Atlantis Pact

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Atlantis Pact
Headquarters: Momanguise
Members: 9 members
Type: peaceful coexistence
Forum: [ Forum]


The Atlantis Pact is an international organization originally founded by the nation of Momanguise, with the objective of furthering peace, democracy and enlightenment throughout the NS world. It was founded on the 6th of October 2004, Real Time.


The following nations are considered members of the Atlantis Pact.

To Join

Joining requests are to be posted in this thread, though presumably a telegram to (Momanguise) works just fine.


The following is the account of a journalist who was present at the declaration of the Atlantis Pact.

The elderly statesman and Premier, Ernesto Sanchez, has made his attempt to bring stability to the world stage. In a widely unexpected but generally welcome development, he has called for the creation of an 'Atlantis Pact'.

The worlds face has been desecrated by war after war, he announced, in an International adress, And I know what war can do. Whole nations have vanished, billions massacred as the cream of the futures youth lie dead in the fields of martrys. I hate war. I hate war more than any individual or country, and it fills me with rage when I see civilian lives cruelly cast aside by the most vile construction ever concieved by man.

I cannot offer a true solution to this problem. I will, however, do what I can. Long ago, in an age only refered to in myth and tale, the city of Atlantis was the haven of enlightenment and truth, where there were no wars or violence, and the populance lived in security and peace. Though the waves may long ago have claimed this mythical city, its ideal lives on, today I raise Atlantis from the waves.

Arise! Arise great city of light, and loose your confines of walls and streets, and instead become an Atlantis of the world, an Atlantis within men's hearts. I call upon all national leaders to join the Atlantis Pact, and together we can try and bring some stability to this world.

Intiallly the audience was stunned, but slowly broke into wild and raptuous applause. Journalists frantically fled the hall in order to file the story, and within an hour everyone in Momanguise had heard the news.

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