Aubrey Federal City

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Aubrey Federal City
Aubrey Federal City Flag
Population 6,100,000
Country Coocoostan
Area Code 096
PCs 15
Sister cities Burnaby, Kelssek

Aubrey Federal City is a exclave of Coocoostan and includes the City and all surrounding territory, under an April 2007 agreement. The Metropolitan Area and the Federal City are synonymous and there is no split between the two sub-national levels of government. The city was acquired by Coocoostan in 2005, when the nation of Tevi Milou broke apart, with the majority of the outlying territory being ceded to Kelssek. The city functions as the country's lone Harbour and is also home to the country's 2nd largest prison, the most important Catholic Cathedral and two-thirds of the Coocoostan Military's Navy, as well as a Wing of the Air Force. The City is currently enjoying an unprecedented era of growth after Coocoostan's signing of the International Fair Trade Agreement.


Aubrey is located to the east of the rest of Coocoostan and is frequently serviced by air. The city itself is large, but spread out, with a mix of taller and shorter buidings. The city is criss-crossed by two Freeways, the A9 runs West-East and the A12 goes North-South, with a smaller road leading to the Naval base. Across the Harbour is East Aubrey and Aubrey Beach, while to the south are the areas of Green Gables and Seaside Grove.


Aubrey is home to many sports teams, most of which are very popular. The Coocoostan Hockey League's Aubrey Blades play at Federation Place, on the Aubrey waterfront and are well attended in their first year. Aubrey United and Aubrey FC were in the Coocoostan Soccer Federation's Premier League, with FC being relegated to Division one. They, as well as the Aubrey Admirals American Football team play at PacifiCoast Stadium, in the city's west end. The Aubrey BaySox baseball team plays at SLC Bank Stadium, located roughly 30 minutes north of the city, with a new, unnamed baseball stadium set to open for 2009.

South Bay also has two sports teams. The South Bay Hawks of the Coocoostan Junior Hockey League play at the South Bay Events Center, while the South Bay Marines Triple-A baseball team plays at Harbour Station, which is about Halfway between South Bay and Aubrey. The Marines are the Minor affiliate of the BaySox. The BaySox recently announced that their new professional Minor affiliate, the South Bay Keys will move to a to be constructed baseball stadium next to the BaySox new one.


Aubrey is home to several top notch universities, including two of the prestigious Tradition Conference. James Wolfe University is home to both high standard academics, as well as the famous JWU Cardinals, who were national champions in American Football, and are highly touted to win at Basketball. Aubrey University is also highly respected for both Academics and research and the South Bay Maritime Academy is the only training school in the country for Merchant Marine Officers. The SBMA also offers diplomas for Commercial Masters.


The Aubrey Peoplemover moves above rush hour congestion in Downtown Aubrey.


Several Airlines offer flights in between Coocoostan proper and the AFC. Several Kelssekian airlines, inlcuding Air Kelssek also list Aubrey as International Destinations. Aubrey is also a potential hub for international flights to certain countries, due to it's easterly location.


The SS Mammona was due to begin service between Aubrey and Neorvins on 1 April, but because of it being seconded as a troop ship, that is in limbo. The passenger Ferry Community, sails continously between South Bay and Aubrey. There is also a Cruise Ship terminal operating as part of the container port on Ford Island.


The A9 runs from roughly two Kilometres east of PacifiCoast Stadium to Downtown, before feeding into several bridges to the islands and the Eastern half of the city, while the A12 runs from Seaside Grove into downtown.


Aubrey opened phase one of the "Peoplemover" on July 31st, with more light rail as well as a heavy rail system planned for the future, with completion by 2010.


Aubrey is a growing tourist destination because of it's warmer coastal climate, but there are some specific tourist attractions that include:

  • Mortain Shopping Mall(Seaside Grove)
  • Federation Plaza
  • Pacificoast Stadium
  • SLC Bank Park