equipment, which together constitute the integrated military structure of the Organisation. These forces and assets remain under national command and control until a time when they are required by AORDO a specific purpose (i.e. conflict or crisis, peacekeeping). AORDO, however, does possess some common capabilities owned and operated by the Organisation.
  • Commanders of each branch of the AORDO Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air and Special Ops) will be selected and will RP any AORDO action within their purview. Currently only the Naval Commander has been selected (Lamoni)

What are the conditions for joining AORDO?

AORDO has an open door policy with regard to enlargement. Any Atlantian Oceania country in a position to further the principles of AORDO and contribute to security in the Atlantian Oceania area can become a member of the Organisation at either the invitation of the Regional Council or the request of the nation itself.
Countries aspiring for AORDO membership are also expected to meet certain political, economic and military goals in order to ensure that they will become contributors to Regional security as well as beneficiaries of it.

Why a new headquarters?

Since the previous official Headquarters were turned into varying thicknesses of rubble and glass in the former Nation of Tachbe, AORDO has ceased to function effectively as a body. After an official Regional Vote to elect a new President, won by Lord-Commander General Aerys Fyreskar, the decision was made to build the new AORDO HQ in his home country, The Protectorate of Starblaydia. This building is situated by the Bekk lake on the outskirts of the city of Tabeck.
The New AORDO Headquarters in Tabeck, Starblaydia

AORDO Operations

Anti-Xilean Fatwah (Krytenia)

After Xile bombed the AOlympic games in Krytenia, the government of Krytenia fled the region of Atlantian Oceania and moved to a haven in FIFA. Unfortunately as a result of Xile's actions, and Anti-Xilean Fatwah sprang up in former-Krytenian territory. A cohort of troops, mostly from Starblaydia, travelled the length of Krytenia in peacekeeping operations until the Krytenian government returned and the Fatwah leaders were captured.


Expanded information can be found in the Sarzonia-Chacor border dispute article.


  • aordo.jpg The Proper AORDO Flag
  • aordos.gif The Accepted AORDO Symbol
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