Atlantic Quisail

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Atlantic Quisail
Nation: Quisail
Capital: Capital
Leader: Leader]

The Autonomous Region of Atlantic Quisail is a self-governing territory of the Commonwealth of Quisail. It has its own Regional Council, which performs the same funtions as the National Assembly of Quisail, except from Defence and Constitutional Affairs.

It contains eight provinces, all of which have the same rights as their mainland counterparts.

The Regional Assembly is currently composed thus:

  • Forward Atlantic Quisail Party - 5 seats
  • Liberal Party - 2 Seats
  • Traditionalists and Independants' Party - 2 seats

Much of the politics in the region is to do with independance. A significant minority of the population want complete indepence. Of the above parties, the FAQs want the region to remain fully Quisaux, the Liberal Party support referenda for the matter, with the T&Is' wanting complete independance.

Election-wise, each of the eight provinces elect a councillor, while the entire electorate vote for the final seat, which currently belongs to the FAQs.

Because of the regional council, the region is entitled to only 4 National Assembly seats, instead of the usual 8.